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Wed Sep 06 20:33:24 2017 +0000
296797ae0afe64ff6de6ce1792902e45e6f392deBas Schouten — Bug 1397040: During D3D11TextureData::Create lock the device multithread mutex explicitly when accessing the device. r=mattwoodrow
4d492424cba2d599feba617463c83ef616a17f09Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1397371 - Remove the telemetry for ensuring that documents and friends can never end up with an expanded principal; r=bholley
89e526b3ec99f21c747eab839d832800884d5295Eden Chuang — Bug 1388661 - Mochitest for PaymentRequest API currency amount validation. r=baku
f18ee8840162b9e1a19946eac2735d6bc30f1efdEden Chuang — Bug 1388661 - Support currency validation in PaymentRequet API. r=baku