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Wed Sep 13 13:21:09 2017 +0000
c04cf06ed8230f0304775c44d911cd01f539b6a7David Burns — Bug 1392984 - Update manifest and meta data for find element wdspec tests r?ato
de0a33344b4ae309a8ed6250b192e4efb1500a19David Burns — Bug 1392984 - Add Find Elements From Element wdspec tests r?ato
8cc0c9cf25fab3620e275ad73adf5fe0b4a86377David Burns — Bug 1392984 - Add Find Element From Element wdspec tests r?ato
d95cebab262326b2efe9ede25e074c2b6d8a25c5David Burns — Bug 1392984 - Add Find Elements wdspec tests r?ato
0695af5f20b40a88bd31013aed753d7899fe2582David Burns — Bug 1392984 - Add Find Element wdspec tests r?ato
17637a9cb3db623a41e2dc29a0f56f9a2cefa35fDan Minor — Bug 1393687 - Use VideoAdapter to handle max-fs; r=jesup
142c2979af94204afd0963202c4b8f5282dfd38eValentin Gosu — Bug 1254688 - Test that loaded in onunload shouldn't show up in the next page performance object r=bz
6c1bf4fea13b504f9adaf073bc259ca6ac1723cfBen Kelly — Bug 1398484 P2 Add a WPT test that verifies importScripts() can be redirected. r=baku
4a4f563364a6464965bca2a1a49b5dafe1b355cdBen Kelly — Bug 1398484 Only assert that the channel does not change for top level service worker scripts. r=baku
405957d41476f08d4e8a0468fd073b1040759ffeYa-Chieh Wu — Bug 895096 - Part 3: Clean up twipsPerPixel to oneDevPixel. r=dbaron
78e432e75482c3f123ca7fb7261b0812baa02b2bYa-Chieh Wu — Bug 895096 - Part 2: Merge the identical parameters. r=dbaron
5d6a0d528af19cde89843f651f3a0d80a3b7b11dYa-Chieh Wu — Bug 895096 - Part 1: Round border-collapsed table borders to device pixels rather than CSS pixels, as for other borders, and store them (as BCPixelSize) as device pixels rather than CSS pixels. r=dbaron
48448bff8f92f3e56847063f5c2cb532bb05e46fJohn Dai — Bug 1398401 - Add preference check for custom element setup. r=smaug
838c6c929f5f1eb6f3bf6c5c33173ff765db348eGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 1398851 - Part 3: Re-enable test_TelemetrySend.js on Window 64bit debug. r=Dexter
44cd91774b984608657cbec0ce81e784b755c32dGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 1398851 - Part 2: Fix fragile TelemetrySend test. r=Dexter
b473e348c16dce58e340be28203d8e79f4562745Georg Fritzsche — Bug 1398851 - Part 1: Add test logging for Telemetry PingServer requests. r=Dexter
c0f7ab91792c957f05d47aacd25892f56dbaff10Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 5a73ec3a1970 (bug 1392841) for failing mochitests, e.g. dom/tests/mochitest/ajax/offline/test_bug474696.html, on Windows 7 without e10s. r=backout
8244494f59064da8f52196a9d0781d4796ee7e1fKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1398885 - Extend various APZ telemetry probes out for a few more releases. r=botond, data-r=liuche
1171dced91e1926277712a89b95b85c2844e5a1eSebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. r=merge a=merge