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Mon Mar 21 11:25:45 2016 +0000
7d752e42ae22902e4a45e3d62b56f1af624c1087Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1257804 - avoid copy-pasting about:reader and copy-paste the URL instead, r?dolske
8279c04272ee46eac5fc60ba52065ed7aefc5b28Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 621158 - make appcache use messaging for quota management, r=mayhemer,jaws
116497ecbdabb62e985e99fc15e9f05814482c94Gabriele Svelto — Bug 1257488 - Fix test_gzip_offline.html to work with e10s enabled, r=mayhemer
ab15d48afbb2a88b157b305ff93384f5fe6398d0Sebastian Kaspari — Bug 1257936 - TabsPanel: Do not hold static references to views. r=ahunt
1ace0d75f8b7bc2d8fccca13cca33966e7464ca0Sebastian Kaspari — Bug 1257941 - Use LeakCanary to watch for fragment leaks. r=ahunt
26a0c274e9caeeb87fff29966bf829ba1a6ced9aVictor Porof — Bug 1177822 - The button "Start Recording Performance" is misplaced after some actions (always reproducible), r=jsantell
e2c0da4fea784d79079dccc7bb10a9d0b15be9a2Victor Porof — Backed out changeset 3810206dc61f for landing with an incorrect bug number and commit message, r=me
8bcc1369627e4017fc5adcd3284ecf330909ffa1Victor Porof — Bug 1258197 - Recordings list empty label text has a different background color than its parent container, r=jsantell
18d1e993e4a117f1debd95a8fac0e1f21a97a37aVictor Porof — Bug 1251291 - Tool notices (Take snapshot and Start Recording Performance) should use var(--theme-body-background), r=jsantell
3810206dc61f099b8eccdd2fa5f4c90d5cd58641Victor Porof — Bug 1251291 - Tool notices (Take snapshot and Start Recording Performance) should use var(--theme-body-background), r=jsantell
51452ac19164edb8242bb4e8f56ba2548a69f765Victor Porof — Bug 1232289 - Deep tree of call stacks ends up with hidden overflow to right of toolbox, can't see the function names, r-jsantell
506aa86bfb91a6d033b2a0def1db082e09daef0eVictor Porof — Bug 1251138 - Dev Tools Performance Settings Popup button not visible on reduced size browser, r=jsantell
4586dc1cf6e9e03d04cbd87e8b7c4c78880906efVictor Porof — Bug 1252100 - Imported profiles may have too long filename as the display label so sidebar is very huge, r=jsantell
ae45c837f71ff925e848bb7f44353681a581207fAlessio Placitelli — Bug 1254550 - Make Telemetry configuration consistent across builds. r=gfritzsche
e10424cf620fabac9a0850668bff5875583402f0Franziskus Kiefer — Bug 1186072 - Add trailing slash to origin referer header when policy is set. r=sworkman
ca466d0575912226ada14c75a9fe186d7559ee1cThomas Nguyen — Bug 1186072 - Run referrer-policy web platform tests expected pass. r=fkiefer
87b00f4843ccc55954b17f796d6de26de1bc6a40Thomas Nguyen — Bug 1186072 - Fix web-platform-tests service worker fetch. r=fkiefer
768bd20b25aeafbd021172312dd349bbc222a08bThomas Nguyen — Bug 1186072 - web-platform-tests fetch origin referrer miss slash. r=fkiefer
c37b2bad11ed235a26dfeb89dc9803c909c5bc00bsilverberg — Bug 1257380 - Fix intermittent test_ext_bookmarks.html. r=kmag
82b56c8a5c23740eba45d6bcb113126cdbefe62aNick Thomas — Bug 1254784 - Add 45.0esr win64 support to bouncer, r=rail DONTBUILD
a6d740ef3a54cd1faac04bbb95043e282a7c6e15Paolo Amadini — Bug 1254100 - Part 1 - Fix compilation error in debug builds. r=gcp,francois
4c21784da6e4ab5fff9b482c29d6d676803407dbPaolo Amadini — Bug 1139914 - Downloads with blocked data should be persisted across sessions. r=mak
6d268e72a0315666d5ba3ed477298056a775b696Paolo Amadini — Bug 1254100 - Part 2 - Downloads blocked by Application Reputation should provide information about the verdict. r=mak
28fd36d6608b38a60677bab399ec3d3ef7ead098Paolo Amadini — Bug 1254100 - Part 1 - The Application Reputation interface should provide information about the verdict. r=gcp,francois