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Tue Jan 12 04:03:54 2016 +0000
d762daef930dcd821b3790f8b9e29891e898dffaJW Wang — Bug 1235966 - reset mAudioCompleted and mVideoCompleted when switching MediaSink so they are resolved by the new MediaSink. r=kikuo.
6058d316962228d3b8ea62c30b79b2cef0a39192JW Wang — Bug 948267. Part 3 - remove MDSM::AdjustAudioThresholds() to ensure we have enough data for AudioStream::DataCallback() to consume in the audio-only case. Also increase the amount of prerolling audio to 1s (which is the size of the circular buffer of AudioStream) to ensure a smooth start of playback. r=kinetik.
6b605341e6ced2cbac577509885efba51ce5c269JW Wang — Bug 948267. Part 2 - implement AudioStream::DataSource for DecodedAudioDataSink and remove its audio thread. r=kinetik.
580662dca6f7a09b2daa16add649759cdb07d248JW Wang — Bug 948267. Part 1 - add the interface DataSource to implement pull model and remove members no longer useful in the pull model. r=kinetik.
b3b609ce6ed8a87ca811b9116a15ac40d6a1b14cJW Wang — Bug 1237806 - update playback position before entering buffering mode so the currentTime of the media element is more accurate during buffering. r=jya.
5bbe5b66f1e6148fac10d44cae4a703aa21d9d45JW Wang — Bug 1238347 - stop prerolling when decoding starts if we are waiting for data. r=cpearce.
b7e094ae2b4057d605c35d567450851d54712420JW Wang — Bug 1238343 - Update MDSM::mIsAudioPrerolling/mIsVideoPrerolling when playback rate changes. r=cpearce.
bf17fd0d14764083058c9ed27a69a7a2f0cd9750JW Wang — Bug 1237616 - Remove the aForceBuffering arugment from MediaDecoder::Resume(). r=cpearce.