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Tue Dec 23 17:34:41 2014 +0000
a70832e9671d9e39f0303860ae5ce532a5dca749Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 1115040 - Record experiment branch in crash reports, r=gfritzsche
3bec2715f236e010b0a4973b74b5b3039e845cd3Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 1110818 - Measure crash and breakpad rates for subprocesses (plugin/gmplugin/content), r=gfritzsche a=lsblakk
6b3bd23e6ffb1534bf84b9648e6303084d524c0dBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 1108035 - Add a preference that allows us to disable Flash protected mode from within Firefox. We do this by hooking CreateFileW and replacing the Flash config file with our own. r=aklotz
cf46e4420389e9f9339c06a20d3daa9ddd31ecfeGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 1096785 - Add Telemetry::Accumulate() for keyed histograms. r=froydnj
1063fd042031a68d4b2ad5a198dc001aed5d2284Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1073910 - Fix ARM's roundf codegen for negative numbers. r=mjrosenb, a=sledru
e07fa09385d58fbc9bef7b569dc2bced4fe5e6eeMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 1084025 - Add telemetry to measure failures due to not falling back. r=keeler, a=lsblakk
be51af9dc8dc59a8642ee06d9cd5cd61f6c915efGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 1110691 - Submit which health reporter provider is currently shutting down on AsyncShutdownTimeout. r=yoric, a=lsblakk
6117947187deb036f65848622ada7810c83bef0aGarvan Keeley — Bug 1106584 - Part 2: For safety, make explicit prefs with context getter. r=vng, a=lsblakk
79b650cd094429b209cc1b54ad942e9b7948b0d6Garvan Keeley — Bug 1106584 - Part 1: Guard against null intent. r=vng, a=lsblakk
28889bf10473f92151183c69fb647010ee63186fMatthew Gregan — Bug 1109802 - Release IAudioStreamVolume after use in libcubeb's WASAPI backend. r=padenot, a=lsblakk
804278bf9abbe9fc9c6bf5899f78d77ef702772eJeff Gilbert — Bug 1085203 - Street names won't show in Google Maps in Firefox 33. r=jmuizelaar, a=lsblakk
4c097194653128aca7e6257ce65b29f1dd4381d3Shu-yu Guo — Bug 1077949 - Fix TDZ checks when closing over non-dominating lexical declarations in switches. r=Waldo, a=lsblakk
b044a73a2d5fe9bf4178c1103270c3ba0546085aDan Glastonbury — Bug 1062355 - Enable SH_LIMIT_CALL_STACK_DEPTH. r=jgilbert, a=sledru
8a3543e788b9eb8256c04104fdea4449e773e132Shane Caraveo — Bug 1108998 - Add label to share provider buttons. r=Gijs, a=sledru
fc0facbbf4fcd66b1a4f69f400aca1df08f61d5fFlorian Quèze — Bug 1107278 - Localize the new searchbar UI for Firefox 35 - remove duplicated code to fix bc1 and bc2 test bustage, r+a=bustage-fix.
8b4ca2960a3ee343d3dee37fef43015a583baa00Florian Quèze — Bug 1107967 - 'Stop sharing' doesn't work on teared off tabs, r=felipe, a=Sylvestre.
05d4f5ee2d3c573a875100eb05e4895183893a32Shane Caraveo — Bug 1098437 fix handling of webrtc messages in chat window, r=markh,florian, a=Sylvestre
fd2c78cea9f86aed81f04093836ceb1c98072169Florian Quèze — Bug 1108841 - large Windows font size causes unexpected margins above one-off search items, r=felipe, a=Sylvestre.
b77ff1e23d5770b32e11593e0a9fbd8745ce5d5bFlorian Quèze — Bug 1106942 - Search suggestions are read as 'Unknown' in the new search UI, r=Gijs, a=Sylvestre.
06194948fb79dc6d6c84e09847e5db3ba90bed3bFlorian Quèze — Backout pref changes made by mistake in f955ea0b3117, r+a+l10n=backout.
c0961e36ccafa93e31f6dcc416c02ce19e7c9af9Florian Quèze — Bug 1106559 - improved Search preference pane for Firefox 35 - strings only, r=felipe, a+l10n=gavin.
f955ea0b31179df6eae70ae144de6fc6ad896ff2Florian Quèze — Bug 1107278 - Localize the new searchbar UI for Firefox 35, r=felipe, a+l10n=gavin.
68f91c1d936ab21bcf6ee37d8574d8fa80335221Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset f7f8ccd5032b (bug 1100361) now that 35b2 has been tagged.
f7f8ccd5032b19685eacad2ec1140e59b4ed607aRichard Newman — Bug 1100361 - Temporarily force Fennec 35 to API 11+. r=trivial, a=lsblakk
1f096495a38ceaa1fffee96bcf095e52ea036125Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1096534 - ContentSearch should load the search URL in the tab sending the search message, not the current tab. r=mak, a=lsblakk
0cf5aeed832e8af60dec353ff727edcaecedbe03Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1090609 - Don't disable open in tabs when there's only one item there. r=mak, a=lsblakk
040664e0c60977d7b517d0ba84c1df9c29d2a7a5Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1030523 - Back out cset 038356d89dc2 so we properly initialize the compositor when we get a surface. r=snorp, a=lsblakk
d424db9bb5a0a8cd401d70b35874ed5252848b95Jim Mathies — merge backout. a=lsblakk
33e89eefaba5091ca19209890f7355af85281fdbJim Mathies — Backout bug 506815 (7c97034feb78), for causing bug 1085027. r=backout a=lsblakk
ed58170e917830148ed4c52dbbb0e2b5ad84c1d5Nikhil Marathe — Bug 1107684 - ScriptSettings.cpp xpc::ErrorReport::Init() callers should not pass string where boolean is expected. r=bholley, a=sledru
8023d94b63bdbc1d6d0842559f4390ce2e0025daAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1091962 - AutoEventEnqueuer must keep alive ChannelEventQueue. r=smaug, r=jduell, a=sledru
56df12474ac27675cbc86d82a8f6f8f056ab7173Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1097321 - Reduce the amount of dual AMD/intel blacklisting. r=Bas, a=sledru
3b0d7904c0dc4522a0a48ba42cdb039a1b51037aRichard Newman — Bug 1108252 - Remove launcher icon for search activity. r=mfinkle, a=sylvestre
e4c46cff7af8e12d435886eb771c3d526b9c55f9Paul Adenot — Bug 1065924 - Make sure we correctly update the variables tracking the number of samples written. r=jesup, a=sledru
350a7111af8ec860c5f3e290874a4db33cbabee7Brian Nicholson — Bug 1105011 - Update testDistribution to check for tiles locale. r=rnewman, a=sledru
c363abb621a30f671b17cc849bc435b77796990bBrian Nicholson — Bug 1105011 - Include locale in tiles payload. r=rnewman, a=sledru
c67b5306f2a507586014fc8e6fe3c2ed040125e7Eugen Sawin — Bug 1083173 - Resume composition on compositor creation. r=kats, a=sledru
d76ae8de0052093c2fbdc391ee6e0e1102e8efa3Geoff Brown — Bug 1108717 - Wait for view before trying to access it in Robocop tests. r=mfinkle, a=test-only
264b413cfe68540a3ff5ff2dc72e6fa032d01436Geoff Brown — Bug 911105 - Wait for view in testSearchSuggestions. r=mfinkle, a=test-only
311127615fd4f32d9d468d37132695f798710f9cDão Gottwald — Bug 1106238 - about:home search icon has a solid background, should be transparent. r=felipe a=sylvestre
8c1802629a0c98a2d97ba6c89ca8861cdfef1b2eDão Gottwald — Bug 1106239 - Fix up the styling for about:home's and about:newtab's search panel and about:newtab's customize panel. r=felipe a=sylvestre
e3c4d97a574d60cf96bb72ba54eea33e46dfe459Dão Gottwald — Bug 1059600 - Set the URI as the initial tab label for javascript links opened in new tabs. r=gijs a=sylvestre
84689cd678fc2e61c2db0b22b131507a187d182cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 1102538 - s/Ion/Jit/ where appropriate. r=jandem,a=lsblakk.
