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Fri Feb 13 21:27:38 2015 +0000
5a7b5a44606bbe3eefc5c8ab7d15001063b330fbJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1132505 - Don't yield on stopPicker during toolbox destroy. r=pbrosset
980b169f455a7dae19f461884d5babacd2c69644J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1132505 - Record protocol.js request headers for debugging. r=pbrosset
2439c229cacea574a5b398c8c766df447732b90bBrad Lassey — bug 1071880 - Notify user of addons that are slowing their browser down significantly r=mossop
82abcbb019d7a7961cc7b35616c62467551546f6Jordan Santell — Bug 1132713 - Only enable memory actor when both gecko 38+ and memory actor exists, for addon debugger. r=vp
8a4280e988954694c3e37fd7ace6cf967e562014Prabhjyot Singh Sodhi — bug 1122331 moving statically initialised String values from constructor to declaration. r=mcomella
67b3b61d39f3313df0fc2bc3e232e9e28ab72693Jalpreet Singh Nanda — Bug 938845 - Merge StringHelper and org.mozilla.gecko.* Strings. r=mcomella
ae0ae6c0e1ad36ec9bfd4936eeff1fcb4b42b791Mark Finkle — Bug 1133012 - Disable tab mirroring on RELEASE r=snorp
248aac04b9d85ecbab43fbfce134211f468e96abPatrick Brosset — Bug 1132783 - Fix the init sequence of animationinspector tests to avoid intermittents. r=bgrins
9dde2d05baa7f0ffff680696cd9362fd719d8cafChris — Bug 1132028 - Remove unavailable method from array call in hiddenOneOffs_cleanup.js. r=florian
9fd93e84a01d943107d150fbd9afe90304bf7be4Jared Wein — Bug 1108302 - Menulists in the in-content preferences have too much padding at the start of their contents. r=Gijs
fd12875a8a48eba1591c0a70e17a142953161218Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge b2g-inbound to m-c. a=merge
5f83e77bfb403c1b4b6776cd3fe55c764c705f2eSzu-Yu Chen [:aknow] — Bug 1128823 - Remove hangUpAll. r=hsinyi
97b815700a42eca8ea3ee830479726e2632e9cfaB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
e0092755a03f41118971b21f72d178d5fbbed1bdThomas Zimmermann — Bug 1132388: Use Bludroid until update problem has been solved, r=shuang
76c0924aea88f0d498fc9c50d84a22cb3f106d29Yusuke Yamamoto — Bug 839120 - Support SafeBrowsing in b2g r=gpascutto
b6df2135b0ecab0025bf088956806f5707cdf377B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
ddfae2d3c35f51c012036aa1cc1b4803d2c20ce8B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 3 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
790b0366e73afb1f8fc5fa05cd9177d43b76020aB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
a475b7ceaee1d4e9583b0dfc75109908c506c21dB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
9b90259bc31922559596959385ac398f1c529faaB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
749d8f6b07b23aaaf522e85597f972925617589dB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
2360643e1c2f664d46b4882ca491deaf2eeeace9B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
2b9834775157aa0f79dd7f5c939d889d9db13f6dKrzysztof Mioduszewski — Bug 1132007 - Initialise _iccChannelCalback in RilContentHelper.js. r=echen
aa339e258ccddadc378f942a8e0d6d3e3bd48c0aRyan VanderMeulen — Merge fx-team to m-c. a=merge
8f9d3dabd12ee8f2dd407da4e599c2911d595f25Julien Pag├Ęs — Bug 1132415 - [mozversion] Expose the package name for local fennec APK file. r=wlach
0d0e9ab07f41172dffe1d689ae73d787b39cd479Steve Singer — Bug 1130910 - Fix non-ion jit compile issues. r=jandem
7d4f76e0411bf46f7f6cfd236bd2578c6e214055Nicolas Silva — Bug 1120331 - "crash in mozilla::ipc::MessageChannel::Send(IPC::Message*)". r=sotaro
8a411bde0705b16f168766843c833b1e3447fd95Jeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Handle argsbody and seq nodes by kind, when recycling. r=shu
03eda399201b8c6ebc07066beff31c1f6573ff20Jeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - When |obj["prop"]| is folded into a new |obj.prop| node, convert the old |obj["prop"]| node into a |typeof "prop"| expression with the old |"prop"| node as its kid prior to freeing it (so that its structure doesn't appear to violate invariants when it's freed). r=shu
28cbfff0dd9a52ccfcef907f64cbd82c5f59a17bJeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Handle a few more kinds, by kind, when recycling. r=shu
