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Sat Nov 08 00:12:59 2014 +0000
b18dfc3a745fd304bc7be4649043a7b8f5caa7d1David Burns — Bug 1073732: Allow Marionette to have sessions ids that are unique for that session; r=jgriffin
67c6993d405c89a32e1b76352eb07076b4a8f572Seth Fowler — Bug 969406 - Make ImageLoader force painting on FRAME_COMPLETE but not FRAME_CHANGED. r=mattwoodrow
0944ccd05e57caa0a5c919fbea6f3ac59a318459Joshua Cranmer — Bug 910781 - add support for FINAL_TARGET_FILES; r=gps
970e11385295170eb53d18b37db21bd9968a2f66Wes Kocher — Backed out changesets 156eee9f2d2a,6e5aee097c86 (bug 1094545) for bc1 and xpcshell orange on a CLOSED TREE
156eee9f2d2adcf3c7ea35ed048c9a470fac11f7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1094545 followup: only do system stuff for non-worker descriptors, and rename one consumer that was colliding with the new URL global. r=bholley pending, but checking in now to fix CLOSED TREE
2db5b82bf663cc22879d5236b51a2c5274f0db61Monica Chew — Bug 1030135: Promote pin for to production mode (r=keeler)
aa148a97a974f0de780bd43aea5faa6a90f8a7b3Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 1091290 - Queue addIceCandidate correctly to not overwrite already-queued callbacks. r=bwc
9e3582d234c13280a5fb6677319eb5e5b6bf0f45ziyunfei — Bug 1079120 - Make ToNumber(string) support binary and octal literals. r=till
12564626faca913cf12ae5e1a1c4e8f485308548Nicholas Hurley — Bug 1049814 - Retry REFUSED_STREAMs on the same session. r=mcmanus
a21ced7c81d6087edd13820d0f35487a5f0c8359Trevor Saunders — bug 1088148 - only send accessibility ipc messages from child processes that are for content r=davidb
3d5dfe479622cc1e5457150b808031cd019117aeBobby Holley — Bug 1095587 - Add nsWrapperCache and Exception (which is an interface itself) to the interface map of Exception. r=bz
ac8de9bcd5d67127b5eedea91807a551f95676e6Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1070768 Fix up more references to XPFE's autocomplete.css r=Ratty
a9f7ff5b387e0dacf6ca5a8f5ada9149307e8307Paul Kerr [:pkerr] — Bug 1023539: Fix occasional timeouts of TURN webrtc transports with one-way connections r=bwc
ca0a0888311b4b83754315162fbbef7485309623Magnus Melin — Bug 1074793 - Set more restrictive permissions for downloads in the temporary directory. r=paolo
6c2fb5df16babe6173a9f11ba1894472c0c713b1Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1072093 - Support progressive-paint on OS X 10.7 or later. r=BenWa
33b7cccd5e2b45f91b237c0e8dca6c0d28e35932Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1072093 - Build the CrossProcessMutex_posix on OS X, but disable it prior to Lion. r=smichaud
fca687b2809299066fb774ca197d1c2b4c107885Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1088905 - Support with syntax when setting marionette's context, r=ato
6e5aee097c8648375f3ad4958cfbcdf63e4226a4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1094545. Expose the URL API in system globals. r=bholley
b2e35973d6f4f6727088adbc859a39a671a6de5cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1063879. Speed up the "performance" getter on workers. r=peterv
6b1e313094833108a79bee757799835bb63c3b2aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1095308. Remove some compileAndGo checks from frontend::CompileScript. r=luke
de9baf72c6d5a8a02bedfcf6d73dbff6c3c73a93Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to mozilla-inbound. a=merge
72a695d4ebbe20e1448c0b8ea7ac7ea11f484018Jim Blandy — Bug 1060093: Report cloned scripts to Debugger. r=billm
92bf77a4cf4f7ef9e832fb9d5a599e6a4c909a4eMarkus Stange — Bug 1095210 - Record native invalidations in -[BaseWindow _setNeedsDisplayInRect:] so that invalidations occurring during -[ChildView viewWillDraw] are not lost. r=smichaud
0306fd1f4fee0b4a5b47a0cc02f10a6b2353ac79Eddy BruĂ«l — Bug 1090929 - Enable the variables-view-popup tests;r=mratcliffe
ae75658cfabf881877c92d105162a9e07e9be095Chris Jones — Bug 1085599: Enable NEON intrinsics for C files when even when building for ARMv6. r=rillian,ted
f2dd2c376a05b4fc60d6c1f24b273aca27392af7Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1032414, bug 1030135) for xpcshell orange (and the original backout landing with the wrong commit info). CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
4346b1cbffb5f0ae3c205343809e4c8aed603ba6Monica Chew — Bug 1030135: CLOSED TREE Promote pin for to production mode (r=keeler)
9f896cb289a991241d97f42ce49257b34183e68dAndrew Osmond — Bug 1094816 - Fix a memory leak in MediaDeviceErrorCallback r=jesup
33d0247e5290f0a00bed24cb51ed2d379723f174Aleksandar Zlicic — Bug 1095524 - IonMonkey MIPS: Implement unboxNonDouble methods and ma_sw(Register data, BaseIndex &address). r=rankov
7262e423b097b5d76dbe6f0d3b16f741726dc200Branislav Rankov — Bug 1094857 - IonMonkey MIPS: Fix HeapReg restore in GenerateAsyncInterruptExit. r=luke
c185e41609f85b3ec1cf1f5b5bb110e11ce569b1Nathan Froyd — Bug 1095162 - fix sort order in |mach generate-addon-sdk-moz-build|; r=mshal
02f36604f77bdd31503d5b95d5f4221c4cebe3d8Brian Hackett — Bug 1094827 - Add missing argument to AutoCompartment.
0d1b1733073508f7e95b570a4792ecd2b818116cAlexander Surkov — Bug 1092187 - crash in mozilla::a11y::XULListboxAccessible::ColCount(), r=davidb
2f20fe00845d7e47d76f9aad4d6f526d9e42b8bcBrian Hackett — Bug 1094827 - Enter the right compartment before analyzing a script's arguments usage in the debugger, r=jorendorff.
ceca39a1a15480e8427eb2f7c50c63f79f79f6d1Brian Hackett — Bug 1092318 - Remove unsized array typed objects, r=nmatsakis.
527d5142b7c5887de752d6223f0f8052117a9de2Monica Chew — Bug 1032414: Always return failure in OnStopRequest on network error (r=gcp)