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Mon Oct 09 04:51:14 2017 +0000
f2e3eda785cb52413686a1cb16b30c3f01784716Karl Tomlinson — bug 1406831 don't tolerate just owning the monitor if AssertOnGraphThreadOrNotRunning() is not called on the correct thread r?pehrsons
0ebde4ac3da80fea901f379605200c05c31a7ab0Karl Tomlinson — bug 1406831 tighten AssertOnGraphThreadOrNotRunning() to not accept graph thread after mDetectedNotRunning r?pehrsons
795e9cdee643cfea3ff8ab19a462c72d9b732672Karl Tomlinson — bug 1406831 simplify AssertOnGraphThreadOrNotRunning() r?pehrsons