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Tue Mar 08 22:33:36 2016 +0000
fa3a02c6055e01221f6a523360ead46d1de2306dRichard Barnes — Bug 1254653 - Add telemetry to measure how often we encounter EV certificates
26d0246340d34f69d44e35e65851bbf473422963Eitan Isaacson — Bug 1254232 - Use a tree walker to get list of atomic paragraphs to read. r=Gijs
0862bfe2c7ec737a13759d9fde30d71d8d14394dAaron Klotz — Bug 1211262: Unit test; r=mwu
79d962afab8ad8133fabc8d9a466eed4a4a0efd4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1252262 - Don't combine the client offset into the outer rect for the child process. r=jimm
4b734a8db65cdaa578ed9ab633ae1c085d955d33Aaron Klotz — Bug 1236108: Add support for exception-context annotations for content processes to the crash reporter; r=bsmedberg
19074ba43502301c4236a587250cfd4f221c7f3dAaron Klotz — Bug 1236108: Modify sandbox initialization code to use directory service to obtain content process temp directory; r=bobowen,haik
a6ad577af025e503a4f0fb96345264b92018aceeAaron Klotz — Bug 1236108: Add temp directory for sandboxed content processes to directory r=bsmedberg
1dbc703aee48bbd475fcd56469e17a0556cc9302Geoff Brown — Bug 1031496 - Enable robocop testPictureLinkContextMenu on Android 4.3; r=me
154d6073509b4d8fc31bc993013adb44416beea5Geoff Brown — Bug 1144874 - Enable robocop testAxisLocking, testFlingCorrectness, testPanCorrectness on Android 4.3; r=me
59b103375e4fbda9b048ac4d7dfb5faadf107f4aGeoff Brown — Bug 1083666 - Enable robocop testLinkContextMenu on Android 4.3; r=me
1f006e649de3c1e2f27b18bef46dc2d3885d3d9bGeoff Brown — Bug 1158363 - Enable robocop testTrackingProtection on Android 4.3; r=me
a92ceed7b946354fca537f4237b1b186a09a749dGeoff Brown — Bug 1158384 - Enable robocop testBrowserDiscovery on Android 4.3; r=me
f088f4be649a92989052b79bd10b51d77d25d567Mike Shal — Bug 1253430 - Move most FinalTargetFiles into misc tier; r=glandium
16448c5d4d17b606c30bef742b9a3ad03b767b45Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1254521 - Add return type docs for element.inViewport; r=automatedtester
0b53b870729065bf0f809747a09fd36e29eb7bc9Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1254521 - Add return type docs for element.isVisible; r=automatedtester
f2cdd79de5669658a512596aee365ff94dead662Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1251763 - Reduce repetition in; r=automatedtester
f2a7717d73c08efff9a6cf574780a91c02efd40dAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1251763 - Correct type check on singular returned elements; r=automatedtester
1fc581388ffddc03cb60bccde8840e23b03aa565Chris Manchester — Bug 1253651 - Undo changes to PATH made by activating virtualenv in mach artifact. r=glandium
3e9a803d69edcf799fc979690098f5a176584eacKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1192910 - Ensure we flush paints on the main thread during an APZ flush. r=mstange
2a295c8a814b0809ec124c8f55ec8f5e2adc910bMarkus Stange — Bug 1192910 - Stop triggering repaints when the displayport margins change without the displayport changing. r=kats
69d79f3e6649eddd011b7985e163f1ff1bb41412Randell Jesup — Bug 1250934: Modify MediaEngine shutdown to allow neutering the AudioDataListener r=padenot
3306d78706e661dd142c66f5534f6f3412afa7beRandell Jesup — Bug 1250934: remove unused method from MediaStreamGraphImpl r=padenot
c0ec7ef7bde9d5a5c54a0f47eb6b41f04bed376aRandell Jesup — Bug 1250934: Only dig out cubeb deviceIDs immediately before use since they can be freed r=padenot
5ef590cd6b52a3c8d6114eb6575e04b70ceb2f39Randell Jesup — Bug 1250934: Make tests use the correct audio frequency when fake devices are used r=drno
9475dd9b3bf359a9660b9192ec750557e6d94973Randell Jesup — Bug 1250934: Update some MediaStreamGraph logging r=padenot
