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Mon Feb 20 03:59:33 2017 +0000
3b927d3c056b66e98f457de1726cf9d459eb8708Xidorn Quan — Bug 1339394 - Don't serialize transparent color to transparent keyword when not necessary. r=heycam,jaws
acbd2222b9d3ec1d2fe06e3074aadeb75dcbf43fXidorn Quan — Bug 1338936 - Update assertion counts for stylo mochitest.
0c57ca1b7611e8f38a65aa559896f03191876396Xidorn Quan — Bug 1337674 followup 3 - Fix assertion check.
4c5e1db06908c024416732a7652f0e818ce56324Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1324661 part 2. Reenable various table reftests that were disabled before. They all seem to be passing, or at least failing for unrelated reasons, with the part 1 patch applied. r?bholley
6e8b727ddd83e0628e35c1d7c7dba05c2a62ec77Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1324661 part 1. When recreating style contexts for elements in stylo, use the right frame (not the primary fr
03c271989b1ae5b1d31f7ee1d157b9249cd7079dXidorn Quan — Update stylo mochitest expectation.
75cf781b35f67b029f5781e7a47d6ab49e955accXidorn Quan — Bug 1340434 followup 2 - Fix call before define error in js again.
9ade22f734104a9f8aeaec84605e95ae395f3e6bXidorn Quan — Bug 1340434 followup - Fix call before define error in js.
121e0f4344016ce68630138d2f871d7ae1d03a8dXidorn Quan — Bug 1340434 - Request complete log and mark suppressed unexpecteds. r?jmaher
7f54104697eb82814088efe1acf42ce1d6341a7cXidorn Quan — mybase-stylo