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Wed Nov 01 02:42:22 2017 +0000
7580c9092afa085d396c62336c01d898b6dac2c5Michael Comella — Bug 1410497 - review: Make names of openContextMenu unique. r=mcomella
6d3716f1a1b3499177f1619f5ecbf857e1622386Michael Comella — Bug 1410221: Rm duplicated code in openContextMenu. r=liuche
fb85df4bacd6a308692dcc64171f2e496394c254Michael Comella — Bug 1410221: Rm unnecessary context param from r=liuche
207a2eda79398f880332391c4559763fff2d51aeMichael Comella — Bug 1410221: Move TopSite openContextMenu to StreamRecyclerAdapter with listener. r=liuche
906036ec63861906b94f75697b7de3c2576d0057Michael Comella — Bug 1410221: Rm unused StreamHighlightItemRowContextMenuListener. r=liuche
e2890904f2e057877568e0729cf7bd6ff0299eafMichael Comella — Bug 1410221: Pass in parent snackbarAnchor for WebpageItemRow. r=liuche