48cb1d9b30393be6b2bc930258ed280fb16549a4Randell Jesup — Bug 1250934: Block GraphDriver switching if audio input is enabled (full-duplex) r=padenot
a54bf2aa9dae7ab8b37613cea0eea13473f5de17Randell Jesup — Bug 1250934: Don't reopen input AudioCallbackDrivers on a second use r=padenot
63597fc8d9d930d4a025c4e9ebf5da8053c4beeaRandell Jesup — Bug 1250934: Factor out AudioTracksPresent() in MediaStreamGraph, and add checks of 'pending' tracks r=padenot
6d8d2202d56049baf003b91fb251732fb300028bRandell Jesup — Bug 1250934: Don't allow switching to a clock driver when we already have a switch pending r=padenot
6dbe009d0689ac987d1716e40a751f613d6f9fb7Syd Polk — Bug 1253723 - Text from should be moved to r=SingingTree
5d2ded37af5e4550d29f302ccebf00fd91cddb84Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1253859 - Properly stringify thrown symbol in console. r=fitzgen
5bf3c72eaf3aade7517d076dab19627ca996e464Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1254174 - Convert uncaught symbol to a descriptive string. r=jorendorff
4221fa1f45c3da1e7b8291f629b0623950715ea4vladikoff — Bug 1247786 - Add push subscription to device registration r=kitcambridge,markh
12cdf126c9a4dadb22ffd1d8f57cc468fff5f7b6Lee Salzman — Bug 1254151 - use B8G8R8X8 for 24 bit depth visuals in nsShmImage with Cairo. r=jrmuizel
834e10efcc790debadc2304170e3f6ae03a2d32eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1253690 - Don't let a changing displayport cause invalidation and mess with the intent of the test. r=mstange
15d78e504d75455a98a48b09a400e4b3245677b7Gregor Wagner — Bug 1254471 - Fix MessageChannel.cpp error unused variable transaction. r=billm
1a59e662332c5856d513fac2420ff3cec7d83b84Nathan Froyd — Bug 1254551 - remove tabs in FrameLayerBuilder.cpp; r=me
6ac236f12205727690087cee49923f84b0a89870Mike Taylor — Bug 1237087. Consistently pass tab references when reporting site issues. r=margaret
e4f29173049f4e83833cd1ba0eecb9b3941b6776Mike Taylor — Bug 1237087. Send screenshot of visible window when reporting site issues. r=sebastian, margaret
244a23d1660598b401b60d86e13db18034d908f4Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset c664e3daa54d (bug 1251372) for test failures in extensions
cd9b96b76188be7d3a3c3ed9275b9c420faca339Mason Chang — Bug 1249600. Lookup font and font family from font face when requesting SkTypeface. r=bas
ce80d55d21b008e0a35a19331dc552a7e7ba627eAndrew McCreight — Bug 1252256, part 9 - Fix testOnWheelProperty() subtest to work with e10s. r=masayuki
47bfb697572930a017063ab0f4cf8e029fc35a9cAndrew McCreight — Bug 1252256, part 8 - Use Currying in testOnWheelProperty subtest. r=masayuki
5d4a3f020048b762b838bfcc1316a68e9e147365Andrew McCreight — Bug 1252256, part 7 - Fix testOnWheelAttr subtest to work with e10s. r=masayuki
e05f65b80a2a4705e61b210bf81bbfb06c2b5ce9Andrew McCreight — Bug 1252256, part 6 - Use a common template literal function in testOnWheelAttr subtest. r=masayuki
9a4fa55a8ffb25d157568b2034aa35c0abfc1145Andrew McCreight — Bug 1252256, part 5 - Fix testEventOrder() subtest to work with e10s. r=masayuki
1c2386f9fa5d058b9da880a14b9f08f9a125768bAndrew McCreight — Bug 1252256, part 4 - Move preventDefault into pushEvent in testEventOrder() subtest. r=masayuki
ce578efe9a9f850dd9aae169c0ff579800fe560eAndrew McCreight — Bug 1252256, part 3 - Fix testDeltaMultiplierPrefs() subtest to work with e10s. r=masayuki
4df5195e595a5cb597fd522211b28478bea3fec3Andrew McCreight — Bug 1252256, part 2 - Fix prepareScrollUnits() subtest to work with e10s. r=masayuki
408c3f6f9a671506d658f9173c14758907c01f83Andrew McCreight — Bug 1252256, part 1 - Fix typo in test messages in testDeltaMultiplierPrefs. r=masayuki
92651b6c802e3975c600ab0e9256d139751b8409Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 10d85d4a79c2 (bug 1250616) for breaking extension in test setup. r=backout
