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Wed Feb 08 05:10:11 2017 +0000
09af90635cd0262d9ec1bf072952d89c6efc6a26Martin Thomson — Bug 1337580 - Upgrade Firefox 52 to NSS 3.28.2, r?franziskus
f3b0ab9fdef6be72279fbe5d32668628bcb62d9eMason Chang — Bug 1322897 - Use only the G channel for grayscale AA Dwrite fonts and Skia. r=lsalzman, a=lizzard
045cc752a2898bda4ca740cc0f7ecacbe994c78dDão Gottwald — Bug 1319513 - Gray out the "Clear Downloads" item when disabled. r=mak, a=lizzard
ef1f752b62772c65356e398f0ce669a3c808ad86Cameron McCormack — Bug 1334876 - Go through the event loop to dispatch FontFaceSet events. r=bz, a=jcristau
6a044187aa43e948d62b1b766a8aad9e7f3073c8Mike Hommey — Bug 1321579 - Add -fno-lifetime-dse when building with GCC >= 5.0. r=froydnj, a=lizzard
be5204c4c3eeadb750181b939e58fbecada490dbJonathan Kew — Bug 1279925 - Add Win10AU versions of tahoma.ttf and tahomabd.ttf to the GDEF blacklist in harfbuzz. r=jrmuizel, a=jcristau
6039872ac509cc7e984b6c7ff30a7e0785fcd7fbGerald Squelart — Bug 1334445 - Abort AnnexB parsing on ByteWriter failure. r=jya, a=jcristau
f0969e1a9c3b83f34ed861c0a4c9c230fcd1639aMats Palmgren — Bug 1323777 - Ensure that collecting telemetry on user font usage don't have unwanted side effects. r=smaug, a=jcristau
cd797ef148c3e3b2a153d0ace89c4d5bcbab8267Mats Palmgren — Bug 1323777 - Make PresShell::Destroy() return immediately if it's already been called. r=smaug, a=jcristau
405ee5de06739ed6cf90e38b4f006e8dc47bfbd7Olli Pettay — Bug 1323777 - Make GetDisplayMode more null-safe. r=bdahl, a=jcristau
f67c25a9d2a909969bcba04b9a0c263415cfedddBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1332550 - Use our existing function for removing a rule at a given index from a group rule. r=heycam, a=abillings
80a2d38b0b2216e3ef89975f27e2d0a764d7fb24Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1322862 - Wait for forward- and back commands to complete. r=maja_zf, a=test-only
55fa23c4fe239af7f1d94155ce4457cd56951622Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1322862 - Compare unicode strings in Python test. r=whimboo, a=test-only
4786fd72894dc9c5f0f862eb240ce6c893d9a7beAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1322862 - Make __webDriverArguments et al. content safe. r=automatedtester, a=test-only
9ee72b7bb80424b810d55de40a749338b6731a2bAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1336124 - Only delete session if one exists when testing capabilities. r=maja_zf, a=test-only
4333619aa67d4e00b79b4368a9ac7b149d951fb3Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1336124 - Return error when there is no session. r=maja_zf, a=test-only
246c07f0bf7db1459a159cf57b32cff385147c16Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1336124 - Rename sessionTeardown to deleteSession. r=maja_zf, a=test-only
df9b8deb4594bc23788266f19847d11faaf8f3d8Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1336124 - Remove unused B2G code in session teardown. r=maja_zf, a=test-only
19f821a6588cda9fe7b76f08b4da770f1918ede5Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1336124 - Add assert.session for checking if session is active. r=maja_zf, a=test-only
335f8a267be80bc697f5f449d4ffff94d25ff763Henrik Skupin — Bug 1336445 - Don't select the first tab if switch_to_window() is called with a chrome window handle. r=ato a=test-only
5304df47b50bb282f12d3832cf9c76eda683fe5eHenrik Skupin — Bug 1322277 - Default socket timeout has to be larger than the default page load timeout. r=ato a=test-only
70d37a31295215490c14d2f86eb1b27754075cb4Henrik Skupin — Bug 1322277 - Fix usage of capabilities in start_session. r=ato a=test-only
837edaf0034b0cf879e61e6f7ed17a0de27cd952Joel Maher — Bug 1321707 - Intermittent w3c-css/submitted/ui3/box-sizing-replaced-001.xht skip on android/linux. r=gbrown, a=test-only
bf00634e2fcbdb72655063a83e80c3e7269fc3e6ffxbld — No bug - Tagging 501a3fa83897af9598adfd6f794b5d5ea82fe237 with FIREFOX_52_0b4_BUILD1, FIREFOX_52_0b4_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
18fd70bcd671d50b0ce2141bd408eee32eb63cb8ffxbld — Automatic version bump. CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release
