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Fri Apr 10 12:37:44 2015 +0000
344b1b1de93ec12067b47dc7779e9ff9ecfe8366Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1133981 - e10s-ify findbar FAYT key handling, r?mconley
fb55e092ec379c7ea3573e1a36e0e7a1510a1141Patrick Brosset — Bug 873443 - Make the inspector search suggest and select elements in frames; r=bgrins
3579d599dea351fd9886c129b27c96aececef85eRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team. a=merge
fec90cbfbaad34e7a7e2c1aea1f6cdee52d9dd12Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge fx-team to m-c. a=merge
80b261ea54fc5e6ab64e92e25d06c91085f19fdfRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset ff04a9792eb2 (bug 1076775) for xpcshell failures. a=me
e5833d73342d9ffa396d9d917cd50f2cc431de7aRyan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c. a=merge
0e2bd570e1d2ce099dee1b263dcddff32f7dc1f4Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset e713ce8013eb (bug 1127618) for suspicion of causing semi-frequent B2G crashes.
88061a5230645810d16168f825716682f8146b37Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset f3a27b508519 (bug 941085) for frequent Mn-e10s failures.
8fead3b81ebfa56e7883d0d50412c84f5b3150b2Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 84ebfdd3c94c (bug 1151829) for windows build bustage CLOSED TREE
f3a27b50851978578afecd4c1ebed76af4a31edbAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 941085: File uploads support in Marionette
e58ede36707b7e30783080265025f77e0d0a9ceeJan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 1152443 - Fix broken validation which prevented reading of enumerate_devices.txt. r=jesup
84ebfdd3c94cf137763c6c37187a31fe95565892Jan Beich — Bug 1151829 - Unbreak build on non-SPS platforms after bug 1093934. r=rbarker
17f7421d7b53561c139cd6be114f89420cb931d3Botond Ballo — Bug 1150282 - Apply APZ prefs meant for desktop to all desktop platforms, not just OS X. r=kats
3990835968206cf9f4c9955b9a6dfe8783f9c13eAlexandre Poirot — Bug 1147031 - Write mach command for luciddream. r=jgriffin
ff04a9792eb2ae7aea9a5651e831c0a33c456a06David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 1076775 - Implement History.removeHistoryByFilter. r=mak
95436ea8899b5e2bc9d02822591981d1729af7e3Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset d89476df1931 (bug 1147562) for test_bug894586.js failures.
6ac33b20b2dd44c5792228c9d6ee380e7d71332aDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 1142457 - Compute stopwatch durations per thread on MacOS X. r=jandem, r=areinald
e615b3d21889b81aa93a41c6e926e35b733e4025Randall Barker — Bug 1101651 - Part 3: Update cppunitest.ini file. r=dminor
7c2a1eaed3acd9b3931266fab54b9e91d5f9698dRandall Barker — Bug 1101651 - Part 2: Enable WebRTC unit tests to be built using standalone WebRTC library. r=jesup
2aef619be58e5a0dc04e803e0830abac176432a3Randall Barker — Bug 1101651 - Part 1: xpcomrt version of dom media library need for standalone webrtcs. r=jesup
6f7d0ef4912a562dda8557109fb2fa981ff1dc01Kershaw Chang — Bug 1152242 - Enable e10s in mozinfo. r=ted
7f73bbf6df768b8bef39ac406fe883b9d4ca5c87Brian O'Keefe — Bug 852814 - Move mozbuild variable blacklist logic into the backend. r=gps
84d9ae40699e0d604fe49066e0799e74ae466aeaBrian O'Keefe — Bug 852814 - Move the last remaining EXTRA_DSO_LDOPTS to r=gps
50d48228fd8c8613adca7fc36a99b3f3ffc15e85Ben Turner — Bug 1135344 - Don't let IPDL use names that are reserved for compilers, r=froydnj.