48c1800e5b2c321c312894858328efe8df11a49eBotond Ballo — Bug 1210117 - Flush paints before running the test body in test_scroll_inactive_flattened_frame.html. r=kats
acdcbd858ac363bd6feca72022d4cc8c370a604fJames Willcox — Bug 1250106 - Correctly set charging status and remaining time when battery level is rounded to 1.0 r=bz
8ccab7d6447f8e4129c8e0735bfd7e8a7db063afBen Kelly — Bug 1253738 P3 Use origin the ServiceWorkerManager scope key. r=baku
ffb0e778ab75bf753004c3fbb59b7c7108cbee0dBen Kelly — Bug 1253738 P2 Consistently use "scope key" terminology in ServiceWorkerManager. r=baku
e35f587fa3289393dfee9c81f97f6b6229756cf4Ben Kelly — Bug 1253738 P1 Require an explicit principal when looking up a service worker registration. r=baku
c664e3daa54d79fec8b9b7ea2c4bf12e2c47c7ecAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1251372 - Sign extensions in dom/workers/test/extensions for mochitest, r=khuey
10d85d4a79c2684f12deb4dd33468d97d03fb0dcAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1250616 - Sign indexedDB-test extension for mochitest, r=khuey
4f323559171d920963cdb5326048c60ca56a98b1Nathan Froyd — Bug 1253424 - part 2 - add nsTransactionStack::IsEmpty; r=erahm
4c048ada6176e69f4937925dcabaaae43aed7967Nathan Froyd — Bug 1253424 - part 1 - add a already_AddRefed nsTransactionStack::Push overload; r=erahm
005625bc9f4463e5bb41416056558991a90cf91aNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 1240521 - Fix the test case to ensure that oomAfterAllocation is defined. r=red
d506fc68f5caa17320efb23f87e0ca3c0457c734Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 1254493 - Remove Code2000 and Arial Unicode MS from prefs. r=jfkthame
a62776417e00d7589b7540eef788a69c57b55ba2Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1253244 - Correct x,y offset type checks and add tests; r=automatedtester
7efc942f08eaf6e4c132943ef20f26ae199a796dAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1253244 - Use element.coordinates in action module; r=automatedtester
c64f5448df4a87437823688778b74a6840052354Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1253244 - Use element.coordinates in listener; r=automatedtester
950506733b03e4062df59650e4852cf162b37a93Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 8abae7731417 (bug 1192910) for OS X 10.10 opt R-e10s bustage. r=backout
14838e17cfaf4d53a15884705a1e6c887feb8827Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 9c232821ae5c (bug 1192910)
677309c89611f3c23ae78d898837efd3781fac5dAlexander Surkov — Bug 1249730 - make TreeWalker bi-directional, r=yzen
f7cd029bb2dc11222bab8a8373bfa1d25dbcf832Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 1240521 - IonBuilder processSwitchEnd returns ControlStatus_Error on allocation errors. r=h4writer
8fda6bf7dcb31a863deb3d035fd9552a80471116Lars T Hansen — Bug 1248153 - Do not convert fp to int by cast. r=waldo
69f237c2cf9131e97372debee01931dbacd064e5Lars T Hansen — Bug 1253216 - clean up the atomic ops ifdef nest. r=jorendorff
3aa4483740828617001060fe7386051020521e90Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 1247880 - Only remove MUrsh operands when the input of MUrsh is guaranteed to be unsigned. r=sunfish
0e8ed9ef1b68a07ec52c76263606a054f12bca34Tom Schuster — Bug 1254349 - Remove unused error messages. r=mrrrgn
a0ec2ec1f004a27257a67842d22f60aa59580854Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1253248 - Use element.Strategy enum consistently; r=automatedtester
c9bc41c3220539c62ddb64eb68cefd5649b7d783Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1250195: In TypedObject.from, decide that the input is typed only if it's an array type; r=pnkfelix
1c4cf5562aa37215e973f1c15b80c412ea9e7bd9JW Wang — Bug 1253928 - adjust the time passed to RequestVideoData() by the start time to avoid incorrectly skipping key frames. r=jya.
