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Fri Jun 17 09:22:30 2016 +0000
33e19f536b8fe35f0f79d082e24439917c636088bechen — Bug 1276530 - part2: The id of cue might be empty, so don't use it for checking. r=rillian
b08311196d87309890142a82d366b0c18ab54377bechen — Bug 1276530 - Fix test_texttrackevents_video.html. r=rillian
5f95858f8ddf21ea2271a12810332efd09eff138Carsten "Tomcat" Book — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
8c3dd3e28c79ed168bf04b265a1e9a589f000284Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1278104 - Create a library to manage translation of Google play descriptions r=jlund
62a7c0592bb76023acb880348eca2cf5b0240cd8Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1278103 - Google update their api client. Needs to update the client r=jlund
633b29c1f22c1ee1a9a10554581563dbc2575905Jonathan Watt — Backed out changeset 1bd6da31483d (bug 1279654)
32292614185f62df5f6d19d5e05d74401f9d3b5fJonathan Watt — Backed out changeset 4d5124b4bc5b (bug 1279790)
ec51e3d60822a9acff99ffb470c73d7eb66894b1Jonathan Watt — Backed out changeset 248457986c11 (bug 1279789)
05873df0c0c268e419a714b8a6204cb852049098Carsten "Tomcat" Book — merge fx-team to mozilla-central a=merge
942a42c22de790ca091f1e329250ef11217636bcCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 6ba1398db335 (bug 1231701) for causing valgrind failures
ea9d62d5f09bbcafdd18290a01c07629e40d69b8Martin Giger — Bug 1267221 - Add 'error' field to WebNavigation onErrorOccurred details. r=rpl,aswan
2ebc739da7e9f9b660014619d677025b5c4045c2Bob Silverberg — Bug 1272684 - Remove PlacesUtils.promiseUpdatePlace as it has been replaced with PlacesUtils.history.insert, r=mak
c0548c6cba49613fa9ae65ec14ba3b42fc08da22moby — Bug 1203079 - Allow Ctrl+Shift+C to cancel element picker even if page becomes unfocused; r=pbro
750dc8ef4b2b45a64768ab7d3c84e3266c5c5f00Onno Ekker — Bug 1279953 - Ambiguous string usage for "not encrypted page". r=dolske
6ba1398db335a3175b08cb26ebb499544e30171aTimothy Guan-tin Chien — Bug 1231701 - Ship our own variant of EmojiOne on Windows and Linux, r=glandium, r=dolske, r=jfkthame, r=gerv
61b7d2351dd2ed50789df8aed472ee0af1e06829Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1280177 - fix titlebar button position in devedition, r=mstange