87977ec7b7673b5f4020570dccd273997313833aMark Banner — Bug 1106538 - When deleting a room, the room is not removed from the conversation list - add a notification of the delete completing for the views to be informed. r=nperriault a=sylvestre
2508ac2d3332086fa86dfcc7ca553d08fee8aeb1Mike de Boer — Bug 1092953: update the room delete button test to take the confirm dialog into account. r=Standard8 a=sylvestre
d8986f09d8806d1364779d089d615ff017109d51Mike de Boer — Bug 1092953: show a modal confirm dialog when a user attempts to delete a room. r=paolo a=sylvestre
4c2283a46749d5ed0bd6532eba99e80ce9e2d586Mark Banner — Bug 1089722 Handle Loop rooms being deleted in the backend, and sending appropriate notifications. r=mikedeboer a=lsblakk
f4f4ab67238577c703d2cfdb287af01fed61d7ccMark Banner — Bug 1106934 Opening a Loop room can show an unexpected error due to race conditions. r=nperriault a=sylvestre
c527656aee281867e285b0627a3f1b7de0c7a72aNicolas Perriault — Bug 1105520 - Open Loop room conversation window right after it's created. r=mikedeboer a=lsblakk
04d07fa295fd7c91a404c224834a56e21201128eMark Finkle — Bug 1079891 - Search widget minWidth is too big for some phones. r=wesj, a=sledru
7cd576b669705e1666ae4a142a29c4e991c4486eL. David Baron — Back out changeset a1bc385f0ad4 (Bug 1047928 patch 7) so that we don't ship it until we have the fix for bug 1089417, since the extra work we were doing was covering up bugs. a=sledru
084a4d8ad42bba638e257b28596cf6f0dbba22baAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1104064 - setInterval(,0) in workers must be scheduled correctly. r=khuey, a=sledru
43fbd1a46c10ecdd158fc0be755072465c0781d4Panos Astithas — Revert Developer Edition profile selection string changes for beta (bug 1086936). r=gavin, f=flod, a=gavin
08d628582d56f0761c6946d0f72a9bf98a121f7eMike de Boer — Bug 1074667: Generate system alert when someone joins a room. r=MattN a=lsblakk
fea9e96a397781cf9461dc74e715a25deb36bc47Mark Banner — Bug 1098540 - Muting local video should display the default avatar image in Loop Rooms. r=nperriault a=lsblakk
613f90f01ad0b8e00fbb7b783673757518b8fedcMark Banner — Bug 1105540 - Show tooltips for buttons 'Copy Link' and 'Delete conversation'. r=mikedeboer a=lsblakk
74fd4b24d0d1e2535215b4b9f3283a7310842701Mark Banner — Bug 1105488 Update Privacy and ToS URLs for Loop. r=jaws a=lsblakk
8689e7804a1f1d1dc2141d5162d66b89acf1ce82Mark Banner — Follow-up to bug 1079225 - Fix formatting of the waiting for media message in Loop rooms, and ensure feedback can be given for multiple conversations in a row. r=abr a=lsblakk
b0f3e2aeb66d91c36eccfbd341e2026f44cb449aNicolas Perriault — Bug 1079225 - Feedback form displayed for Loop standalone rooms. r=Standard8 a=lsblakk
0700b7a00d7bebea9044556176e50e85fd9fdfa3Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 1103156 - Improve MozLoopAPI error messages. r=Standard8 a=lsblakk
0880596a5aadb67839010dee1c939a686a199b7cMark Banner — Bug 1105347 If something goes wrong in a Loop room, ensure that devices are released and the room is left fully. r=nperriault a=lsblakk
fd82bc5f1e7ba3f59a09b2d3e38d395497cb43e7Jared Wein — Bug 1100565 - Adjust margins and paddings to be uniform throughout the Loop/Hello panel. r=mikedeboer a=lsblakk
af06436c80ef46f85da1783f783109d0b4142d04Mark Banner — Bug 1097749 - Standalone rooms should display the room name once the room has been joined. r=nperriault a=lsblakk
0f1716aab02b77f1ab0cbbb3191a236a3ffcde1cMark Banner — Bug 1097742 - Part 2 Standalone Rooms shouldn't join the room until after user media has been accepted. r=abr a=lsblakk
0640852ea9b83335452986420e6f7ee602c034f3Jan de Mooij — Bug 1101299 - Remove useless and intermittently timing out jaeger/bug832670.js jit-test. r=terrence, a=test-only
f7063d1b1d95deda3e66870063474731fd8e37f7Milan Sreckovic — Bug 1095289 - Kludge to work around too many messages as bug 1074952 is too large for an uplift. r=nical, a=lsblakk
798ae4147b624b90c674c36471aa3816006e330bCameron McCormack — Bug 1098270 - Null check curData in AddPendingRestyle to avoid crashing on style sheet updates in ShadowRoots outside of the composed document. r=dbaron, a=lsblakk
8ea69a2b5f125ba5903d84267274d93f5f0f3598Hannes Verschore — Bug 1105727 - IonMonkey: Don't abort compiling when inlining array join fails. r=nbp, a=sledru
dca84e64ef769be6c52835435e18872dee909adaJeff Muizelaar — Bug 1094097 - Fix building ANGLE without D3D11. r=jrmuizel, a=lsblakk
a41c48aa538d3402dd2f3ac9d67a26952ef3bb24Jacob Bramley — Bug 1050258 - ARM hard-float XPCOM: correct argument passing. r=dougc, a=lsblakk
2636b3b751b985bc5eb6f82c8c0a59fdc32e5bebJonathan Watt — Bug 1085092 - Fix stroking of SVG polygon elements. r=longsonr, a=lsblakk
690b327095257d2a07f8daa7db495db9392ea55eRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset dbab7bee7e24 (bug 1100361) now that the needed builds have been created.
