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Tue Dec 19 14:18:06 2017 +0000
cdc09d4160a40c1f6a103632f6be63b150834d57Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1424631 - Update reftest fuzziness for change in WR PR 2229. r?jrmuizel
25e0d6aeb6fc3e3e1d6fa02bd27535c8f156c47eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1424631 - Update webrender to commit 1142dfc557c319119a5117450718c5b67a93cb9f. r?jrmuizel
f1329009bf0da7b40229ea75ffe18f201b71359eHiroyuki Ikezoe Bug 1422649 - Add layout.css.emulate-moz-box-with-flex in gEarlyPrefs. r=bustage-fix a=bustage-fix on a CLOSED TREE
048f69ab51e2845408403ca436ad1c62a9245912Dorel Luca — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1424834) for AddressSanitizer failure r=backout a=backout
c9ce08c45635d29120d5360fb9306125af7bc1caDorel Luca — Merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central r=merge a=merge
c76ff8b1c4d4ed78fb0d17f60c467d576e0efba2Liang-Heng Chen — Bug 1415574 - make nsJARURI::SetSpecWithBase ignore URL string; r=bagder
5f4691a291cf811206ee77d40cc1477f54e2f084Mike Hommey — Bug 1417504 - Also wrap Heap{Alloc,ReAlloc,Free} when building without our allocator. r=njn
2607c50a69854e349b2ad4916a6294e0bb195a38Manish Goregaokar — Bug 1424798 - stylo: Add reftest; r=hiro
32eb8bbad8cbdbbdd0bec756409064a3f331b7b9Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 1404454 - use about:blank as the inital page of the testing iframe. r=dragana
2166b03540e9f4973c3f0de347c8a9ef4e555e27Valentin Gosu — Bug 1425318 - Add MOZ_MUST_USE to methods in nsIURIMutator.idl r=mayhemer
b0f9fe04079c20ff7fbcb2bf131ff4b1e77241f2Valentin Gosu — Bug 1425318 - The second call to NS_MutateURI.Finalize should fail r=mayhemer
bf4b28e3e513fd29caf81d3bfdfe694008ef8877Valentin Gosu — Bug 1425318 - Allow calling NS_MutateURI.Finalize(nsIURI**) r=mayhemer
ba242fe9760e1744c2bdb463bbc679a741254cd5Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #19604 - stylo: Correctly handle interpolation where optional second argument for translate(), skew(), scale() exists in one but not the other (from Manishearth:animate-second); r=emilio
251fb7b394132abe8947b526def1318a59fd65e3Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1425771 - Add a branch in only_one_restyling_after_finish_is_called for the conformant Promise handling. r=birtles
4f15412de9e861ebca0cd7f63a99ffff7a204a59Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1425771 - Tweak expected restyle count for the case where the animation begins at the current time. r=birtles
defd32520915be804c88754236b856656e180f03Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1425771 - Add a another variant of restyling_transform_animations_in_scrolled_out_element for the conformant Promise handling. r=birtles
23541a04b9240654bf2c21c68159a16fe1bd74e1Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1425771 - Add a function to check detect whether have conformant Promise handling and set the flag to represent it. r=birtles
917b5ee4fe132f6bbc6f6baa8e1f6f07cf04b2d8Phil Ringnalda — Backed out changeset fc0b6106be47 (bug 1425807) for static build bustage
fc0b6106be4772915e148d7829e6d61aded06310Jeff Hemphill — Bug 1425807 - Convert nsHostKey members to nsCString. r=valentin
4309d6abe27f88b9dcc90b59a69b469df6da959eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1425878 - Don't expose raw pointers to refcounted vsync dispatcher object. r=sotaro
31c635f8f249de38c1378ac0b88ea091c13134f5Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #19601 - style: Don't adjust :visited styles (from emilio:adjust-visited); r=upsuper
ce813e8a46832f31a3c696880a8554e63b923fb8Csoregi Natalia — Backed out changeset 966836866e8a (bug 1425807) for Build Bustage. r=backout on a CLOSED TREE
