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Wed May 04 21:02:55 2016 +0000
e9c4b41f05afe59ba95b658959065980b23bb843Mike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Factor out logic for creating windows for content processes from OpenWindowInternal
46b192cdb154353127ea249bb03d90a013e76444Mike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Make initial browser remote sooner if we're defaulting to using remote tabs. r?felipe
a6cfa7bd6a9fba589bc927340a21a552285d8b15Mike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Stop sending the window name to ContentParent when opening a new window. r?smaug
6aeb0b88bd510a5b08f63a4f2cb02a9c8c8985fcMike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Make parent outer window available on TabParent. r?smaug
544e6d6a4c0cdbc3484450bf480856011a23a744Mike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Remove unused URL arg from CreateChromeWindow2
54481eeb60aeb99f4ec1cff295325a0bd145d9deMike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Test that newly opened dialogs can receive arguments. r?smaug
cd4fcd019271b0566b11195ca77c5d932b900fefMike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Test that modal windows can be opened from the parent process. r?smaug
44a8f6c23e25c1c49249408af61e4bd2bd88074eMike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Add a test to ensure that we clone sessionStorage when opening new windows. r?smaug
e0881decc28e595b2da113815eb02648fa512ef6Mike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Ensure that .open() on web content called with chrome privileges results in a new window with the appropriate principal. r?anybody
327e8462a2d11e6f287cd570ef2bccbee2f80dbdMike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Add a test for the size of newly opened window from content. r?smaug
b0459e523e142f127b868871fcb3186eb39b72b2Mike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Add a test that ensures that proper chromeFlags and nsILoadContext properties are set for private windows. r?ehsan
b5c39e1b93865e5bc0839db4eadc91201c1acd0dMike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Add a test for chromeflags for new windows from content. r?smaug
bd5a485aa8ef187c3c70e692660304b49e3c796fMike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Test _blank name usage in new windows. r?Gijs
655a87de21ac65bae1af1a811b1c7ce9be1a0f50Mike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Test that named windows work properly. r?smaug
79ffa7a3ae0c0a7fabab507ff204f33416c0d814Mike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Test that new windows opened from remote content get the right flags. r?smaug
bfbd12dd3c0e1a8942687cb2875eeb2f86ad63bbMike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Tag a bunch of tests that exercise opening windows with openwindow. r=me
c62ef681dc398269af3533c78083bf29904e2373Mike Conley — Bug 1255138 - Window resize support from JS for e10s
2b49fa3fe5c8c01f0d284867222b4553b4c3f36cCatalin Badea — Bug 1218080 - Don't send the url to the parent process when opening new windows, because it is not actually used. r=smaug