dbab7bee7e24e2014af6ac399cef8da7df5128abRichard Newman — Bug 1100361 - Temporarily force Fennec 35 to API 11+. r=trivial, a=lsblakk
a97968919c5efcfb896af9c2d1da6ec1841f7c2bDan Minor — Bug 1101133 - Change jit-test packaging to work properly even if test-stage cleanup fails. r=ted, a=test-only
b791be231ddaa7c00e8804cdbe0b8296d1f51da9Robert O'Callahan — Bug 1098266 - Set correct visible rect on nsDisplayOpacity items that are shuffled around during preserve-3d display list wrapping. r=tn, a=sledru
1caa74d0963e89b9a5952fc4fdd46181bc5784d6Jan Beich — Bug 1105781 - Unbreak unified build after bug 1083648. r=bz, a=sledru
a8c5432d04ce5d7ffa78f0ea6ebbb75e36cd2886Tim Nguyen — Bug 1106240 - Search category icon is squashed in in-content prefs. r=dao, a=sledru
5615256dff5df7a55484e8b321bf1941258811d8Jan Beich — Bug 1105851 - Unbreak non-unified non-SPS build after 1054498. r=jcj, a=sledru
c31367ac31468cfa305f00268e7a98ce5af21332Mike Connor — Bug 1104841 - Use HTTPS for Bing search on Fennec. r=mfinkle, a=lsblakk
4ebb521ae031b2c6a52d7a8977036bbc0af750e2Hector Zhao — Bug 1105189 - Look for the distribution/bundles directory under Contents/Resources due to v2 signing requirements. r=bsmedberg, a=lsblakk
8aafebccd2abe82b7d1d78af05d7faf5c5989dd9Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1102275 - Use layout params height instead of the dismiss view's calculated height when resetting the original height. r=bnicholson, a=lsblakk
2d431a82b30da90ee2c48e74c7fc271f433e5f0dNils Ohlmeier [:drno] — Bug 1098583 - Clean up data channel open request. r=jesup, a=lsblakk
d21e91a547d8b5e2254046ea25a095216af2b354Karl Tomlinson — Bug 1100409 - Set AudioNodeStream::mLastChunks length only once. r=padenot, a=lsblakk
f6726a81435109887c163c6afa89136af3ea8fe2Karl Tomlinson — Bug 1100409 - Uninline AudioNodeStream constructor to avoid requiring AudioNodeEngine.h. r=padenot, a=lsblakk
f11fea48f8441d5737f6c4ab085429b60a1bfeb0Richard Newman — Bug 1105590 - Wait for distribution intent to arrive. r=mfinkle, a=lsblakk
fdb3e0b2cb184db5c6948fa2404bfbbd4c052bcbJustin Dolske — Bug 1101669 - UITour: showInfo(search) should drop its notification from the end of the search box, not the middle. r=gijs a=dolske
f74374acec82eafbcdd79adc0c36896d824e5841Dave Townsend — Bug 1101654: First use tour for search UI. r=felipe a=gavin
40e8c4ddca702173d081cd44ef92b9854d3de8cbFelipe Gomes — Bug 1101670 - UITour: ability to set a search term and show the search popup. r=dolske a=gavin
cf974839f00a668055a062938c41d04365a5c41bFelipe Gomes — Bug 1101648 - UITour API to determine selected search engine. r=gavin a=gavin
995d8356802ce967421e3e78f37740cd37b89666Felipe Gomes — Bug 1101790 - FHRProvider for UITour, records treatment tag data. r=bsmedberg a=gavin
0e019d4f460121f04fd4d7dbb65ca8dacb273894Gavin Sharp — Bug 1101790 - setTreatmentTag API for UITour. r=felipe a=gavin
eb8b2a6c5ea01628fceaacbebe7d90f738fdcef0Gavin Sharp — Bug 1097942 - add UITour mechanism for selecting an engine, r=Unfocused a=gavin
d334f8d9129746203424293d20c2488e91f58ed3Felipe Gomes — Bug 1101147 - Update about:newtab search styling. r=Mossop a=gavin
4fb9368f8de1a1c1083765ba273587b4c1c82fb5Felipe Gomes — Bug 1101122 - Follow up, make aboutaccounts.js init function more resistent to the quick open/close tab that browser_aboutHome.js does. r=Unfocused a=me
492f2a661cab3632ef2125977db18f42bced5379Dave Townsend — Bug 1101122 - Update about:home search styling. r=felipe a=gavin
c77db3659462acf822a0b855db8eb1339f3be695Gavin Sharp — Bug 1102416: make Yahoo the default search plugin for en-US in American time zones, r=dolske, a=gavin
28157652a0fd5469f0b8a912a1d263940865b906Gavin Sharp — Backed out changeset 70dca05c9575 (bug 1102416) for browser/base/content/test/general/browser_aboutHome.js bustage, a=me
70dca05c957564007648dee9bc5f3f1646d11da8Gavin Sharp — Bug 1102416: make Yahoo the default search plugin for en-US in American time zones, r=dolske, a=gavin
75879febfc5592f89517ad50acf68932e0d8d490Kev Needham — Bug 1104925: update Yahoo search plugin for en-US, r=gavin/mconnor, a=gavin
ec3f673540539416906719a1bb9a470ece48208fKev Needham — Bug 1103216: update Google parameters, r=gavin, f=mfinkle, test changes r=felipe, a=gavin
4426075c3d21078d0db0bebad7ae086caca507c8Ben Hearsum — bug 1066621: dom/reflection-forms.html webplatform test is going to perma-fail when Gecko 35 merges to beta. r=bustage, a=bustage
f23cc6a30c11f665bad03ec0775af9860f55ef17ffxbld — Update configs. IGNORE BROKEN CHANGESETS CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release ba=release
d18667eaec42b9cddef67ae12af3ef5c27ccab74ffxbld — No bug - Tagging mozilla-beta a3cc435fd3c3 with FIREFOX_BETA_34_END a=release DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
68e8c69a3671b4a8ae70ecd80dd1c7d689dd91abffxbld — Preserve old tags after debugsetparents. CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD a=release
9e49b341ec3f498399a24b2d5aff6e932e7200a4ffxbld — Merge old head via |hg debugsetparents 0cf828669d5a a3cc435fd3c3|. CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD a=release
0cf828669d5a0911b6f2b83d501eeef5bdf9905effxbld — No bug - Tagging mozilla-aurora 390a34a40ea4 with FIREFOX_BETA_35_BASE a=release DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE FIREFOX_AURORA_35_END
390a34a40ea4e7f4d24b3ed83778e0f408411fccMark Banner — Bug 1093787 - Insert an additional view for Loop standalone calls to prompt the user to accept the microphone and camera permissions before starting the call. r=nperriault a=lsblakk FIREFOX_BETA_35_BASE
7c5884414d694d51f145e3f3579b3f0601c561d2Nicolas Perriault — Bug 1086512 - Added feedback form to Loop desktop room window. r=Standard8 a=lsblakk
ce8e174af2f297a7e830053f4911e277451e87eeRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1105803 - Skip browser_storage_basic.js on debug builds. a=test-only
21754ccc7751baa7c1d08268c5faae45f2379109Gavin Sharp — Bug 1083990: fix bug that caused deletion of history autocomplete items to temporarily mess up the suggestions dropdown display, r=MattN, a=lsblakk.
b97e451b0e6763cfd4a49309b021bde65dff7868Florian Quèze — Bug 1088660 - Improve the search bar UI to support one-off searches - fix tests that failed on fx-team, r=felipe over email, a=lmandel.