095928b49caa8918ac6354044100ed3be6c0b9f6Csoregi Natalia — Backed out changeset 8a71f6e05783 (bug 1393287) for Hazard Build Bustage. r=backout on a CLOSED TREE
440c32f8f0a9b5d663e8cc634262634e3f249f81Oriol Brufau — Bug 1424721 - Allow long strings and invisible-to-debugger objects to be stored as global variables. r=nchevobbe
966836866e8afe423a01a9926834a26cb3d3e2b0Jeff Hemphill — Bug 1425807 - Convert nsHostKey members to nsCString r=valentin
00e1d58aedfe4d25a8a5f27a3db579a60dab5bbaValentin Gosu — Bug 1424834 - LinkedList::sizeOfExcludingThis should use ConstRawType instead of T* r=njn
9b69f2b7d37346a5ac8aff8aeec2fe23673fe566Valentin Gosu — Bug 1424834 - Replace nsHostRecord.callbacks with LinkedList<RefPtr<nsResolveHostCallback>> r=mayhemer
3308211f024d0de9a03671c1e67bb74f11e8d88cAlan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #19528 - Capture loadEventEnd in test-perf (from asajeffrey:test-perf-measure-loadEventEnd); r=avadacatavra
3f6f3dde981a5a9a46d3d3f35c13be6d7cec46eaByron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1425873 - Part 2: Sync send stream ids even when there is no send track. r+drno r=drno
f427c2fcbfe0ba0f370a2e6d7904895c92f6ad35Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1425873 - Part 1: Add test-case for trackless stream. r+jib r=jib
f015f8da772ab7f3b6613aad55064a36f001f76aGlenn Watson — servo: Merge #19600 - Update WR (sticky frame fixes, handling overlapping border corners) (from glennw:update-wr-border-sticky); r=jdm
8a71f6e05783c13f38d5bcc9733e955b9fd7543bJed Davis — Bug 1393287 - Intercept sigaction() to fix signal masks for sandboxing. r=gcp
d857200d45960e2552431d13abf6932e2c7df2d5Jed Davis — Bug 1422198 - Log about failure to send a sandbox broker reply. r=gcp
af9b67f94aa9d34f0d1e2c8eda087aa468685022Michael Froman — Bug 1414169 - pt 8 - Refactor creating html elements for conciseness. r=ng
81947b1bd8f30e234844cae1da66371e757ce7efMichael Froman — Bug 1414169 - pt 7 - Refactor folding sections into reusable code. r=ng
dbb3a18f3003ce7bfc40c31eb77f19aec0bd67f0Michael Froman — Bug 1414169 - pt 6 - Add all raw candidates table (local and remote). r=ng
56c460b1034f26e1ab0b05fe44d26fb1d10d51f1Michael Froman — Bug 1414169 - pt 5 - Sort candidate pairs that have sent bytes at the top of the table. r=ng
b907280a1894164ab9a7faa8da62045b01a795f4Michael Froman — Bug 1414169 - pt 4 - Trickled ICE candidates are highlighted with a light blue background. r=ng
9445a1ba1361be28302435b8aefe616a7882902cMichael Froman — Bug 1414169 - pt 3 - RTCStatsReport.webidl to support about:webrtc changes for showing trickled candidates. r=ng,smaug
72efe90a96b3125c5d46ffd84a0ca587ff85a71dMichael Froman — Bug 1414169 - pt 2 - aboutwebrtc.js SimpleTable improvements. r=ng
febf7082883044dc3d1e8203c35766058d699a1fMichael Froman — Bug 1414169 - pt 1 - add trickle field to nr_ice_candidate. r=drno
6a122e9df80af20caf1ef030f74709a634b0f606Nathan Froyd — Bug 1425035 - move --enable-ui-locale to moz.configure; r=gps
4e0519ed813188051360705b9183af5e9e22d09dAndrew Swan — Bug 1423425 Initial draft of WebExtensions API documentation r=bsilverberg
7d5aebbafcf786b177a942f1a5fbaa107158ad09Andrew Swan — Bug 1423425 Make some extensions comments jsdoc-compatible r=kmag
a92c9a459eeb04d713d5459a6ae08ba1ac4b2c12Andrew Swan — Bug 1423425 Stop reading the Extension.jsm module object in specialpowers r=kmag
da4fe391303b1f8eeb5e72ef3f88a92ab6afb3e1Andrew Swan — Bug 1423425 Let sphinx-js read .js files r=erik
66ccb03771abc5b91cf69049f11b1ec80e80e60aGurzau Raul — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. r=merge a=merge CLOSED TREE
59321d42d617ccbac0c7c1a41fa239449b40d780Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1425363 - remove onWindowTitleChanged given that nobody uses it, r=bgrins
