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Mon Nov 21 20:38:10 2016 +0000
156ac079073b11ff14b83b9c712ea57ce451fa2bThom Chiovoloni — Bug 1273342 - Don't retry skippable records that fail to sync due to being too large. r?markh
9ef303d80d12ed1f29d833d578eac2a61f556d3cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1318883 - Remove the NetworkStats API and related code; r=baku,mcmanus
11d1733837fa9382e686f7d461c60271a95f2d6cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1319118 - Don't clobber half of a 64-bit window ID by assigning it to a 32-bit variable; r=mcmanus
edefce9fdb67ed34c50e2db610ab9b7f60041da0Lee Salzman — Bug 1250037 - part 3 - optimize the Moz2d fallback box blur implementation. r=bas
fddfac71bb12f64093846c50f64cb52535ad14fbLee Salzman — Bug 1250037 - part 2 - use DrawTarget::DrawSurfaceWithShadow to render box shadows on platforms that accelerate it. r=mchang
9b47a1c822ae434f21d7177045c3e94dca21499bLee Salzman — Bug 1250037 - part 1 - only blur one quadrant of a box-shadow and mirror it to the other quadrants. r=mchang
b5541adf77a4eeb1f237828e1bd6b8076bafd1f3Gabriel Luong — Bug 1308260 - Part 4: Pass the grids props into the layout components and only display the layout-no-grid element when no grids are present. r=jryans
ca96b9d71ca33da24f09310c8df84125dbacd1b9Gabriel Luong — Bug 1308260 - Part 3: Dispatch the new grid data and update the store with the new grid state. r=jryans
8423ee15c2f0d080a152454082863d8246d33adcGabriel Luong — Bug 1308260 - Part 2: Handle grid layout changes and layout sidebar selection, and prepares the grid data to be dispatched. r=pbro