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Mon Mar 06 07:41:53 2017 +0000
b60d58f0785a90463b9e0d90fa8ccadf68dd82bbJW Wang — Bug 1289742. P7 - print PR logs for debugging r?kaku
08fbb51c4ac9c13510e8fe6cc3c66af8b404927cJW Wang — Bug 1289742. P6 - give the cloned test a different token for better logging messages. r?kaku
c667fb70241e5ecff9715652ff061dbf3bb7f8a1JW Wang — Bug 1289742. P5 - test.duration is mandatory to run the test. r?kaku
fb42c066484550369b967b4bbf95e7d8aee1af4fJW Wang — Bug 1289742. P4 - remove the load() call because the load algirithm will be triggered when .src is assigned. r?kaku
f9d3feba171b65b5f92b4d1b54d56548f742b6e7JW Wang — Bug 1289742. P3 - use the 'once' handler. r?kaku
a35e8496af04135f8d24fc5868e34ede678aa6deJW Wang — Bug 1289742. P2 - remove the e.canPlayType() test which is already done by MediaTestManager. r?kaku
6fcafdc9626221cf9f6418c7e8029c5688176ee2JW Wang — Bug 1289742. P1 - remove tests that are not relevant. dynamic_resource.sjs is the only one we need to test media cache. r?kaku