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Fri Jun 09 03:55:15 2017 +0000
898e25fb2c289a8eb9cce7c6f1c8bdf4defae728JW Wang — Bug 1371515. P5 - remove mIsShutdown which is not read at all. r?kaku
0a070d0942c8f4d9e9139c17518f68c15f93403fJW Wang — Bug 1371515. P4 - remove CanonicalIsShutdown() which has no callers at all. r?kaku
98931436137fbcf9d4e74f843342094f6c5c0a51JW Wang — Bug 1371515. P3 - remove IsShutdown() which now has not callers. r?kaku
fadda4c8064495d1831413fe8002ed91401a8ac8JW Wang — Bug 1371515. P2 - remove the check from DecodeError().
b6449e3cc0060e9b11b2a0625da80886b6172acdJW Wang — Bug 1371515. P1 - remove the |IsShutdown()| check from Seek() which is already handled by ShutdownState. r?kaku