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Fri Mar 10 22:01:30 2017 +0000
fbf7d8086a2bf4b27b8523c70019bd49b383b030David Major — Bug 1344629 bonus fix: Clean up NS_LITERAL_STRING macros. r?dbaron
3bb32d2320f901959768c9e6b3c49a6c68d30171David Major — Bug 1344629 bonus fix: Remove heap allocation in nsChromeTreeOwner. r?dbaron
6d6413425a8fab53eee281bfbafb8563dde03d99David Major — Bug 1344629: Make nsTLiteralString inherit from nsTStringRepr. r?dbaron
18f6c00423016a19c7babd72d33a08679de8183cDavid Major — Bug 1344629: Rewrite a few other awkward uses of nsTLiteralString. r?dbaron
5307b03c775f977f815fbb8c96f3156a18b0e0f6David Major — Bug 1344629: Rewrite callers of nsLiteralString::get(). r?dbaron
e36698e4b3c4af31f233ef84564ba724ff2d9522David Major — Bug 1344629: Make string tuples work with nsTStringRepr. r?dbaron
660cfd77b6e3b892a4054fc070345984a20ba486David Major — Bug 1344629: Cleanup: make string tuples not think in terms of "substring". r?dbaron
9539e79ba7c143e2631814f16c603d6cc8a12fbbDavid Major — Bug 1344629: Move const accessors from nsTSubstring to nsTStringRepr. r?dbaron
8235fc288b96cb28cdcabf0430b63b3430f2493bDavid Major — Bug 1344629: Add nsTStringRepr as the new root of the string hierarchy. r?dbaron
1a4fd9c98ddfb2f2c05929a99c6f82a37da870c4David Major — Bug 1344629: String class cleanup and dead code removal. r?dbaron