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Fri Sep 22 05:30:55 2017 +0000
54e367ae0a64690404476ad9a9161299f540019cTom Ritter — Bug 1402065 Add the pdfium patch to the repo and
c2ddd93ba3bdddddf39f8075f9c235d9fc75b8efTom Ritter — Bug 1402065 Remove __in and __out from our in-tree copy of pdfium
1f99068f7e8b196d8c8624f20f2141513bb3ea98Tom Ritter — Bug 1392643 Turn on c++14 for MinGW globally
6974bc1956d462fc10c8309dd3f1f2636aca7f8cTom Ritter — Bug 1364560 WORK IN PROGRESS Fix Skia 59 build in Mingw???