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Fri Mar 17 15:55:41 2017 +0000
cacdf2029cc7ea0fb2ad4792f978bc02a2a509fcMike Conley — Bug 1340842 - Add FX_TAB_CLOSE_PERMIT_UNLOAD_TIME_MS probe to measure how long it takes to run permitUnload on a tab when asked to close. r?Mossop, data-review=liuche
754d2d1b729be7d9bd4e75f5e030638830c0bcd7Mike Conley — Bug 1340842 - Add tests for FX_TAB_CLOSE_TIME_ANIM_MS and FX_TAB_CLOSE_TIME_NO_ANIM_MS probes. r?Mossop
8e9e05d92b7e3258baa83f78e9d474dbf95f5549Mike Conley — Bug 1340842 - Allow BrowserTestUtils.removeTab to pass options along to tabbrowser's removeTab method. r?Mossop
7c50db9ea633f8f04f5d79a0eee049b2941ff9efMike Conley — Bug 1340842 - Add FX_TAB_CLOSE_TIME_ probes to measure how long it takes for tabs to close. r?Mossop, data-review=liuche