b30ece767402b69eedc2b6a28a91022998f9a277Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1152872 - Don't attempt to leak-check the tools that we run as part of the setup for the mochitest suite; r=mccr8
cbff0d351f7466c6dc304ac7e3b5527b8524ae10Mats Palmgren — Bug 1143130 - Initialize nsIFrame::ContentOffsets members, and some additional cleanup. r=roc
bfd05b76c3bb0dd47c3a892029f47463b0b8ba12Mats Palmgren — Bug 1145768 - Use the right begin() iterator to compare with. r=roc
47e8516e73979e07e9b115326911a755c166229bTom Schuster — Bug 895223 - Use JSNative instead of JSGetterOp for ctypes FieldGetter/Setter. r=jorendorff
6ba780f5190eaa746f2012e06e3d59fb6f6ae7baAndrew McCreight — Bug 1151541, part 3 - Fix leading tabs in xpcom/. r=froydnj
2328731ef45354daf50eb21607a3c781ab79bc7cAndrew McCreight — Bug 1151541, part 2 - Fix mode lines in xpcom/. r=froydnj
f9d2b45fca62d69ae33858109374e5b66faac2d4Andrew McCreight — Bug 1151541, part 1 - Add MPL2 to StaticMutex.h and stub_test.cpp. r=froydnj
e1e70faf3d34d4c43aab09f093963ff47947c7afChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1147562 - Update remaining callsites of newChannel before landing the shim in browser/ (r=bsmedberg)
de8f3fa1bf8685b001d8059adfa6f50264d4fc4dChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1147562 - Update remaining callsites of newChannel before landing the shim in chrome/ (r=bsmedberg)
d89476df19319c9bada1cf5d4bca81fd2f079cacChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1147562 - Update remaining callsites of newChannel before landing the shim in netwerk/ (r=jduell)
cf9a8e4c49ed7443e723a0351d548ccd9ea6b431Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1147562 - Update remaining callsites of newChannel before landing the shim in b2g/ (r=sicking)
1062c99543efeb581e63340cc96c6ba1a884c122Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1147562 - Update remaining callsites of newChannel before landing the shim in toolkit/ (r=gijs)
3629ce36619109fae7be228a6df9658f0a1ab40dChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1147562 - Update remaining callsites of newChannel before landing the shim in dom/ (r=sicking)
909e17a7edb74332a40d25c7b666a454786b4405Jon Coppeard — Bug 1149526 - Rework HeapPtr lifetime checks using TLS r=terrence
e1fc8574a62e864d5e2a0c605f0fe621bbfbfd88Terrence Cole — Bug 1151155 - Loosen barrier assertion for pre-barrier verifier; r=jonco
b91f61e2d950073eea81472c2f6c8c6c7f22b7caTerrence Cole — Bug 1151118 - Remove recently orphaned tracing paths; r=jonco
2982f84319a6f2b9e5d7468a589c3f75902c8b38Terrence Cole — Bug 991752 - Always check has[G|S]etterObject before updating the Shape; r=jonco
30f3ac8076dd6ad5b2e414b4330ade43d3a4adaeBrian Hackett — Bug 1151401 - Watch for non-object unboxes while optimizing object-or-null operations, r=jandem.
b8c0cfa633b413e9ac92f0f4b53395b20a285117Mike Taylor — Bug 1064083 - Update srcset web-platform expectations. r=jst
61445e93cd38c22bf60b4d1f3e03c20f1ccd357bJohn Schoenick — Bug 1139560 - <img>.currentSrc should be not be nullable. r=jst
6452590ddb776ead8a722a07712cd7256171fb6dJohn Schoenick — Bug 1139560 - Fix srcset parser 'After descriptor' state mishandling spaces. r=jst
34148480536798498fb12cf1b13a72c293faf299John Schoenick — Bug 1139560 - Reject non-standard parses of integers in srcset descriptors. r=jst
20f88bc673f5e658a024b3f8d191804d534de78eBrian Hackett — Bug 1151269 - Fix the test used by Ion ICs for whether values can definitely be written to an unboxed object, r=jandem.
678f89d62b399b62035bbf0cf6d477cf9126d205Brian Hackett — Bug 1151323 - Handle loading unboxed int32 properties into floating point registers, r=jandem.
8cdd47cc88a626669d6d4b060aeaf12b73b00f76Brian Hackett — Bug 1148970 - Check for possibly incomplete type sets when double checking the correctness of argument type set information, r=jandem.