6d93b1ffb2ce1d4f8c2e93c91b1b86d1d62cdf58Jeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Handle yield/yield* by kind when recycling. r=shu
7fd630ae8bbf0cb8c66e844730815beefbcdc258Jeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Handle more miscellaneous nodes by kind when recycling. r=shu
d6c56cf464f524ca43301e099152d32dfca93faaJeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Handle various miscellaneous nodes by kind when recycling. r=shu
af3054673b35978d957e15575ef7935a024cd52bJeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Handle pushing assignment and compound assignment nodes by kind when recycling. r=shu
cb48b124f67b49ed2941e46fe23f0195a6ea05a4Jeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Handle pushing binary-operation list nodes by kind when recycling. r=shu
823e4436a2ff5f613fe8e5f0de5eb12073322988Jeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Handle pushing unary nodes with a non-null kid, kindwise, when recycling. r=shu
0a9bc8928f541376321012d9317e4528f7f7dd2bJeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Start adding kind-specific handling for node recycling, eschewing arity-specific handling. r=shu
8353fc755046ded1a2c2db8c2d1fb3014ad682fdJeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Refactor node recycling code into arity-specific methods. r=shu
008a003c15c9d711290e5858062720915f0f791eJeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Mark PNK_NOP nodes as not being definitions for simpler cleanup of such nodes later. r=shu
ff4cb45a4588e26472deb5483ee2450ff3685b0fJeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Eliminate an else-after-return when parsing ES7 array comprehensions. r=shu
984e5db41c439c064b08cc397aa39a8007cb9db5Jeff Walden — Bug 1132295 - Remove support for RegExp.prototype.unicode until Unicode regular expressions are supported, so that the property's presence is usable to feature-test for support for Unicode regular expressions. r=till
9cf76d4021ce9ee02aade9248e0999f43f2d82a3Mason Chang — Bug 1130681. Part 1: Add unlock back to ClientTiledLayerBuffer for causing emulator R14 intermittent but doesn't seem necessary. r=jrmuizel
a7c6bec02690ab181c1968aabe7f920aa6ceeccfMason Chang — Bug 1130681. Part 2: Backout bug 1118876 for android reftest failures. r=jrmuizel
c81728bfda79529ea31c42a6e7467b854e9baddfChris Pearce — Bug 1132789 - Mac ClearKey EME work on MacOSX. r=spohl
109c66867717f8b861cf6cb3f51e1894be431e60Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1132427. Make sure that the first frame refresh area for an animated image gets updated based on the refresh area of all subsequent frames, not just the second. r=jrmuizel
b40d31806495c3d7381719f19fb57c61612adb1cRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1102900, bug 1104745, bug 1104761 - Disable browser_989751_subviewbutton_class.js on Linux e10s for failing ~50% of the time.
d0b991fa04711003a9b0f159e2c01bdac15f8413Victor Porof — Bug 1132463 - Samples column doesn't have enough space for the label. r=jsantell
b009014abdb390429f548c07792055e22b33bba2Monica Chew — Bug 1130893 - Use GetChannelURIPrincipal instead of GetChannelResultPrincipal in nsChannelClassifier, only call nsChannelClassifier if LOAD_CLASSIFY_URI is set. r=mcmanus r=ckerschb
8e757a59c0f509acc0ce87b6f4564e9a11cc4018Jordan Santell — Bug 1130202 - Fix compatibility issues in performance tool to work with FxOS 2.2/Gecko 37. r=vp
af21398055852bce0377c34dbbc9f03beb2588ddIan Moody — Bug 1124246 - Visually differentiate XHR network logs in the webconsole. r=past
266257775fc90116d84a48de073e8c165387bddcPatrick Brosset — Bug 1122466 - Retrieve correct animation index from node's computed styles; r=miker
fba1266ee2e7c785bc5baef1dcb7af93c1b61f62Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1099426 - make some uses of brandname shorter still, r=jwalker
1c2a91bccd4ae6ed70b023d2ecd78b2834349c17Roy Li — Bug 896688 - Replace finite state machine with flag in nsSearchService. r=smacleod
d215085d843144cd61257c6773ed8b223b4b3c12Robert Strong — Bug 1128005 - Re-enable unit_timermanager/consumerNotifications.js on Android. r=spohl