084c4f8baf4896300db1e6cc999bfbad5bb91145JW Wang — Bug 1253959 - per comment 10, #ifdef code that causes ReadMetadata() to fail on Windows XP debug. r=cpearce.
9c232821ae5cd4f2f79a12c58c7e290b2f0d7371Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1192910 - Ensure we flush paints on the main thread during an APZ flush. r=mstange. reland because backout didn't fix the issue
8abae773141708595c9f91fe34beff3703f8bb25Markus Stange — Bug 1192910 - Stop triggering repaints when the displayport margins change without the displayport changing. r=kats
65d3a747feb339ff6dacc006b907a7f0b17d3aecSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 3ad367f04970 (bug 1242781) for reftest failures. r=backout
eee943e51af2b63a88cd5915eac135218357413aJon Coppeard — Bug 1252329 - Fix test bustage on opt builds r=me
f141fd7658f8551964a1476ddeb531895b48d6d9Tim Taubert — Bug 1250930 - Add test to ensure we're using the right global when creating WebCrypto objects r=bz
f197594181f9e8218ab2ad46fe07002fe2f09107Tim Taubert — Bug 1250930 - Use correct global when creating a key in GenerateAsymmetricKeyTask r=bz
5a0c2680427b61c01e502f85d725f6950d69dbd6Tim Taubert — Bug 1250930 - Use correct global when creating a key in GenerateSymmetricKeyTask r=bz
5e27bd6b21886b3ff1c5b3dac5532993efed06afTim Taubert — Bug 1250930 - Use SubtleCrypto's global when creating keys for an ImportKeyTask r=bz
6d88a7fdf970d9dc9f4382b4d8ae52f87613209bJon Coppeard — Bug 1252329 - Fix interaction between AutoClearTypeInferenceStateOnOOM and compacting GC r=terrence
7e3fc275d7636f52a61db1077b2e63cef3168236Jon Coppeard — Bug 1253124 - Check return values in and around js::ValueToSourceForError r=jandem
c68584f32e4e6916289618e553fa850014f484f3Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 4a56c6dc4c7e (bug 1192910) for permafailing R-e10s on OS X 10.10. r=backout
ea7eb03c4cb9309f7588c0f3ada0f3b59798448cSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 9066ef314419 (bug 1192910)
3ad367f04970060f9d1d6c5fce18865186c7cbe1Shing Lyu — Bug 1242781 - Add 1 appunit in BRFrame::AddInlinePrefISize to match the 1 appunit added during reflow. r=dbaron
b80d52309b26ecdba0d586562188f9fce5017f5aJan de Mooij — Bug 1239813 - Add some asserts to IterateScripts to help us track down bug 1240231. r=sfink
4dca9582c0a93364ef18e0bee278f62c7b76c406Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 2bd6d33ad128 (bug 1242781) for reftest failures. r=backout
6420f1afce76dcead47c55593d73f02beb92239eSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 912825aa7ee1 (bug 1254145) for failing bc7 tests. r=backout
e04e7d92d4ebb81c8897fb0ba9bc708657f7c7cfNicolas Silva — Bug 1251427 - Require a full update when a TextureHost switches from a TextureSource to another. r=sotaro
912825aa7ee1cb61d46364f37e7205571556ec0eJared Wein — Bug 1254145 - Use BrowserTestUtils.removeTab instead of gBrowser.removeTab in BrowserTestUtils.withNewTab since BrowserTestUtils.removeTab is more deterministic since it waits for SessionStore to update. r=gijs
06de3853ec928bcb4b3e9d2ca3486cf4fc2609acHonza Bambas — Bug 1254059 - init MochitestBase.nsprLogs, r=jmaher
18b14a05ae127b160a213e78e9204d8f3378a08fChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1254308 - Remove SEC_NORMAL from mobile/. r=sicking
87026a942d377ae2bcdf5fb5663e3354657b2b91Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1254303 - Remove SEC_NORMAL from js/. r=sicking