f8a8b592c702103090d71539ee28db1fd6e7b82cGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1425363 - remove the windowds XPCOM component, r=spohl
8cc8bd064aa801780449699cf80e90fa447531daGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1425363 - use JS instead of the windowds data source for the mac window menu, r=bgrins,spohl
937d7ee3b9bc3df58f0d5b3abc163267405de3d0Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #19574 - Downgrade to rustc nightly-2017-11-14 (from asajeffrey:rustdown-2017-11-14); r=glennw
e8d7f5f691c6c9312a2b7c60d36b4a54dfb845d2Thom Chiovoloni — Bug 1425690 - Replace getCharPref with lazy pref getters in browser-sync.js r=eoger
f333d8197a5b3cf323048c9a7db3611d1b865e47Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1401551 - Only check for acceleration after the page is shown and we know the layer managers have been initialized. r=dvander
6239a7c3e034937f2b1d0e83053f163d22c24363Tom Prince — Bug 1421163: Allow passing configuration to mozharness directly from taskcluster configuration; r=jlund
4f4836d4a0841f27ac88dfa05d248309e8d601d1Daniel Holbert — Bug 1398963 part 7: Add an about:config flag to optionally emulate -moz-box with flexbox. r=mats
16e76fada893040809d0f9f672b53bd99ffabfe4Daniel Holbert — Bug 1398963 part 6: Make "visibility:collapse" cause flex items to be 0-sized, in emulated -moz-{inline-}box. r=mats
9d1204867a515fb03fd91690fc39241d66987a6cDaniel Holbert — Bug 1398963 part 5: Treat XUL Popups like other OOF boxes when generating anon flex items, since they spawn placeholders. r=mats
2d4dd2c2712efea9f49597c60aee27c2491d9753Daniel Holbert — Bug 1398963 part 4: Refactor logic in nsCSSFrameConstructor's IsXULDisplayType() function (idempotent patch). r=mats
39f1f91f7b0be7505e12e45772566d7c87ee01dbDaniel Holbert — Bug 1398963 part 3: Generalize "webkit-box" variable names and code-comments in nsCSSFrameConstructor.cpp (idempotent patch). r=mats
462e7346039f17b609f5af67d4fee7217253906dDaniel Holbert — Bug 1398963 part 2: Make nsFlexContainerFrame label itself as legacy if it has -moz-box/-moz-inline-box display val. r=mats
959ac9840798c974febf91d9749aa4216870ac2cDaniel Holbert — Bug 1398963 part 1: Rename frame-state bit from NS_STATE_FLEX_IS_LEGACY_WEBKIT_BOX to NS_STATE_FLEX_IS_EMULATING_LEGACY_BOX (idempotent patch). r=mats
53880e97808d345bc22fb89322bf2de1be991251Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1334189 - Enable mochitest-plain for linux64-qr. r=jrmuizel
d38774aa733fc7a34ee8e708b5938bfb065a322fTom Prince — Bug 1418671: Use a separate cache for builds that checkout comm-central; r=gps
ef44089fb85b9c55f986c167359fc3670a842e04Tom Prince — Bug 1425148: Allow configuring the allowed index products in taskcluster; r=dustin
66d11a098d44fae7f75c7f29f0af8b882036201fTom Prince — Bug 1425148: Move gecko.v2 job-name whitelist to graph config; r=dustin
ddd6364a3335296c8580d0fdf1925d9d963a6393Tom Prince — Bug 1425148: Fix error message about names for treeherder symbols; r=dustin
dba2aba69348f5186f64ab2b2dcda5a812906912Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1154206 - Don't end the test until all the advanceTimeAndRefresh calls are done. r=jrmuizel
bf435909ca6a3e3f585ba98e7bd1c3688cec626fDoug Thayer — Bug 1423612 - Pass VisitData by reference r=standard8
2941b6b2bcece74cce8bfbcad359ad7538a278a3Nazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #19576 - style: Move text-align outside of the mako file (from canaltinova:text-align); r=Manishearth,emilio
4fc9f54cdc1dd173e3de3788443c64e5cae4be34Marcin Mielniczuk — servo: Merge #19545 - Fix and document build on CentOS 7.4 (from marmistrz:bump-gecko-media); r=jdm
16471f5143c7a96a75814ab1e6c8366a43959c34Zibi Braniecki — Bug 1363864 - Add MozBeforeInitialXULLayout event. r=smaug