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Wed Nov 30 22:48:14 2016 +0000
55b58b9348ed39f46ad9a179e086d484398d8bf9Daniel Holbert — Bug 1321387 part 6: Add #includes & forward declarations to some headers in layout/generic, to provide types used in those files. r?TYLin
c8c23b36f49f102a718de1d6d1a89c1a9c31b463Daniel Holbert — Bug 1321387 part 5: Sort RubyUtils.h's #include list. r?TYLin
4e212f0003f42530e0449b81e080dc02c586579aDaniel Holbert — Bug 1321387 part 4: Add #includes to some .cpp files in layout/generic, to provide types/definitions used in those files. r?TYLin
04e4d356c44f776ba203b0a79c3ddb02fa484953Daniel Holbert — Bug 1321387 part 3: Add "mozilla::" namespace prefix to some types in header files. r?TYLin
526a03e76ce804a5f443896a1879f7aa0c7d1d62Daniel Holbert — Bug 1321387 part 2: Add missing "using namespace" declarations to a few .cpp files in layout/generic. r?TYLin
8e9e241c6e316b47455a32e3a439c44893ebc2e1Daniel Holbert — Bug 1321387 part 1: Wrap ReflowOutput impl in "namespace mozilla {}". r?TYLin