0af2fd3e36ba3227f78c8e0a42ccb0551c753d03Carsten "Tomcat" Book — No bug - Post beta 4: disable EARLY_BETA_OR_EARLIER a=jcristau
feb1845bb0db8d50b9fea389700f70f1de1b628fJohann Hofmann — Bug 1327946 - Remove conditional moz-user-focus on identity block from urlbar. r=Gijs, a=lizzard
09ced06e2df9235185b8aabeadbe8182e0440b8dvincentliu — Bug 1323122 - Add generated test case. r=jgilbert, a=jcristau
b27536a1d853ba9863777211f011e4fb8b1c1d5dvincentliu — Bug 1323122 - Disable crashed and failed test case. r=jgilbert, a=jcristau
0bb72b3a3aaa4d1334a72aad1adfb1a23f811a0dvincentliu — Bug 1323122 - Disable some image_bitmap_* test because most of test are timeout or unexpected-error on different platforms. r=jgilbert, a=jcristau
b760d6ecfa5762f47615407a57f241867187c1afvincentliu — Bug 1323122 - Update WebGL Conformance Test with misc files. r=jgilbert, a=jcristau
a4760079c39b8ed36454cbddbe84d718bfa11bc4vincentliu — Bug 1323122 - Update WebGL Conformance Test with html/js. r=jgilbert, a=jcristau
2f4590c268133d1b0fca526e4de04d16b7cabe5eHannes Verschore — Bug 1336448 - Disable helper thread logging in Tracelogger. r=bbouvier, a=jcristau
dbca76cb3592ef8dd2f447b50c9b559b9d58bd7aMats Palmgren — Bug 1320972 - Allow a max difference of 1 on Android for 722923-1.html. a=test-only
dcdc85ecb2f31204d00686f88e8f452bf2526b65Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 900745 - Remove bogus fallback codepath. r=mattwoodrow a=jcristau
501a3fa83897af9598adfd6f794b5d5ea82fe237Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1336331 - NativeKey::GetFollowingCharMessage() should try to use GetMessage() when PeekMessage() failed to remove a char message from the queue and there is still existing a char message. r=m_kato, a=jcristau FIREFOX_52_0b4_BUILD1 FIREFOX_52_0b4_RELEASE
066a9139b0603a46e56a5df14d9d4ecfdabb7351Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1336322 - NativeKey::GetFollowingCharMessage() should treat the char message has gone if PeekMessage() failed to remove found char message and next key message becomes non-char message or different key's char message. r=m_kato, a=jcristau
add3eb9e5942ba027beba74c9bbc488554c31b7bMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1336080 - When NativeKey::GetFollowingCharMessage() founds different message when it fails to remove a found char message, it should retry to remove the newly found message if it's caused by same physical key. r=m_kato, a=jcristau
c110e92591e2ed1713e1a78b2471b1a9a08a5bdbMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1336028 - NativeKey::GetFollowingCharMessage() should take newer char message when found char message and removed message from the queue is different but their scancode indicates same physical key r=m_kato, a=jcristau
fc4e87e2dcd5477f45b5df26ad937b0e85afa7a4Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1335670 - NativeKey should dispatch consumed keydown event when it receives WM_NULL at removing WM_*CHAR from the queue and the original message has gone. r=m_kato, a=jcristau
82cbddf41c09e4031f31ca6541374d8f6283e82fMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1334947 - Treat a keydown event as inputting empty text if following char message has gone and gets WM_NULL message at calling PeekMessage() for removing a found char message. r=m_kato, a=jcristau
c48c37867d35fb2ffc8457834e12192a799d020cGeorg Koppen — Bug 1331939 - Rename GlobalFlags to GlobalTypeImmediate to fix MinGW build. r=luke, a=jcristau
ecec7302f40ddd26c5f3c6cb48eac35b8977d772Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset f78e406f5ef5 and b42c3703393d (bug 1331939) for landing on the wrong branch. r=backout a=backout
f78e406f5ef5cf13522b70e981561b1280dc917aRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1331939 - Rename two other instances of GlobalFlags. a=bustage
cc219ce6b182fef7493409735c6be3e463fde90fNathan Froyd — Bug 1335460 - Release globals properly when GetFilesHelper is destroyed on the main thread. r=smaug, a=jcristau
6868ec86bd38a3ab399903863436d7c90d037cefJ.C. Jones — Bug 1335466 - Regenerate the CA r=keeler a=jcristau
