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Tue Aug 30 17:35:37 2016 +0000
90664e24b3bb3dbfaad623ca52b980105bbe213eCykesiopka — Bug 1299234 - Fix incorrect if statement block in AppendDistroSearchDirs().
75ab2126e8087b538868ecf9439c7f9163bce9f3Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 1293062 - Plugin permissions are confused between Flash and the VLC plugin. Fix this by checking that the plugin name for the special Flash plugin is "Shockwave Flash", which is true of Adobe Flash but not replacement plugins such as VLC or even gnash. This causes other plugins to have their own pref tag so that users can enable/disable them separately. r=jimm
fdf0f27af56b0ebcfece8ff25136048616e3b723Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 1293062 test fixup: name the Flash nptest plugin "Shockwave Flash" so that it passes for Flash during tests.
8ca77a9ae536d9593fbb7899b2ba5eaa13abf0a7Mihai Tabara — Bug 1288434 - fix buildbot props in mark release as shipped. r=rail a=release DONTBUILD
31b100c982b54fe53a548b57e10f67240bc6a011Ben Kelly — Bug 1262702 Avoid racing with initial shutdown in test_service_worker_lifetime.html. r=kitcambridge
0a4166cfb9140526aafbb727f149c252f2c691e3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1298977. Fix setting location.hash for documents with about:something URIs to actually work. r=bkelly
32c64469a9c7e285ae37e978aff420f259d72e81Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1297756 part 2. Allow specifying a default value for a union containing an enum. r=mystor
07ec239ed9a487f2cc42dd8835232035eabbae99Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1297756 part 1. Improve the exception thrown when an invalid default value (right type but wrong value) is used for a union. r=mystor
f56cc98fc84ec0562b201110b78c7359f102485bHonza Bambas — Bug 1288204 - Use CancelSynchronousIo Win32 function to cancel blocking I/O on the HTTP cache thread. r=michal
7cf38aa68a542b33d33fc0731a0d2807d6c4c27bHonza Bambas — Bug 1292623 - Only write HTTP cache entries' metadata after shutdown. r=michal
ace20b16c454c1a6011629e9cd6276ffc786aa8dJonathan Hao — Bug 1264567 - Isolation tests of localStorage. r=baku, r=arthuredelstein