3c2c29abfa354cc119cd664e53d88ee4d149c8d9Florian Quèze — Bug 1104748 - A long default search provider name can mess up the layout of the one-off buttons when the panel is small, r=felipe, a=lmandel.
85972aeeccf68d3c9669edf85aebfee9f32a6f07Florian Quèze — Bug 1104846 - The search engine favicons are distorted in search preferences on Windows, r=felipe, a=lmandel
9664ebc4bf264e5163b9371a00cfafc0baa5f3dbFlorian Quèze — Bug 1104221 - Search drop down shows the icon of the previous default engine if the new default doesn't have an icon. r=felipe, a=lmandel
43436dac11efa9ba5460e91529222b1cda2bec89Florian Quèze — Bug 1102911 - The search engine favicons are distorted in search preferences on Linux. r=felipe, a=lmandel
859cff5cfabb288baf9cccfdf4d2659cb7dc8118Florian Quèze — Bug 1102932 - Text color of open search providers should be white on hover, rs+a=gavin.
7f675d2bd889c1eac1191b1db2fd9dbfb1b11813Dave Townsend — Bug 1103119: Search drop down fails to display properly if a search engine has no icon. r=felipe, a=gavin
a87ab9d302eb36b70aa1b6d499dbb606e70cb45fFlorian Quèze — Bug 1088660 - Improve the search bar UI to support one-off searches - polish CSS for Windows/Linux, rs=dolske, a=gavin.
b1f228b6722539cde9f9dc07dc44c96e6640a21eDave Townsend — Bug 1101999 - Fix/add UITour highlighting for the new search UI. r=florian a=gavin
78772bd35440a96dadf4356d2ebd694c2e794ea1Florian Quèze — Bug 1088660 - Improve the search bar UI to support one-off searches - improve discoverability of the search settings, r=felipe, a=gavin.
9412ac46c023bc4eafc77af0cb2151e533bee657Florian Quèze — Bug 1088660 - Improve the search bar UI to support one-off searches, r=felipe, a=gavin.
cfd757c77c7bfb1260f23b32a34ce149f2bde4b4Daniel Holbert — Bug 1093316 part 2: Backout changeset af2a4fb980ad (i.e. backout bug 1032922 part 1), to reflect CSSWG removing "flex-basis: main-size" from the flexbox spec. a=lsblakk
b0e8b0cf3aac2962c22fe6655827511e9758c0beDaniel Holbert — Bug 1093316 part 1: Backout changeset aece7f9f944c (i.e. backout bug 1032922 part 2), to reflect CSSWG removing "flex-basis: main-size" from the flexbox spec. a=lsblakk
39931dc544519b2cf8c94492101581d5484ccb94Daniel Holbert — (no bug) fix dos-style line-endings in browser.css. a=whitespace-only
f59f7d0605b854f4c6ece876960720b01ce00a08Robert Longson — Bug 1099197 - Determine the bounds of unstroked polylines/polygons directly. r=jwatt, a=lsblakk
0664db53c0289223cb29be28d8d664c0cc27682cJonathan Watt — Bug 1080688 - Calculate SVG rect bounds using a simple rect transform rather than using a Moz2D Path. r=longsonr, a=lsblakk
64f4fbfe44fe67840b7b32e1687b1a7f258a08acRichard Newman — Bug 1101527 - Don't set locales after Gecko startup. r=nchen,bnicholson a=lsblakk
0d09408da77468034a11b1dca3707edf20ccb536Jeff Beatty — Bug 1104277 - Add br and eo to maemo-locales. r=Pike, a=lsblakk
45b40a415d5701ad44ea511ac75061dfb68f3ffdRichard Newman — Bug 1019726 - Part 2: exclude Maithili from locale switcher on Android < 21. r=margaret, a=lsblakk
9ac94be7267db893fd9f1b3a95ace4e3636d7afdRichard Newman — Bug 1019726 - Part 1: add 'mai' to Aurora maemo-locales. r=mfinkle, a=lsblakk
44491e3dc7af1e20395b9620e1bb9a3520353838Mark Finkle — Bug 1105284 - Update the CDN location for OTA distributions on CLOSED TREE r=rnewman a=lmandel
64f199adc34de3653eb4a714d3fe005958455fa5Mark Banner — Follow-up to bug 1099128 - fix issues with error values not being correctly handled by the room store, and switch the tests back to running with rooms enabled by default. r=nperriault a=lsblakk
b2c3adb502a601740fefd3b0f303657b650bbfb6Mark Banner — Follow-up to bug 1099128 - temporarily turn off rooms for mochitests to fix bc1 test failures. rs+a=bustage-fix a=lsblakk
323dcdb9ff99de3ceff7c5b7ffe283cfd06f40fdMark Banner — Bug 1099128 Swap Loop to use 2 person conversations (aka 'rooms') rather than call urls. r=mikedeboer,a=enabling-for-dogfooding,a=Tomcat a=lsblakk
20b667fbd257cf2e90b105d748710c7cde4ccaeeNicolas Perriault — Bug 1076754 - Moved Loop feedback flow to Flux. r=Standard8 a=lsblakk
c1c67ca8a76ff80a1f194ebc99fca1fb1a4c53d3Romain Gauthier — Bug 1097746 - Add a link to Hello's SUMO page for standalone. r=Standard8 a=lsblakk
07c6f8288d2f093a31018188e8512c03d557766cRomain Gauthier — Bug 1059756 - Add a link to Loop's help page in the gear menu. r=MattN a=lsblakk
6d5163d6bf13c1fdc5d794fcf66928e18ba65096Mike de Boer — Bug 1100284: use a more canonical window ID for chat windows. r=MattN,abr a=lsblakk
749a29e73e9106f0e540f09334de5e1cf9d1a012Jared Wein — Bug 1099462 - Set the Getting Started URL for Loop. r=MattN a=lsblakk
fe00ed502c9f20bc4ce68236ec9e61e01a6f1288Jared Wein — Bug 1101754 - Hide the rooms/contacts view until the Getting Started tour has been accessed or dismissed. r=mikedeboer a=lsblakk
a96f72472331a3a2ee81258bd424bfa381595f9eJared Wein — Bug 1074720 - Fix German locale for partner logo. r=mikedeboer a=lsblakk
59c35496f49180cef26e9fa0dfc2c2dfa8342428Mark Banner — Bug 1096229 Adjust Loop server urls to include /v0 to avoid potential redirects. r=mikedeboer a=lsblakk
77d42b18755af66b5e203ddd47e49141cf7fd1d7Mike de Boer — Bug 1102230: fix CSS and JS errors that appear in the test log. r=MattN,Niko a=lsblakk
d4d3fbf9e1779d9a628b86186fb80ad8b0fdab82Mike de Boer — Bug 1102146: remove trailing whitespace on newline. rs=whitespace a=lsblakk
7c0b9a86649a9e2e9d89b419a6f073f568139dd2Mike de Boer — Bug 1102146: reduce the amount of HAWK requests for rooms getAll. r=Standard8 a=lsblakk
d48884d6bfac474100d9838e5f9c2de67319c0cfMark Banner — Bug 1102130 - Follow-up - fix sound names of files for Loop rooms. rs=abr over irc a=lsblakk
5c877d79d8a3665f9517d4ee50e13e354fceb082Mike de Boer — Bug 1102193: simplify l10n code in MozLoopService. r=Niko a=lsblakk
6ff32880d9b61ff07ed829b711b5faaa4af2f10cJared Wein — Bug 1100764 - Contacts move up and down when hovering over them. r=mikedeboer a=lsblakk
dc05d08950965220fa2b45b2f953f0f625a46384Mark Banner — Bug 1102130 - New Loop rooms sound files missing from desktop. r=nperriault a=lsblakk
7242a447378be76e930e2bf3083b83a2910d7a42Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 4d72f5451cd0 (bug 1099197) for bustage.
