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Tue May 29 22:29:47 2018 +0000
8f94a2c6b844d577ca6fb654f8cc391a21efa5bdBrad Werth — Bug 1461046 Part 7: Mark existing WPT reftests that check empty float areas as failing.
79afd437f5a227b1d6ce1c3bf03b65a3f7b41527Brad Werth — Bug 1461046 Part 6: Remove submitted WPT reftests that checked for empty float areas (which are no longer empty), or relied on ignoring horizontal spurs in polygons.
2ba5c70b76ecf69333f971be34a9f8cb491d2ed1Brad Werth — Bug 1461046 Part 5: Add reftests that verify empty shapes still contribute their edges to float areas.
fad3c434c11ae617b6d520142b5427ffffad73c0Brad Werth — Bug 1461046 Part 4: Change PolygonShapeInfo to tolerate polygons with only 1 or 2 vertices.
832a82c64b4b1a6cafe4df03a0a43b64742736cbBrad Werth — Bug 1461046 Part 3: Change RoundedBoxShapeInfo to tolerate empty rects.
3dab62f84c97bb5d735eb5b51c8c8e3c3fa1a037Brad Werth — Bug 1461046 Part 2: Change ShapeUtils::ComputeInsetRect to return the inverse of a rect deflated more than its bounds can tolerate.
bb29ceb94494eb9b10785244bfdaa1be2463df76Brad Werth — Bug 1461046 Part 1: Change EllipseShapeInfo to tolerate empty circles/ellipses and treat them as singular points/lines (possibly expanded by shape-margin).