cb083bb2dd7d75721602bb2768f6f8e096d910f4Ben Kelly — Bug 1336529 - Handle ServiceWorkerInfo destruction while released KeepAliveToken. r=asuth a=jcristau
35b9c31fbd27ef69f59d41c930040053b2240430Valentin Gosu — Bug 1334520 - Trigger captive portal recheck recheck for NS_NETWORK_LINK_DATA_CHANGED events r=mcmanus a=jcristau
cfa727a93b0bd874cf02dd6fd58c0a0353b52105Morris Tseng — Bug 1332798 - Add null check after CreateIOSurface. r=mstange a=jcristau
b42c3703393d1d9192066cb68c136e6189ee437dTom Ritter — Bug 1331939 - Rename GlobalFlags to GlobalTypeImmediate to fix MinGW build. r=luke, a=gchang
f367195ced0f4b16e38bd350885c701f5972a9f7kvark — Bug 1330672 - Fix for the YCbCr blit origin. r=jgilbert a=jcristau
a9ed733f547b0438f8ca6ef4bc7be8dd8fdc520cLiang-Heng Chen — Bug 1328106 - check IPC state before sending event; r=jdm a=jcristau
9a1b79873db7526a0c9f33511e224a617af7ca6bAlexandre Poirot — Bug 1328004 - Fix race when closing the devtools while a previous instance is still loading. r=jryans a=jcristau
462a50df3d934aaff8483f9aa0f6a231d91f6caeThomas Wisniewski — Bug 1319744 - Ensure that progress events and corresponding LOADING readystatechanges fire as per spec. r=baku a=jcristau
afe0d94be5473f11a871efad31bb638c17ca3e8fMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1318265 - NativeKey shouldn't handle messages when mWidget has already been destroyed r=m_kato a=jcristau
06eda6a9a51fa6a6d2d2e38b178d4bf009891a77Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset cb874e871110 (bug 1334026) on request because need to wait for a different bug/set of patches
e5373fbb022e1a227116a989d22929040bfabc3cWes Kocher — Bug 1336654 - Skip the suddenly permafailing tests a=test-only
b8b67afeb8f18cffa2ae678ee9a6c2f572323441Sebastian Kaspari — Bug 1318667 - Do not use palette library on x86 devices (Use BitmapUtils.getDominantColor()). r=ahunt, a=sledru
e69d59dae7b2f34b56e7805974841953b04493bdLuke Wagner — Bug 1334239 - Baldr: fix and optimize call_indirect. r=bbouvier, a=lizzard
51523138a95eff972a01953746d86341ed1f402aDão Gottwald — Bug 1336072 - Avoid setting position:absolute on #newtab-grid since it breaks rearranging and deleting tiles. r=Gijs, a=lizzard
0d9d7517318f1ddf27dbadff64fa083de6da67bdDão Gottwald — Bug 1335451 - Tweak thumbnail placeholder colors and make placeholder letters uppercase. r=Gijs, a=lizzard
72b706bd282d698bc759e6ff675a16305fe399d3Tomer Cohen — Bug 1332625 - about:support on Android should not link to about:profiles (broken link). r=standard8, a=lizzard
51e2150d6f00f343a161687dbf0c038f3c707ad0Felipe Gomes — Bug 1282484 - Add a mechanism to control plugin fallback content. r=qDot, a=lizzard
378fdaee41fb7c05379eb7298e414d50d5e6f6caJulian Descottes — Bug 1313271 - Wait for load in browser_html_tooltip_hover. r=rickychien, a=test-only
0b69d8923c19e9ee020aae9e865bc22cb111853fGeoff Brown — Bug 1335501 - Trigger test job retry when Android devicemanager _runCmd() times out. r=jmaher, a=test-only
2e4f262fdaa6ca832c5e731c914db512feadc803Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1322277) for causing bug 1334149.
ff56de0ee8dc01c99e4919b626f8a3c339aca01fffxbld — No bug - Tagging d171c36d484800b1bb00db1612460a7120dd2fdf with FIREFOX_52_0b3_BUILD1, FIREFOX_52_0b3_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
8ce35c6b23a09774533df99b771afe7c93603887ffxbld — Automatic version bump. CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release
cb874e871110d67e78f2c8bc37b618ebb9ba0e4cMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1334026 - Show the the insecure field warning on insecure password fields even if they're not marked. r=mconley, a=jcristau
a5045a32c413753551a2f532c76d035cfc09623cPaul Adenot — Bug 1331869 - Uplift a double-free fix (cubeb revision f82f15). a=jcristau
7b850284e545fdd6a70003adcb3cdc1f6ee76a3eMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 1327960 - Don't escape the query part of nsSimpleURI. r=valentin.gosu, a=jcristau
777a6e437a68ec51296c16ed6f8a8d409ab22480Paul Adenot — Bug 1320705 - Add a test to check that decoding an Opus file does to produce a long tail. r=jya a=test-only