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Tue Sep 01 00:29:28 2015 +0000
6c2d9bded9ed02d9078fceb0de46d2d8ab358338Botond Ballo — Bug 1200158 - Avoid expensive region computations in FindPaintedLayerFor(). r=mstange
942cc40b8d933b95d2540c8858342a8e7be2180eBotond Ballo — Bug 1200158 - Define PaintedLayerData::AccumulateEventRegions() out of line. r=mstange
8644498e871d2a4e0ea9fcfb85097b54724a717cBotond Ballo — bug 1191253 patch for dogfooding
c2732f62a3b9a5246801aa000ce572ee07f53481Kevin Wern — New UntransformTo functions for RectTyped and IntRectTyped that use ProjectRectBounds, which returns an empty rectangle if the result is not at least partially on the positive side of the w = 0 plane. Functions 'check' w-coordinates by returning the transformed rectangle if the result is significant and Nothing() if the rectangle is empty. Use UntransformTo where potentially 3D transforms are unapplied, and assert other non-3D transforms are 2D. r=botond