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Tue Aug 29 17:35:26 2017 +0000
f7a1c0b962495150fa9d68df3be7790616f230d1Tom Ritter — Bug 1393607 Do not package tests if they are not enabled
6996398ef9ef175625072252874e9bedb8ee2e21Tom Ritter — Bug 1349912 Hack to illustrate fixes needed (not counting the toolchain changes)
ec31e07c1d9c2cdcc418f9cad76a876793415c16Tom Ritter — Suppress style warnings for gcc
d256923d028ad0ff34b68edf325d00fccbb8528cTom Ritter — Bug 1394013 Fix forbidden string constant assignment r?froydnj
50b7d70e3742b97fa475632bf3cef790b1e8d1ccTom Ritter — Bug 1394007 Fix a signedness comparison warning in WindowsDllBlocklist.cpp r?dmajor
e23f95926a19ea9f1c659b9d953cfa96bcb9f3e6Tom Ritter — Bug 1393803 Parameterize 7z and look for it in moz.configure
e5cb1de0ff3cdde676b400781567a7c2badaab79Tom Ritter — Bug 1393803 Add p7zip to te docker image
3ce823d9ddc93c4b9b9d060d4596c45fa5069252Tom Ritter — Bug 1394002 Suppress warnings in third party cairo and libpixman code r?jrmuizel
f1859a5f7e610c1acac9a88402c741beb025d652Tom Ritter — Bug 1393808 Include immintrin.h under MinGW for _mm_pause()
beb85c56d8796e92eb5de2cd738ae0a2dc624984Tom Ritter — Bug 1393454 Do not compile rust gtest crate if --disable-tests is set
691679062685746dda166b9960f3cb67ee07b383Tom Ritter — Bug 1393528 Add parentheses to a confusing if statement r?jimm
7f38cfdfd2ca3cfa6da6871607e4421e390fd19dTom Ritter — Bug 1393538 Clean up unused variables in toolkit/
b9b34de46e13f06b3bfbd74605a4d1deaad9178bTom Ritter — Bug 1393536 Clean up unused variables in widget/
0e63123e9ebfda41fc5c894c9acc6e6ae2531d04Tom Ritter — Bug 1393535 Fix unused variable warnings in dom/
4db2c581b386d71ee972bf74b0312e487669c148Tom Ritter — Bug 1393487 Silence unused variable warning because we do it on purpose in PluginPRLibrary.cpp r?cpearce
af919c60f38c1ca5bffc5e7154ee5d38eece3e73Tom Ritter — Bug 1393498 Mark the stub_BaseThreadInitThunk as MOZ_NORETURN to silence a warning about a noreturn function not returning r?dmajor
859677a7632708001e8c56eb5e8564bc61ee9c16Tom Ritter — Bug 1393222 Disable the unused-function warning when compiling with gcc for Windows r?froydnj
8d0c7e2d39876535b9a458ac51390f50609d662dTom Ritter — Bug 1393216 Disable unknown pragma warnings when compiling for Windows with gcc r?froydnj
aa4fde4fc6ad8896797bd5c8d7335ae142a614b5Tom Ritter — Bug 1393196 Some illustrative examples of gfx/ signed/unsigned comparisons
991e5568fef71af0b6fda7712a9fc2497e6cca34Tom Ritter — Bug 1393201 Signed/Unsigned comparison warning in nsMIMEInfoWin.cpp - Find returns an int, not a unit
4b22cd44f570533a236d393418c1fdc9ffbe1d85Tom Ritter — Bug 1392688 Make variable DebugOnly to silence warning about it being unused
f4f82ccef6881fc79d132f005d9d78f311ede553Tom Ritter — Bug 1392684 Remove const qualifier that gets discarded after function return in mscom::AgileReference
cfda0bb908b2053cfb1957c49f214d55853a8f06Tom Ritter — Bug 1393212 Resolve signed/unsigned comparison warnings in ipc/chromium via casting
c30afa491139d9b669c00631b00c326d898b29e2Tom Ritter — Bug 1393212 Ignore unknown pragmas and unused variables and functions in ipc/chromium in MinGW build
1d9146f208ea69b2b65e2b25f17ab62e068bbcf6Tom Ritter — Bug 1392641 Check return value for functions declared with warn_unused_result
a12084267442a7e0d2f6fff0ab5cbb6dbcd7c2d3Tom Ritter — Bug 1392643 Add -std=c++14 to CXXFLAGS to support lambda captures when compiling with gcc
5cbbe7b81ab4361a61ba198ca9fd22ae31dd11a7Tom Ritter — Bug 1392642 Remove unused variables in netwerk/ to silence warnings
d2f322eb888d03ead84807b0ff3d5e3e73c9e6d5Tom Ritter — Bug 1392630 Remove unused variables
6738bfb9c167aa877603897aecbc91c9f556296fTom Ritter — Bug 1392617 Fix comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions
e4760c170e7541ef6624675080fa9e85201a275bTom Ritter — Bug 1392618 Fix comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions r?dmajor
24e9200ad4a6a38761d92e2fafbea2ca51596bd0Tom Ritter — Bug 1392609 Find returns an int32_t not a uint32_t
7d5580ce2df0193e9218d4aa9c857f4c57b90d44Tom Ritter — Bug 1392626 Fix warning about unused consoleName r?rstrong
b74204918e30a1b69db8b5894e90e0affdd42f63Tom Ritter — Bug 1377951 Move a variable so it does not generate unused variable warnings (as errors) in MinGW
297547309c2327d94b1739ce81f69910cc9e4e5eTom Ritter — Bug 1377948 Silence two warnings that occur as errors on the MinGW build
65a10483ddcfae58c7badedc31f08658d77b7cf0Tom Ritter — Bug 1392594 Make variable DebugOnly to address unused variable warning r?glandium
dd39be675a0822d78461cb2b6d8e4a947e387133Tom Ritter — Bug 1330608 Add the MinGW32 browser build to Taskcluster
730e9c7fb6a0e806ef6028ce4f9b8acd64de98a7Tom Ritter — Bug 1330608 Add the MinGW32 toolchain build to Taskcluster