a71cc988caf54d301598f8184b444c1cf6185a10Landry Breuil — Bug 1092023 - Comment out oaes_get_seed() definition. r=edwin, a=lsblakk
4d72f5451cd0ccd5a8e26b7cc7ab406b33ba58c5Robert Longson — Bug 1099197 - Determine the bounds of unstroked polylines/polygons directly. r=jwatt, a=lsblakk
8ff014d18f0fc1f05b0b28445d67e7315b463850Nicolas Silva — Bug 1101552 - Remove the double-buffered ImageClient. r=sotaro a=lsblakk
b2570a8f6e91a9045ae77f51bee36b78232417a5J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1100944 - Nudge WebIDE timeout higher. r=paul a=lsblakk
d6cbbc905bda7c0176fd3fea1ab727a095da80ddJames Willcox — Bug 1098096 - Add a hack to make overscroll effect work on Android 5.0. r=lucasr, a=lsblakk
fef3ceebcfbcbe5f9ae19b68316f82c35586e87eRichard Newman — Bug 1085514 - Add Lollipop (v21) constants to Versions. r=me a=snorp
a2e2a71b22289102b001d84204b9357c7ca65143Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset e40a4d279e30 (bug 1098096) for Android bustage.
4af988d1770fc743911bd26782eac367c1ddf095Michael Comella — Bug 975837 - Fallback to the empty string when receiving null urls in enterEditingMode. r=lucasr, a=lsblakk
e40a4d279e30d773683c63e5300b348245c26c83James Willcox — Bug 1098096 - Add a hack to make overscroll effect work on Android 5.0. r=lucasr, a=lsblakk
b355554a418f66d154d714124b63f15d8a7ffc15Jan Beich — Bug 1063726 - Define MALLOC_H like top-level r=ted, a=lsblakk
118743bf73d734c281141c1b4e50b20fc494d262Robert Strong — Bug 1100721 - During stub install use the precomplete file to determine files to uninstall instead of the uninstall.log. r=bbondy, a=lsblakk
96e54215e045cd0156427668ed4265b848fa0457Robert Strong — Bug 1098874 - Better handling when requiring a reboot. r=bbondy, a=lsblakk
2db42ec3505500973ee7447a9f5402fe3a01ce44Robert Strong — Bug 1100604 - Replace LineFind with custom code in RemovePrecompleteEntries macro. r=bbondy, a=lsblakk
510ef39ea5ffec090e48be3d1be94ab01be3f367Robert Strong — Bug 1098677 - During install use the precomplete file to determine files to uninstall instead of the uninstall.log. r=bbondy, a=lsblakk
af9b9ed74be4ce391172a4fff5b487d84d417397Robert Strong — Bug 1038560 - During uninstall use the precomplete file to determine files to uninstall instead of the uninstall.log. r=bbondy, a=lsblakk
62cd0230068f68bf948cc74398cfe6708ba26d71Jordan Santell — Bug 1078539 - Enable dev edition promo to be shown when update channel is beta. r=jryans, a=lsblakk
dddb7790eab4d11eae923380bf0e83a0abf2aeb4Shian-Yow Wu — Bug 1063538 - Part 2: Test case. r=khuey, a=lsblakk
fd8c8c28fb6db4748d29cf1e4aabfd9a7e827aecShian-Yow Wu — Bug 1063538 - Part 1: Allow XHR worker to set overrideMimeType/responseType after an aborted send. r=khuey, a=lsblakk
110d3d7a1335852d6e0ee91b70a4ad18b62b39dbWes Johnston — Bug 1084498 - Update Android SDK to v21 (Lollipop). r=coop, a=lsblakk
c1ba711083666643eaa5118bb6c45aa2e38fb038Jeff Beatty — Bug 1104037 - Remove csb from all-locales and shipped-locales. r=Pike, a=lsblakk
56f4563592530f85bc870968a304afe538fe0c2fBen Turner — Bug 1102052 - Crash for PBackground protocol errors, r=mrbkap, a=lsblakk.
3c5899276eed10c92b0f4b7e0841f2f71850df97Ben Turner — Bug 1102570 - Prevent quota operations from running too soon, r=janv, a=lsblakk.
14db369bb36eb8ac1529ed4e5f06c8ba621255f5Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset f898a742ef2c (bug 1078539) for OSX mochitest-dt orange.
1228e88ac07bbb95bba331442530a5c45400816bJustin Dolske — Bug 1098123 - Add telemetry for onbeforeunload usage. r=jst, a=lsblakk
c2aec148f17eb4b3c86a847104e47a25dc34fdc0Mike de Boer — Bug 1102841: implement Cancel and Block an FxA direct call. r=abr a=lsblakk
aeb38e969a422f461dd88e4730ab7001e0db924fMike de Boer — Bug 1102806: LoopCalls.jsm introduction forgot to include contacts blocking logic. r=Standard8 a=lsblakk
4e51a5678a9be5a0e5b6872f7557bfd188001fb0Ralph Giles — Bug 1093567 - Don't loop forever looking for mp4 tracks. r=ajones, a=lsblakk
fcc41d2a915832092041005e1291ba993b2dce89Bas Schouten — Bug 1026893 - Followup: Address review comment. r=me,a=lmandel
71acc38804b814641a4b443b9d8dc94aa4cfff85Bas Schouten — Bug 1026893 - Catch exceptions during D3D11 initialization. r=jmuizelaar, a=lmandel
1e56eee0d3e1f41c24728c63f98f6364a674b4b3Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1102855 - Fix uninitialised variable. r=jimm, a=lmandel
6908b4d5326e8b60d6e94c18b450ad40c433ceebMark Banner — Bug 1101494 - Guest mode doesn't work for rooms on a fresh profile - handle late guest registration, and keep track of when rooms are created to know if to automatically register or not. r=MattN, a=lsblakk
54ff7db0635f5b26bc13fa239e99e75737efa6ebMark Banner — Bug 1101494 - Fix joining a room in guest mode. r=mikedeboer, a=lsblakk
a41bd0a6c40cd7c72a48075c9d5927b3aa66b8c6Richard Newman — Bug 1092421 - Remove locale migration code from browser.js. r=mfinkle, a=lsblakk
e44e811d520670841123222a0c27e5b928cc4d05Jared Wein — Bug 1101006 - Refactor mozLoop.{get, set}LoopCharPref and mozLoop.{get, set}LoopBoolPref to mozLoop.{get, set}Pref that uses getPrefType. r=mikedeboer, a=lsblakk
7ca685a7deb77161c37020b8df853e38595a55a8Jared Wein — Bug 1074932 - Desktop client user can access product tour from gears menu. r=MattN, a=lsblakk
86e0a02ef6b5776284dcb742f43e68f81fdf08d1Nicolas Perriault — Bug 1094137 - Create a common shared store creator for Loop. r=Standard8, a=lsblakk
17f716ba294881cdfa0bfbd46488f17ed2211182Markus Stange — Bug 1101195 - Update imgData vector length after reading into it. r=jwatt, a=lmandel
3d7623931ebc6ef7d891bd94a41399c1b902e19bRichard Newman — Bug 1097542 - Use explicit collation in nsSearchService. r=Waldo, r=adw, a=lsblakk
40cd4f2cbcdbcd4b1d0dc993a226673a96ce6063Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1085386 - Finish preference activity when hitting action bar "up" button. r=liuche, a=lsblakk
