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Thu May 03 11:14:07 2018 +0000
3c5a2d7055b32adbf0e8a9940aa941ddc197de31Gabriel Luong — Bug 1458791 - Lazy load the InplaceEditor, EditingSession and getCssProperties in the BoxModel. r=jdescottes
b755386490b9bb8223e7e4809f7ec7b4f19b5718Gabriel Luong — Bug 1458747 - Remove unused EventsView and ChangesView. r=pbro
4a2622e9e2b4f4ac42954c1f4e2f956468f202d9Gabriel Luong — Bug 1458745 - Only get the notification box in the inspector for the debugger warning only if the debugger is paused. r=pbro
f3e741859906174a0d52f7529620b226ea6c1c66Gabriel Luong — Bug 1458777 - Lazy load the ClassListPreviewer in CssRuleView. r=pbro
8dd4e9950089be0a792d1c139e5b29a76966cdb4arthur.iakab — Merge mozilla-central to inbound
ce588e44f41599808a830db23d190d1ca474a781arthur.iakab — Backed out changeset ee1e498e3c43 (bug 1183135) for failing browser chrome tests on browser/base/content/test/performance/browser_tabclose.js a=backout
8eaabf80e360fb96db179fe6a56488e65c6c0e47Dorel Luca — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
9fa0acb5980e2fdbe1d8225fdae9ab590c30d320Issei Horie — Bug 1458398 - Fix typo in License URL r=janerik
ba57284bc3bcd15dec389a3c46b1a4caf75028d9Issei Horie — Bug 1447941 - Replace promiseWaitForCondition with TestUtils.waitForCondition in browser_aboutHome_search_searchbar.js r=johannh
2c900172250aa0fd23cec4d12cc0158f25fa2818Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1458505 - grapping 'self' in mozilla::MakeScopeExit instead of '&' when needed, in HTMLMediaElement, r=me CLOSED TREE
e44dc88af55ca3d293bd3f48311f529d9bfa13aeAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1457180 - gPrivacyPane.readKeepCookiesUntil() must support only nsICookieService.ACCEPT_SESSION and nsICookieService.ACCEPT_NORMALLY values, r=gijs
be69e9f75001133362e1b50c98d0ef10dea34a22Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1458505 - grapping 'self' in mozilla::MakeScopeExit instead of '&' when needed, in DOM code, r=erahm