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Sun Feb 26 18:57:33 2017 +0000
d814522801ce06f85042afb16775c463c692309dSebastian Hengst — Bug 1342793 - control center: permission states wrapped on multiple lines should align on the end. r?paolo
aa2b14b08dbb728ab6b9868e43a66842626f1833Phil Ringnalda — Merge autoland to m-c, a=merge
7c76324244b436372227db5099183d2c84cd32c2Manish Goregaokar — Bug 1342759 - Revendor dependencies r=manishearth
c75ce3362c05d005c4b00d69de9b2ad177b648edffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-307 - a=hpkp-update
3050675489ceaac3304fc968c414d2a29ab4da73ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-307 - a=hsts-update