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Wed Nov 22 08:26:32 2017 +0000
871386c0f2ee572384872e2e9708bfdbe4687c40Sean Lee — Bug 1416665 - Deduplicate the detail with the same field name even they are in the different `contactType`. r=lchang,ralin
7cd32ab528db1b33b68820a6119eede3f9804c9fSean Lee — Bug 1415077 - Implement the new multiple section tests. r=lchang,ralin
5d0091ab756d20f014c58d81403500ce4ee4185cSean Lee — Bug 1415077 - Modify FormAutofill test to satisfy the section support feature. r=lchang,ralin
2a6ca2016744512769b7b0bf74127abd05b1afe1Sean Lee — Bug 1415077 - Classify the field details with autocomplete attr into multiple groups. r=lchang,ralin