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Wed Feb 17 01:27:23 2016 +0000
27ffd2746a4c499b35657021b7fa9208140712c6Cykesiopka — Bug 1247847 - Use smart pointers in nsNSSCertHelper.cpp to manage NSS resources. r=keeler
58b7b92c3ad92a3bb9a59df7d944eb43a7ee0f9aJim Mathies — Bug 1229429 - Refresh plugin window state during composition if we detect a change of layer trees. Fixes issues with plugin window visibility during rapid tab switching. r=roc
b725dddce40eb603d9801a59cb9736ad5a2db751Morgan Phillips — Bug 1248717 - Don't initialize variables in a for head with var, then use them later. r=jorendorff
37a288bd14768f6b960874b61322224b3f926e02Geoff Brown — Bug 1238611 - Use PIE version of gdbserver for JimDB (x86); r=jmaher
9b6d687214543f0c21035b3d7f32520419314c2bPatrick McManus — Bug 1247205 - dont loop on http2 softerror r=dragana
221698ba7d337a3195bab02ad71e857dd4e8e7deLee Salzman — Bug 1247429 - Warn instead of error if shmem deallocated before IPDL sends it. r=nical
98716dc7dbd981d3c7da9f951a5c76e99b724e91Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1247701 followup - Change ArrayShiftDenseKernel to receive handle. r=bz
387463b5c093b6e931efe1e697ab5183a29a9972Mason Chang — Bug 1246213. Part 2. Followup to fuzz menclose-3-radical.html. r=me
6dc1883a7792857976353cfb4e024e04bcbb5188Botond Ballo — Bug 1238137 - Telemetry pings for main thread touch scrolling (Windows only). r=kats
9ee50c1b09a0bb03f8c835778e832a690105d475Botond Ballo — Bug 1238137 - Telemetry pings for main thread autoscrolling. r=mconley
64d7f3c393d0cab3efe7e860130f7dca0da96866Botond Ballo — Bug 1238137 - Telemetry pings for main thread scrollbar-driven scroll input methods. r=kats
952873054df5068675c1fbd2f5b4a076f4138b82Botond Ballo — Bug 1238137 - Telemetry pings for main thread scrolling to bring the caret into view after moving it in response to keyboard input. r=ehsan
d8b9add70407cd81159b9dc15e27ff91d31f8ff2Botond Ballo — Bug 1238137 - Telemetry pings for main thread keyboard-driven scroll input methods. r=ehsan
ed0c495e77ab475288e6aae020c8acd4f5e54b49Botond Ballo — Bug 1238137 - Telemetry pings for APZ-driven scroll input methods. r=kats
840dacbede7ab96c8ccf3a303d4cd6d7a36a8704Botond Ballo — Bug 1238137 - Define a telemetry histogram for tracking the input methods used to trigger scrolling. r=kats