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Fri Mar 20 16:00:24 2015 +0000
ad230a491176bd5e01c6c8fbb9fc41a45c584cbbPatrick Brosset — Bug 1139186 - 2 - Add event handling support to CanvasFrameAnonymousContentHelper; r=bgrins
fe3a966d78e23cc9e5913ad7841f0cdf12e014fbPatrick Brosset — Bug 1139186 - 1 - Refactor to the native anon nodes manipulation in highlighters; r=bgrins
886cea0bebeff696910e63ea54f492492e54eea3Abdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1143387 - Disable hover state in checked header button in share panel. r=jaws
78d053deaba11ede0e1f03e6d4bed6fc1a49db98Ian Moody — Bug 1141186 - Fix context-menu Share commands so they don't use unsafe CPOWs. r=mconley
1fe96992c3b5ed02d6ff9e94fae590015cbae6e5Ian Moody — Bug 1134222 - Store the value of linkText that is calculated during nsContextMenu init and reuse it later rather than recalculating it. r=mconley
c4915d92b0c5363303e285da04f0b92945223c11Manan Doshi — Bug 1113471 - Fixed OS.Constants.Win.GENERIC_READ by changing the datatype of GENERIC_READ to UINT_CONSTANT. r=yoric
c0262092fed258760ba2c55975c0cac6020fa408Mark Banner — Bug 1141133 - Implement encrypt/decrypt of context information ready for Loop's context in conversation work. r=mikedeboer
e807296e0ae23c53f2600ae497b12df02a571eddCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset de24b63c6966 (bug 1138975) for m-dt test failures
4e033cac2931ca8425706701424afccbe09e4aadMartyn Haigh — Bug 1129433 - Show "# tabs opened in background" notification in system tray (r=mcomella)
62b25fdb0b790d4631a1c434463340590befcf52Alex Verstak — Bug 1144816 - focus the content window before popping up the context menu, rs=gijs
9d219be15f7dbde7ed3ebc963cefb1a51d3c0150Carsten "Tomcat" Book — backed out changeset b798fd098e09 (bug 1042561) for assertion failure in mochitests
d00d886006d3d8fcd20ffbe8ba42467fa44cde42Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset ef86c7c53d21 (bug 1042561)
de24b63c6966fc65208604461ba3f5477e5acfa8Eddy Bruël — Bug 1138975 - Refactor breakpoint sliding for non-source mapped sources;r=jlongster
ef86c7c53d210dcfa697c010c34b655ca10ce232Tim Taubert — Bug 1042561 - Correct autocomplete search result update handling in OnUpdateSearchResult() r=mak
b798fd098e098dfd313176d15879db399d62bc55Jorg K — Bug 1042561 - Autocomplete: Typed text in red despite results/matches found if suggestions change by last input r=mak
8aede8703d12609c3aca797549e39711cf4617caMarco Bonardo — Bug 1125115 - Remove (now) pointless test that is failing to reopen a CLOSED TREE
296d8da2660933bf0928647f3625de83da5070bbMarco Bonardo — Bug 1125115 - Write a new keywords pseudo-API in PlacesUtils. r=ttaubert
687b6a735b3420cfa16cc30b55d7fd447e528fa5Marco Bonardo — Bug 1125113 - Change the keywords schema associating them with uris. r=ttaubert
cdec6c4e2995b280a7975754f877e83983d2af87Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to fx-team a=merge CLOSED TREE
4d2d97b3ba34d95b0d29ce099f8f5dc0a2ae722dWes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound a=merge CLOSED TREE
0e6aa605af74fc735eac425dbd58561994342d82Stephen Pohl — Bug 1140263: Disable Adobe EME on all platforms for now. r=cpearce
093ee924ee0ef24677c13a31d235cde0e0e33ad5Stephen Pohl — Bug 1140263: Test updates. r=mossop
5ed058e1876bd32e87ccb01159035b5d3cae2353Stephen Pohl — Bug 1140263: Enable Adobe EME on Windows Vista+ and add a pref to force-enable it on other platforms. r=mossop
920b6513a1260fc115df17a7a5648a3c9c6b093eWes Kocher — Merge m-c to fx-team a=merge CLOSED TREE
02ca416c13a5d084f20b10147635bdc6c4f3932aWes Kocher — Merge b2ginbound to m-c a=merge CLOSED TREE
3257d9c4b257ee422629ca7d94fb83ee7883d523Wes Kocher — Merge inbound to m-c a=merge CLOSED TREE
d6f1397b35639de21d82e599ae439f45226d7b3dMargaret Leibovic — Bug 1145259 - Add pageshow listener to check whether or not to show reader button when DOMContentLoaded doesn't fire. r=Gijs
911e01832a4aec58d23b255d99217a64a07dcb23Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1143844 - Update readerModeArticle.html test case to have more paragrpahs. r=Gijs
6b02cd43cc209464a518befbc2c05ab58f34d3b9Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1143844 - Check document for readerable content to determine whether or not to show reader button. r=Gijs
d86b13be5d27b0a43d2d4116e63d38f3f0df9801Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1131004 - Provide a more detailed description for pre-installed OpenH264 add-on. r=gfritzsche
565533c41be68b7bc439f53dfc04320f8e384f6dRobert Strong — Bug 1081450 - Copy maintenance service binary into its install directory on Windows 8 when the installed binary is different. r=bbondy
91a05713580d29ce2024d8e6c690b6ced4af1ca6Felipe Gomes — Bug 1143263 - WebApp Runtime makes Mac always use discrete graphics card. r=mstange
6f2e247fb7b7be87a825ebaa97b35126d5faf9d8Manraj Singh — Bug 1120408 - Show TelemetryLog in about:telemetry. r=felipe,gfritzsche
ad7b242dfaf79224da1436055855f635c99fd6fdJared Wein — Bug 1133429 - [ReadingList] Store image URL in the ReadingList sqlite database. r=markh, a=KWierso.
cc408bbacbd940ca014f00aa70644c2e3aff4d29Florian Quèze — Bug 1145372 - The add to reading list url bar button is larger than the other url bar buttons, r=markh.
fafaf621ada2f629c7c689fcdbe8d53ddb02b577Florian Quèze — Bug 1144680 - The Reading List URLbar button should handle about:reader urls and filter out other non-http(s) urls, r=markh.
89cb4fd9ee1db6ac37d81adf8394a042c34d7a61Florian Quèze — Bug 1144675 - The Reading List button from the Location Bar should have a distinct icon for pages currently in the list, r=markh.
966e0994b0482f4fc7a2fb144911cc63c73209d7Florian Quèze — Bug 1144377 - hover state on reading list sidebar items remains after the mouse leaves the list, r=jaws.
988afda9eac4989e7a3aa5192c678a8f41ba69e8Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset b467fad71782 (bug 1142240) for frequent bc1 failures a=backout
7b259d8a61a8d39289abe9414856ec67e3f56e48Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 1b23439451a8 (bug 1079245)