f898a742ef2caab6c13dce7377c9d8a5104ae790Jordan Santell — Bug 1078539 - Enable dev edition promo to be shown when update channel is beta. r=jryans, a=lsblakk
2f5d3b2f5f64e86b6442bba620fb9ed90ce0953fGarvan Keeley — Bug 1095914 - Fix crash if GPS not available. r=vng, a=lsblakk
5c8a21d22dc32013747d837d045b805cd5975c48Garvan Keeley — Bug 1095914 - Fix NPE from no app context. r=vng, a=lsblakk
a3ae3d724956576aafc6609d961ed28d75de3cd7Garvan Keeley — Bug 1095914 - Fix NPE due to no telephony manager. r=vng, a=lsblakk
bd7fbe828b1080f9b7e66f66cd4550e0501caf9bGarvan Keeley — Bug 1095914 - Fix NPE in WifiScanner. r=vng, a=lsblakk
75e35dfbebcbdbc02aff786b755e4dab39091556Garvan Keeley — Bug 1095914 - Copy over CellScanner from mozstumbler github. r=nalexander, a=lsblakk
0985f515e551b6efc3f6836c6685baa374821d07David Major — Bug 1078674 - Update UUIDs after bug 1055773 and add dummy method to nsIDOMNode to preserve FF34 vtable offsets. r=bz, a=lsblakk
0ca3200f1bbf74dd6e9d0f4444f8c727548fdf59Paolo Amadini — Bug 1096014 - Regression: Unable to complete downloads in Firefox for Android. r=mfinkle, a=lsblakk
e2fb99d8c833bf1d5be92743f7c620802a0bdc90Garvan Keeley — Bug 1096517 - Disable stumbler test on 2.3. r=gbrown, a=lsblakk
70837f682156e343e5111ac6b8f8ae956127c3c8Garvan Keeley — Bug 1036514 - Stumbler logging by setting setprop log.tag.<x> DEBUG. r=nalexander, a=lsblakk
27edacd145db4c5e0bf9eb664fe1a5e1118766faMagnus Melin — Bug 1074793 - Set more restrictive permissions for downloads in the temporary directory. r=paolo, a=lsblakk
6d94afe87507faaad3cfbc661ef9a3f68772d62dGarvan Keeley — Bug 1060705 - Part 2: Test stumbler setting actually triggers the service. r=nalexander, a=lsblakk
2021188a2a6fec848800eb1825b3209372dbfc33Nick Alexander — Bug 1060705 - Part 1: Expose stumbler jar to Robocop. r=garvank, a=lsblakk
12ac3ce023bf298fd6eba82ff2facea894c007a3Nick Alexander — Bug 1099345 - Use pattern rule to generate multiple outputs in widget/android/bindings. r=gps, a=NPOTB
90bf7122ad893e2cb2cfa97c318b82187fa14b3dNick Alexander — Bug 1099501 - Export and use ANDROID_TOOLS where appropriate. r=snorp, r=bnicholson, a=NPOTB
90ab630dca0f9c070e1f6b0c8c6c5dfaaff953e8Honza Bambas — Bug 1055580 - Intermittent test_cache2-14b-concurent-readers-complete.js | 1 == 3 | 2 == 1 | 3 == 2. r=michal, a=test-only
f86e6af6c3ac3e6ed25f15dbee1b2617e95c4755Dave Townsend — Bug 1095128 - Make sure add-on updates remain disabled after each browser chrome test. r=Unfocused, a=test-only
104d3f5ce7c905e03fffa7041fd151d38246d71aJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1096763 - fix webide button issues with customize mode, r=Unfocused a=lsblakk
5e0a0380350ce611d2f8ba2186ddcc9c6b59f6b6Axel Hecht — bug 1103991, stop building and shipping Kurdish, r=gueroJeff, a=lmandel, DONTBUILD
3f7295180f645d079e457bb1227eecca9ae3e650ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-016 - a=blocklist-update
0c02319725ed25234feb1bd830f3103a8163eae8ffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-016 - a=hpkp-update
50cb545aadfdf742a634582b5ac6bd44ab8377f3ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-016 - a=hsts-update
eb5cb0af7527f4f872106cefe49d711dd9289253Shane Caraveo — Bug 1085691, fix notification indicator when browser window in background, r=dolske a=lsblakk
e67580d1567c62091b95e2237cb46069f88e8d83Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1091706 - Ensure spawning only one devtools loader instances. r=jryans a=lsblakk
e0d8c2ae3c4e26129517a349e2d2a6cc553dbdc2Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1064002 - Modify Android Arm in-tree configs to allow more customizations. r=ahal. a=testing
9614d1f5e9671790d38e108e3133badfe1b9a69fPatrick McManus — bug 1095859 - proxy tweak r=valentin.gosu a=lsblakk
0b191751b9402f1fb54b0009dab59456d53ef542Mark Banner — Bug 1088650 Add sounds for notifications when rooms are joined, left or if there are failures. r=nperriault a=lsblakk
2a62197daafe2b1b019ba6ec4def60072a5197a9Paul Kerr [:pkerr] — Bug 1000269 - Part 1: Reconfigure l10n directory structure for Loop standalone. r=Standard8 a=lsblakk
db16908a9a20ac9c3a64138c2c3dbbdbf37942cbMark Banner — Bug 1084362 When a third-party enters a room, stop displaying the ToS and privacy links in the Loop panel. r=nperriault a=lsblakk
6453507eedd1e890d280dadfbf942d96e5891137Jared Wein — Bug 1099495 - Use moz10n.get instead of the aliased '__' function for consistency with the other files. r=NiKo` a=lsblakk
9d8d0c858698f4486ad1e47e49660ce0ef4e00fdJared Wein — Bug 1074720 - Display partner logo depending on the locale on first-time experience. r=mikedeboer a=lsblakk
c0bc86e8c00095a2992971274305cf903b7e2099Jared Wein — Bug 1083466 - Add a button to the Loop panel for the Getting Started tour. r=mikedeboer a=lsblakk
107c64f93febe8a9ae93c7f8ec49483618b74f3bMark Banner — Bug 1099085 - HawkClient, HawkRequest and RESTRequest should support PATCH requests. r=ckarlof a=lsblakk
a504347b83b1fd61d7d2285c712b97e099f19398Mark Banner — Bug 1074694 - Allow rooms to be renamed from the conversation window. r=nperriault a=lsblakk
9a750b1e767524b3ebf0359b9117a05131f6458cMark Banner — Bug 1074681 - When Loop "rooms" are enabled, hide the old call url generation UI. r=mikedeboer a=lsblakk
ca2730f13b5ca582fabefcaded9abedc3c3c9867Mike de Boer — Bug 1074666 - Part 3 Play a sound when a participant joined a room. Updated by pkerr,r=Standard8 a=lsblakk
979e6f0add7ccd42e53bb86f717000807f58bc8fMike de Boer — Bug 1074666 - Part 2 Change the toolbar icon when participants join and leave. Updated by pkerr,r=Standard8 a=lsblakk
210f8669a990856cfbf7c5511a5f30766b11b12fBen Turner — Bug 1101223 - Fix assertion failure for IndexedDB child-side race, r=khuey, a=lsblakk.
