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Sat Jun 03 03:26:37 2017 +0000
54d2b2d941687f9b86e4058d1614fee29a1e498bRicky Chien — Bug 1363743 - Redirect to general pane if search result is empty r?mconley
43039280fe464869428f03b047bb7c762784f44bBotond Ballo — Bug 1369828 - Fuzz native-theme/492155-4.html during stylo-vs-gecko comparison. r=mstange a=bustage
0d23bde929e1e99c25ab40eaf67155d016f4441dWes Kocher — Merge autoland to m-c a=merge
0ff4ad45f99c531c6760e9540864c4b6597852d0Kyle Machulis — Bug 1337058 - Remove FindPlugins IPC message; r=bsmedberg
71d8ec8f89d49c2242970902630617bc2be9f603Shane Caraveo — Bug 1367138 fix webrequest frameId and parentFrameId, r=aswan
d62f2d63e674eb78ba995bec230c3c0a3b8d7c19Henrik Skupin — Bug 1369665 - "mach vendor rust" has to export the OpenSSL lib folder. r=rillian
8fe7c30a22028584204bc88fe7c2bd277c0a43a2Gregory Szorc — Bug 1368057 - Clear terminal footer to end of line, not screen; r=glandium
372bdca82f66d8dc63f66890248fc6935c19e4ceMike Hommey — Bug 1369658 - Print out subconfigure output while it runs. r=gps
a784646bf7be61e19fc345a5eb30fdc5c326ee62Mike Hommey — Bug 1369658 - Remove support for running subconfigures in parallel. r=gps
181f02a8a7e896de9e2de40a06f3e0f9b906c71bMike Hommey — Bug 1369630 - Fix `mach artifact toolchain --from-build` after bug 1345863 and bug 1351010. r=gps
fb9cc965d50bfda7d44b26fb132369c5594d4cd4Andrew Swan — Bug 1369525: Make sure reftests still run when legacy extensions are disabled r=jmaher
2ad1181dadf36b84087e190bc53cb9adf57621d4Nils Ohlmeier [:drno] — Bug 1367930: adjust ssrc's and encondings as simulcast answerer. r=bwc
344e2822903512e668d2790b709affbace6420fcJohann Hofmann — Bug 1367565 - Make notification icons use context-fill. r=dao
74b1f6dafa0a29f4d185b3b205eef813c8936a58Greg Mierzwinski — Bug 1369410 - Enable JSVM code coverage collection on linux64-ccov. r=jmaher
9fa721e390adef999705f2acc28dc8213e467e54Nils Ohlmeier [:drno] — Bug 1335262: read and emit datachannel max-message-size. r=jesup
169d5dfe505f3f519d1aa14309327ad768429a90Tom Ritter — Bug 1350362 Fix NSS Build System for MinGW r=ted
0d50eaa8bfa0bdfb5a7d039360ba54124551a7cfBotond Ballo — Bug 1367488 - Pre-render offscreen portions of scrollbar thumbs inside an iframe. r=mstange
627055e30ca40ca5f4f7174dbcd2fb76a4ba73a9Daniel Holbert — Bug 1368326: Don't bother calling Clear() in destructor for empty nsTArrays. r=froydnj
5baa39559276cd83a14d020e7c06b84574e99bceJames Graham — Bug 1369471 - Allow running wpt directories by path on the command line, r=maja_zf
39bbafe0ef81b6d16438bc7de2549ae595adaf86Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to autoland. a=merge
9ddef50dea793835299e1cc007db31fd12f26944Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1367318 - Trim console filter input. r=Honza