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Mon May 29 23:54:26 2017 +0000
6980ea3022828d2937ff479144ad4c587e2683c6Chris Pearce — Bug 1368583 - Add deprecation warning for MediaKeySystemConfiguration properties no longer supported by the EME spec. r?bz
8f1c4b1bac37df93eaeff4c6407d414ed7459f3fChris Pearce — Bug 1355252 - Backed out changeset c19d32e2a710. r=backout
8a95271d11806957ebd8d842227e0227353b6ec3Chris Pearce — Bug 1355252 - Backed out changeset ddb3969de046. r=backout
8c149fcc52964640c3c5f0e278939ab97aaf2defGeoff Brown — Bug 1332970 - Allow assertion in test_restyles.html; r=hiro
3737f31a7ec3dcc68068e817b4b016b76c857d9eKris Maglione — Bug 1357490: Part 2: Run browser xpcshell tests in both in-process and OOP modes. r=aswan
33f6f0354aded142e7a41d5a6209d0d95c4c7521Kris Maglione — Bug 1357490: Part 1: Run toolkit xpcshell tests in both in-process and OOP modes. r=aswan
acca723541c25889cad344f19087983c9d31fa1bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1361709 - Move FlushPendingLinkUpdatesFromRunnable to idle dispatch; r=smaug
2cba4fc3c88a70702bddfaffb10863e10c36d407Gabriel Luong — Bug 1321238 - Add unit tests for the Grid List and Display setting components. r=jdescottes
fe64a3b770fd421ee62896bce58369275555281bJan de Mooij — Bug 1355573 - Fix AtomizeAndCopyChars to validate length before taking the lock as it may reenter. r=anba
4a50cfa3de8009f8e6900ce44a53afa45e28428ePhil Ringnalda — Backed out changeset ad742747a8d0 (bug 1321238) for (at least) eslint failures
0b814165b471a980ad792d2495f9589f5aab6c84Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1368286 - Take the idle queue into account in nsThread::HasPendingEvents(); r=smaug
ad742747a8d096ec7dad94bafb81567f40c6e80dGabriel Luong — Bug 1321238 - Add unit tests for the Grid List and Display setting components. r=jdescottes
7cbe2db1830c37aaf82c6af533e53c36d0f11753Andreas Farre — Bug 1368335 - Add test for idle dispatch after global window suspend. r=smaug
40669ce64bf7786d2a96598128db61152301a3dbAndreas Farre — Bug 1368335 - Don't dispatch idle executor when window has suspended. r=smaug
3320e2c5c0b414af4e965b8aedc7f8c66e96eb84Geoff Brown — Bug 1352668 - Skip test browser_ext_browserAction_popup_preload.js on win-opt; r=me,test-only
9421074e0074875575103ca3697f5ba7cc912ba2Geoff Brown — Bug 1157576 - Skip test browser_bug706743.js on e10s, again, for ongoing failures; r=me,test-only
930b86eafc2c0063ac47e099ef3fea8ff9d30ea6Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 1364117 - Encode JS bytecode of scripts which are parsed on the main thread. r=mrbkap
adc68cbe1295500e348dd3ff8e6737f7b77006b0Jonathan Kew — Bug 1365278 - Remove WORD_CACHE_* telemetry probes that provide little value for their cost. r=milan
4381d9011522dd86fd0aefdfb15c65f7ea9c9227Olli Pettay — Bug 1368358 - ThrottledEventQueue::Inner::IsOnCurrentThread should work similarly to other IsOnCurrentThread implementations, r=bkelly
eb0bcb60da8e5f2a918f41cdf49134e9799b5c54Jeremy Chen — Bug 1340561 - fix comment for the re-enabled svg crashtest. comment-only, no review, DONTBUILD