61c227747abaf5996c132d9497901e58240cecc5Nicolas Silva — Bug 1074378 - Blocklist D3D11 on Windows 7 with intel driver version r=Bas a=lmandel
fd579191bdd82e23d1d8a235170f02c5f3e0a149Joel Maher — Bug 1101789 - update talos to latest version. r=dminor, a=test-only
3056a819bc0fcd6e5e8a81cf3d17d9b296d703f7ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-027 - a=blocklist-update
cffcb649cd0d09fa4c1651e7c4814547ca371143ffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-027 - a=hpkp-update
b380ea8de3ee1062756c9d80a7d991b3219cb0e1ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-027 - a=hsts-update
776650aa7757bb1dba0c505ec0792cf14da77f8aMonica Chew — Bug 1092606: Filter out duplicate pinsets as well as domains (r=keeler,a=lsblakk)
b34fe7ba8f13ccce223fb8afa1737dd6813cb038Brian Hackett — Bug 1096026 - Fix bug 1096026, r=terrence a=lmandel
3e38373768ad6cac30296dd363ea50a167c9e344Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1092260. Use PREVENT_INTERNAL_THREADING_OPTIMIZATIONS with D3D11. r=bas,a=lmandel
476779d0d240ecc305924df2feb437cfb0e30987Jeff Walden — Bug 1097253. r=mjrosenb, a=abillings
44cfd6a0019ac6459d1d9c0905bfd970551781a1James Willcox — Bug 1073805 - Don't set the is-adts flag for the Android PDM r=rillian a=lmandel
b4cd2a209317c33c5e0851a26e5ba43f67290b79Jan Varga — Bug 1089764 - Treat persistent storage as temporary storage; r=bent, a=lsblakk
c8ebeea28f1998ab512216aa7f853d50fe9cb104Steve Fink — Bug 1053999 - Rationalize stack recursion checks, r=bholley, a=lsblakk
8651ad90ff2f7240a322595531b84564ef987ad1Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 989947 - test UITour interaction with modal popup, r=MattN, a=lsblakk
c55df95bdf6d47c3fdf460dd56ff458104660c93Cykesiopka — Bug 1084606 - Allow overrides for MOZILLA_PKIX_ERROR_INADEQUATE_KEY_SIZE. r=keeler a=lmandel
2a254799e303c397c6968d9512f03dff997d5035Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1092260 - Block D3D11 layers on AMD hardware that delays by a frame. r=bas, a=lmandel
e6c35fc2dc0576174a43a22335b5160d9e5998d1Cameron McCormack — Bug 1089463 - Clear an element's restyle bits when inserting into a shadow tree. r=bzbarsky, a=lsblakk
2b7ef7a1c5705f990840bee5dbb18da24f764894Brian Grinstead — Bug 1098431 - Fix popup positioning for devtools option panel menulists. r=mratcliffe, a=lsblakk
70749d38fa9ecae59e5a259755659947d58fdcfeMargaret Leibovic — Bug 1091728 - Use correct gecko default search engine in search activity. r=rnewman, a=lsblakk
503c939cc2fc146ffcf1b3f1129581779e527d39Jan Varga — Bug 1095474 - Intermittent /indexedDB/test/test_file_replace.html | application terminated with exit code 1. r=bent, a=lsblakk
134e4af41d652a5d3002cd5c5f80d96411c88e7dShashank Sabniveesu — Bug 1093220 - Remove standalone search activity code. r=margaret, a=lsblakk
6181e6dc51b07e860e37f4b10431ea2645bc90b7Richard Newman — Bug 1092580 - Wait for a pass through the event loop before trying to poll for prefs in testOSLocale. r=margaret, a=lsblakk
59bdd524ada8a65fbfea364ac73e648e7cb92091Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1089364 - Avoid trying to resize the swap chain to a negative size. r=bas, a=lmandel
1a3f9aae6df7bb5c86b4f3e473c446afcd7339f0Chenxia Liu — Bug 1099436 - Add telemetry for dismissing Onboarding start pane. r=mfinkle, a=lsblakk
bd787c46f1139c5c7fc03da20912847905d849edSami Jaktholm — Bug 1092452 - Fix intermittent mochitest-e10s-dt failure in browser_timeline_overview-initial-selection-02.js. r=vporof, a=test-only
2fe98d9bf62bacabc6590a6e4c522a4a755ae5f4James Willcox — Bug 1086693 - Part 7: Add a Makefile target for updating GeneratedJNIWrappers. r=nalexander, a=lsblakk
f28a8076587daef8786f297aaf66eed27905eb62James Willcox — Bug 1086693 - Part 6: Use generated bindings for AndroidMediaCodec and AndroidSurfaceTexture. r=blassey, r=gcp, a=lsblakk
f3ce57da55ad90d3e19da5ec81d7f1c73498430fJames Willcox — Bug 1086693 - Part 5: Add a 'catchException' mode to JNI generator. r=ckitching, a=lsblakk
6b3f36796e694263d937f0518f043e03373ad801James Willcox — Bug 1086693 - Part 4: Add a lazy initialization mode to CodeGenerator, and use it for SDK bindings. r=ckitching, a=lsblakk
82dc95dab301692943b0df47cfebd32df3744132James Willcox — Bug 1086693 - Part 3: Don't generate members that are above a given API version. r=ckitching, a=lsblakk
41eaf1b65f818ae90aa49d818effa693dd997fbcNick Alexander — Bug 1086693 - Part 2: Generate and build Android SDK JNI wrappers. r=gps, a=lsblakk
af8e75d893b984dedb7ef9a30d541d9f026c1131James Willcox — Bug 1086693 - Part 1: Add SDKProcessor. r=ckitching, a=lsblakk
120b2b6378eaa183e5bd1b3262d89b41f26a9c9cJulian Seward — Bug 1092333 - nsDOMStringMap::NamedDeleter doesn't always write its out-parameter. r=bzbarsky, a=lmandel
d8f242cbe2a2bee0594fdb12d8525afef9e56801Jared Wein — Bug 1098251 - Allow a contact to be created with either a phone number or an email address. r=MattN a=loop-only
00e65cb7f78043180f49274a7a9e80f8d4486649Jared Wein — Bug 1097742 followup - add comma to fix syntax error. r=me a=loop-only
9fe7dd3fcb200398f052357f9bf895ef84bf4bdfMark Banner — Bug 1097742 - Part 1 Handle access being denied to media, and prevent the sdk prompts from showing in Loop Rooms. r=nperriault a=loop-only
b92ec32f2344acd12bb9ec4d2580ff5251599a4aNicolas Perriault — Bug 1097743 - Part 1: Loop standalone styling enhancements. r=Standard8 a=loop-only
37a5d049e06984ebc3a1b8a7288f803c545350e8Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1095379 - Separate push registrations by sessionType and prevent calling promiseRegisteredWithPushServer from outside of promiseRegisteredWithServers. r=Standard8 a=loop-only
