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Fri Sep 08 13:57:10 2017 +0000
820e5813e6b35de0df1d36732fc1c2434c462110Ethan Lin — Bug 1387325 - Part3. Add annotations for reftests after adding WR support for XUL image. r=mattwoodrow
37f99b1726dfc801e8aeb34f71f6ca14ef92c2e5Ethan Lin — Bug 1387325 - Part2. Add WR support for nsDisplayXULImage. r=mattwoodrow
a4106f02b3da5211c0e500488d5ba92244204fdaEthan Lin — Bug 1387325 - Part1. Refactor nsImageBoxFrame::PaintImage to make it easier to add WR support. r=mattwoodrow