77a57a18beb51a8b18c6d5c20d37046ca6558e34Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1153060 - Bump the in-tree mozharness revision. a=me
44a41b9cb4d7f3c557543a514ac5a1ede2af03b8B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
1c3dcac68aa6354b0abd751303b6dbe6a439129cB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
7db55c7bb8954803e89e2c55592bf9f1d939a0ebB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
8dedd6f246a2257f5e1650cc448f5ded35c0631bB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
79247c06ebc0982217a99053816179a41580643eB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
b5edffb7fb35a11a94fc1cfba8e1e70cd9a58c16B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
5fce120adc30568f623b2c5de3b7f9d79e9ee992jlal — Bug 1152840 - Add build symbols for mulet/b2g-desktop r=garndt
bedc4f10cedcfea810fee971465c566cc145986aB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
22d227786233228d08f848523460c30d715019adB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
732a88a90b09dc19cee108730158ce990e1e72eeB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
efce4964e9efb0129422fd1dd85ec973124e923cB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
72297a30f2d460b9f1bfae3fef146a9ceea2ad2bShawn Huang — Bug 1152095 - Check mResultHandlerQ is empty before dispatching DispatchError. r=tzimmermann
a5f72f85df4a68106b36c0322406da5c260034d0Jonathan Hao — Bug 1149616 - Fix the calculation of slots count in Read/WriteBuffer. r=bechen
5c7899103bb881167daf30e90c210cce70e07f1dRex Hung — Bug 1115619 - Use a preference to guarantee app permission loading to permissions.sqlite. r=fabrice
ded8396fa202b22d8fcfc918861d3f179483ec11James Cheng — Bug 1026350 - Part 2: Test Case. r=baku
5508dd802e48de4139bf3f45df3d27f5bc1cfde2James Cheng — Bug 1026350 - Part 1: Inputport API implementation. r=baku
3182e5961729cdae20b931d0232262e34bc29463Dragana Damjanovic — Bug 935838 - Add per app network traffic statistics to the UDP socket. r=sicking, r=mayhemer
ec9fca4d5bdfff6ec1af8bedb17563b54e766906B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
5bf3a597f2e91f19dbb33c437e7282c5458238dbB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
25bff06a394e9a07af65cd05000671e516aac175B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
5fdb92dc4374f456ff3495331ab2612ae9ad4adbJuan Gomez — Bug 1087161 - Upgrading B2G toolchain to gcc-4.9
85e061cdfd50ecc8144e54338331b1ab6f074924Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to b2g-inbound. a=merge
a16dfb95ea59f5916490700d579019b15529ac17B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
95578e50a05b4b818dcd1792df2ce85a47932282B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
f0178f3239fcc436c6cc23d3d879167de611ecc3B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
c24d1f66c1be9c12088682b614ccfaa50f2acdfaB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
3c4ddfa9ae82d63bb427e3fa558dcb46d2a3e516Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 1146355: Update CLOBBER file, r=joliu
ad62c9319cf568ddc8cb6a5caa7db36f84c22698Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 1146355: Remove original directory of Bluetooth v2, r=joliu
bdd00b0f2f483bd32fc6dd4f24b692511a43cd13Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 1146355: Prepare BlueZ for Bluetooth v2, r=brsun
621d487759ceef5c7906762c82eb8feae937082dThomas Zimmermann — Bug 1146355: Prepare Bluetooth HFP manager, r=brsun
b934bff05755618f368fdd10113d8c6e0f17ea60Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 1146355: Prepare Bluetooth OPP manager, r=joliu
570a51e376eee80980b12095c675c0783cd3c0ecThomas Zimmermann — Bug 1146355: Prepare Bluetooth A2DP manager, r=joliu
2ea62c1b63834a8dd4546289ba17c0c1c598d5fbThomas Zimmermann — Bug 1146335: Prepare |BluetoothServiceBluedroid|, r=joliu
6f31de9b6d1b222305c27ced9d0e70cf1500a687Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 1146355: Support Bluetooth v1 and v2 in backend interfaces, r=joliu
4d15aa12b898890b426db7716a2fee64a3840aa5Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 1146355: Added GATT support to Bluedroid backend, r=joliu
940080e50004ed9120bb875df1006e00ad585e7fThomas Zimmermann — Bug 1146355: Prepare Bluetooth backend helpers to handle v1 and v2 implementations, r=brsun
613615919d5ca21e0271f2b244f1fbfdddc913f2Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 1146355: Update Bluetooth backend interface for bluetooth2, r=brsun
3fb51c1322aefb6a87704730ec0e027189213040Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 1146355: Add Bluetooth v2 to Bluetooth build scripts, r=shuang
6efeae967b067ff6079da40cd24c178a8ccfd247Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 1146355: Import Bluetooth v2 implementation, r=joliu
febfd03d4a8ecff39d024266047afb9bcd1f9c06Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 1146355: Prepare build system to support Bluetooth APIs v1 and v2, r=shuang
905a45cb4723606b4b0cb597706535235ce3131bThomas Zimmermann — Bug 1146355: Move Bluetooth legacy interface into sub-directory bluetooth1/, r=joliu
0c7af82ff95b0441479dd087b38eddc4aa3db435Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset e4242ba4cc35 for robocop bustage.
ed1b3f89af33be0733ec8bda8c6451ac618c5107Mark Hammond — Bug 1152703 - Prevent desktop reading list sync errors from preventing sync from starting again. r=adw