c6b2cbc3f7cd6ec0adbc6f86d1383694705b82e2Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1254299 - Remove SEC_NORMAL from extensions/. r=sicking
a8877f97820ba815492d2bdcc71d67c3227c0a48Shing Lyu — Bug 1253209 - Fixed reftest html report generation failure. r=jmaher
5dfabdaf440901a380488aadeae81cc48d97c1f1Jan Beich — Bug 1254218 - Rely on to detect dladdr(). r=njn
b8eeb6a1932492cd7110a8d3b0069dcbdd239078Cykesiopka — Bug 1253958 - Make getHSTSPreloadList.js and genHPKPStaticPins.js gracefully handle trailing whitespace in URL entries. r=dkeeler
0f12e087d2941742d1798323a023e3e1f4545092Jared Wein — Bug 1064580 - Add definitions for onCurrentSelection to the listeners since RemoteFinder.jsm expects them to be present. Also add an error check in Finder.jsm for empty selections. r=evilpie
2bd6d33ad12886757bb9407f5408aee590abaf24Shing Lyu — Bug 1242781 - Add 1 appunit in BRFrame::AddInlinePrefISize to match the 1 appunit added during reflow. r=dbaron
ffce50b96ca9482490e590735e694991e9085b11Xidorn Quan — Bug 1251995 part 7 - Use struct to pass params for nsTextFrame::Paint*Shadow functions. r=jfkthame
366047809301992f99d3160b099063d16adee2a7Xidorn Quan — Bug 1251995 part 6 - Use struct to pass params for nsTextFrame::PaintText* functions. r=jfkthame
b5a5660267aeb4254d0dd9cc15ff2d1980790e4eXidorn Quan — Bug 1251995 part 5 - Unify units of dirty rect used for painting text frame. r=jfkthame
788178d64bf45b07070fffc96ea9d1640363f7a3Xidorn Quan — Bug 1251995 part 4 - Use struct to pass params for nsTextFrame::DrawText* functions. r=jfkthame
8dcad93e1045080c6f2476e296e8f52c1549cf7dXidorn Quan — Bug 1251995 part 3 - Use struct to pass params for gfxTextRun::Draw. r=jfkthame
0d462b564421dc46a14c0d2b538413cd623bd37eXidorn Quan — Bug 1251995 part 2 - Add gfxTextRun::Range to replace parameter pairs like (offset, length) and (start, end). r=jfkthame
51f3d3a22d4251b8f4c0e70cb5161d75a46dfea2Xidorn Quan — Bug 1251995 part 1 - Add helper functions to simplify code. r=jfkthame
bc277a82a03e68ef27dbade4b9e5efcfa5b4e911CJKu — Bug 619500: Part 4. Remove one unused data member in SVGDrawingParameters; r=dholbert
ada8d43117654c9164a437f484ea7c9db901225bCJKu — Bug 619500: Part 3. svg-as-borderimage test cases; r=dholbert
055cc694bc2635b4c2cfcc94945cee1b8a6d1f77CJKu — Bug 619500: Part 2. When drawing an SVG image as a CSS border-image, use preverveAspectRatio="none"; r=dholbert
5d03f2103664bbc4b024fe73213883f32afe8535CJKu — Bug 619500: Part 1. Default sizing for specified size of SVG images which have no constraints; r=dholbert r=seth
4adaa4b1ddb234549c59b69ebed03d9bb6f72fbdChris Peterson — Bug 1253170 - Enable clang's -Wimplicit-fallthrough warning to catch unintentional switch fallthroughs. r=glandium
a692374920e82089bbe91aa75c1b36f51e57ea97Chris Peterson — Bug 1253753 - Remove unnecessary switch fallthrough to avoid -Wimplicit-fallthrough warning. r=karlt
ae16b59ad2809f4e6a80af90cc691c789a42c316Chris Peterson — Bug 1253901 - Update gcli script versions to jQuery 2.2.1, Lodash 4.6.1, and Underscore 1.8.3. r=gl
1d94c77de685b57c7279435cd2cd2ab24adc98daJim Blandy — Bug 1252453: make Debugger::slowPathOnLogAllocationSite apply a read barrier to Debugger objects. r=terrence
69448e1e7e45d1ae79da63b75c4d90b613f5adc4Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1206121 - Test for XHR in the worker and status code when redirect a CORS url, r=khuey
1d161d4e6cc58c8ab3c90b4b52eb28fe7020ca60Heiher — Bug 1250370 - IonMonkey: MIPS: Fix stack alignment checking in EmitBaselineEnterStubFrame. r=nbp