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Mon Feb 22 23:51:29 2016 +0000
c2201e161c223090a1ee7d00bfdaf1f690684a31Rail Aliiev — Bug 1249479 - do not to generate ja-JP-mac/ja on alien platforms r?jlund
e6abb35f9fb9339241aca3a8ec255b16636d80d7Jim Blandy — Bug 1221378: Don't collect allocation metadata when lazily creating standard prototypes. r=fitzgen
1a994a5e9932f4d11ac2fbb98ad995bac4d74e4aJim Blandy — Bug 1221378: SpiderMonkey: Assert against re-entrant constructor resolution. r=fitzgen
0d691fc145b8b4097f5adc7a16ef47b2e0a1a307Jim Blandy — Bug 1221378: Use a dedicated flag on JS::Zone to disable allocation metadata collection, instead of abusing AutoEnterAnalysis. r=fitzgen
0bede6f91fa308e128cf01bd0c55fb8832621856Jim Blandy — Bug 1221378: Root Debuggers in js::Debugger::slowPathOnLogAllocationSite, in case logging causes a GC. r=fitzgen
caafd1cb5f6e5a517464acbaf1c475873f13872aJim Blandy — Bug 1221378: Add JSCLASS_DELAY_METADATA_CALLBACK flag to UnboxedPlainObject. r=jandem
b8366ae8f365895d8edbdce2dd65eaf6b9998c38Jim Blandy — Bug 1221378: Properly root object passed to the allocation metadata callback. r=fitzgen
49d778fc469b8f9777e064390b331dd35a4bfc6dJim Blandy — Bug 1247126: Remove Debugger's tenure promotion log. r=fitzgen
2bf13f9218ad117b54636a2a878ad9464d33f7e3Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1243267 - Guard against reentrancy into the dispatch of a scroll event. r=mats
c83f7bf632c170e3dc23389eb700334b699a9b77Ben Kelly — Bug 1249351 part 2. Clean up test_importscript.html and add multiple-url importScript() case. r=bz
a817cee8f9e68100131d585f65260d24d6da1da4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1249351 part 1. When doing importScripts of multiple scripts in a service worker, make sure to track the cache streams per-loadinfo, instead of trying to make them all wait on the same stream. r=bkelly
6f20995bd994c68fc554676ef92868be779eb312Blake Kaplan — Bug 1193093 - Tighten up these checks a little. r=Gijs
11a7fbfbe2d15485e63338f0b03eb235008004cbDylan Roeh — Bug 1148544 - Update tests to work with new way of handling user agent overrides. r=jchen
e65bfb056ef077bc812fb64940e9b79f231c0228Dylan Roeh — Bug 1148544 - Figure out UA override once per LoadGroup and cache it, rather than once per channel. r=nwgh
ed30a5133273ae64150621624c0c418f932ba8d3Andrew Comminos — Bug 1249604 - Don't use gtk_drag_set_icon_surface on GTK versions that use X SHAPE for dnd with cairo. r=karlt
94d790995f2c92bc944e85412db0b75c0339b323Rail Aliiev — Bug 1178286 - switch release automation source builder to taskcluster r=jlund
9ec962cc8d3f52966370ba8ae2610fa4d1336453Milan Sreckovic — Bug 1249777: Added support for 10.11 in the blocklisting code as well. r=mstange
6132ec9304462a131961394de10d52b335976c61Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1242655 - Have ActionChain#dispatchActions return a promise; r=automatedtester
aab8109b413262c1976debe0e9fbea534093ecccEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1250196 - Part 2: Rename UniquePtr::getDeleter() to get_deleter() in order to make it compatible with std::unique_ptr; r=froydnj
390c755ec4b3528b501f3155f56a1860bdbbada0Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1250196 - Part 1: Import mozilla::Forward and mozilla::UniqePtr into the std namespace in a way that is compatible with libc++; r=lsalzman
22b111e834ddd1c604d4d9da4cf89967a09432bfKim Moir — Bug 1210538 - Add antivirus checks to release promotion graph a=rail
7723ac2ee7ce143112c8506826a858c7b0df455aEric Faust — Bug 1232685 - Prevent forcing illegal return values in derived class constructors. (r=shu, a=kwierso)
38d59bc8f3397c30cbf9802214b2f9adc2e0f2f3Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1249639: upgrade to glibc-2.12-1.166.el6_7.7; r=Callek DONTBUILD a=kwierso
23a64d29029cfd2ef3777756085d25cebb800fbaLee Salzman — Bug 1245241 - fix SharedMemoryBasic_android CloseHandle to null out handle. r=billm a=kwierso
32de5c14d7f8dd8563c3f6fd807ede191c1f254eKearwood (Kip) Gilbert — Bug 1237691 - Implement Oculus Head Pose Prediction