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Mon Feb 20 00:32:40 2017 +0000
8bff074397c6024240ec1b05c4cd557384eed3d4manotejmeka — Bug 1335905 - Fixed a bug in searching text nodes
5505de47dfe2b23248bebb300785b7b91f7888ebmanotejmeka — Bug 1335905 - Adding Search Results menu, can hide and show search results menu
824451f35ab9d3e3ef60bce0ae327763014c0d5eFirefox — Bug 1335905 - Add a preffed off search feature to about:preferences. r?jaws, r?mconley
4be0f69a012f9a66d75b90c907c6fa03ba96af4eFirefox — Bug 1335905 Spacebar case fixed, can find in label tags and value attributes but can not hightlight in them. Functional buttons
eef0c8404252000b9f38440d23aed2425fa60552Firefox — Bug 1335905 Timer Auto-Search. Highlights Checkboxes, Text and radio objects. Clears highlighted fileds. Empty string input fixed.
57912fd645df994f25d15d727b25b9d8d2f5ec55Firefox — Bug 1335905 Searing for direct text node work. Removes old highlights