a71102abcd349230e76b8b6d7ac61394e6900989Mark Banner — Bug 1097733 - Enable Loop Rooms to be reused without reloading, by resetting the multiplex gum. r=nperriault a=loop-only
1063ba517149292ebf4a120af991cdd8c6519723Nicolas Perriault — Bug 1074709 - Notify Loop room users when the room is full. r=Standard8 a=loop-only
e48ee58c73e75dba84cf663113065f813595cdb7Andrei Oprea — Bug 1076794 Make Loop calls handle networkDisconnected events properly so that the correct messages get displayed. r=Standard8 a=loop-only
0a106e69eaa639b3ccb204786a6fbd6cedd04f26Nicolas Perriault — Bug 1074707 - Add notifications when the room is empty on Loop standalone. r=Standard8 a=loop-only
555f6f98a7db5057617889be83c4b0bdabed8f9dMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1097597 - Check if there is a Loop toolbarbutton node in updateToolbarState. r=Standard8 a=loop-only
8d58f30a3c74cd7352c4c7131d82b47ce9d43254Nicolas Perriault — Bug 1074693 - Loop desktop room preview to use fullscreen local videostream. r=Standard8 a=loop-only
f84c4f1cdcad8ef308b4658c4c30884587489a4fNicolas Perriault — Bug 1074702 - Part 2: Room views for Loop standalone. r=Standard8 a=loop-only
667abd3fc58de60f9288fc28ca4545d328eeec1cMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1074670 - Implement the Hello NotificationView's button (e.g. retry). r=pkerr a=loop-only
1e035844cd25bb9ad88b65f8f184043fcd7ea768Jared Wein — Bug 1081322 - Add a phone number field to the Add/Edit Contact view. r=dmose a=loop-only
3342fedaf5f663bdb122f287fe64f98134fd2c45Mark Banner — Bug 1074696 - Allow the user to copy and email Loop room urls from the room preview. r=nperriault a=loop-only
d382e4762f9bfafa01c237fbf4d8dee275e1f147Mark Banner — Bug 1074686 - Part 5 Hook up the active room store to the sdk for Loop rooms on desktop to enable audio and video in rooms. r=nperriault a=loop-only
c59cf7402c10947062dc240e104c04d5ec0345d7Paolo Amadini — Bug 1076767 - Add a spinner to the Import Contacts button whilst importing. r=jaws a=loop-only
18a2ba5eacbb086343a1bc3cb799fb5138bafe8eMark Banner — Bug 1074686 - Part 4 Improve Loop conversation store registration to only register for actions when they need it, and change PeerHungupCall into RemotePeerDisconnected to fit better with what it is for. r=nperriault a=loop-only
fcc39c3f52532de8c8d2f85fd13031e14875e108Nicolas Perriault — Bug 1074686 - Part 3 Revamped view architecture for Desktop Loop rooms. r=Standard8 a=loop-only
b2276210d8b80dbbe4856535350d09936ac1de91Nicolas Perriault — Bug 1074686 - Part 2: Implement room views for Loop Desktop. r=Standard8 a=loop-only
2f9a72986443e6068f11f2474c87f088b4a282d8Phil Ringnalda — Back out changeset 9bffecf1892d for ongoing bug 1092606 bustage from HPKP updates
92ad15dc1372f24ccb57cf8b8030e249dafccb5bffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-471 - a=blocklist-update
9bffecf1892dcc432508f1e693bb07fe9fa0e4b8ffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-471 - a=hpkp-update
a2af180c52b20ef1aa77bcfb13bd10ca8c9f5763ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-471 - a=hsts-update
dd2f144cdf445b630ed16c5debf5034f7435cd80Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 63bc93801615 (bug 1086994) for Android bustage.
9d115d5d0a374d79d113649ef420bef42dac1670Bobby Holley — Bug 984467 - Remove current inner fallback in CallerInnerWindow. r=bz, a=lsblakk
5531b615a4850fba67342aa6768f6bc99460cbbaBobby Holley — Bug 1092388 - Remove now-unnecessary nsGlobalWindow::CallerGlobal. r=bz, a=lsblakk
0671ae35933f2b8916ce702f33355bef4df9536eBobby Holley — Bug 1092388 - Clamp the entry and incumbent global to the current global if their principals don't match. r=bz, a=lsblakk
f0e0ea2e07343976fa9c97631904129d0566982cBobby Holley — Bug 1092388 - Remove cross-origin document.write test. r=bz, a=lsblakk
d099a38d5ce9dc4dfefd61b05af0c9f28586d13aLucas Rocha — Bug 1097986 - Make tab curve slightly smoother. r=mfinkle, a=lsblakk
0268d5d015030c0f672b35f4ddc374747670d88eBenoit Jacob — Bug 1095575 - DoesD3D11DeviceWork() should be overridable by force-enable prefs. r=bas, a=lsblakk
63bc93801615b4fc9a09df28937f8d731f8a4631Jim Chen — Bug 1086994 - Enable crash handling in search activity. r=margaret, a=lsblakk
7c69d2736309a7de7d72f57077bcd2075f2604cbKannan Vijayan — Bug 1064835 - Fix SPS crash. r=jandem, a=abillings
ccf0f34d9390688468fa1ce86732c424de4679f6Gavin Sharp — Bug 989947 followup bustage fix, a=RyanVM
42ed43162f49d18633225bb5ccb04d06af708a4aGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 989947 - reshow popup when in modal state, r=MattN, a=lmandel
65e5b79b374a360ceb9a5183eb511b7571fa3f00Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 989947 - disable popups during modal alerts on OS X, r=bz, a=lmandel
a3cc435fd3c315e5dfe9329d03d5943bb893ccedMark Finkle — Bug 1105284 - Update the CDN location for OTA distributions on CLOSED TREE r=rnewman a=lmandel FIREFOX_BETA_34_END
48cf662ee226f8adc5f9d0e149c2035a238e11d3Gavin Sharp — Bug 1104925: followup to fix tests, r+a=me
c0c3429824fcc3ebd11409664c8a8b4c739849daFlorian Quèze — Bug 1104748 - A long default search provider name can mess up the layout of the one-off buttons when the panel is small, r=felipe, a=lmandel.
e350081598fa3b51e19f5ba64dd5680a2aab7ec1Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 1104823 - Fix packaging of UITour FHR recording (modules.manifest renamed to browsermodules.manifest for clarity), r=felipe, a=gavin
c832bb48c4e2a4d4b1836dd5c2b7b4e683dd525fFlorian Quèze — Bug 1104846 - The search engine favicons are distorted in search preferences on Windows, r=felipe, a=lmandel
b71e6d2572211ddf65c414324514437aa7cbd87cKev Needham — Bug 1104925: update Yahoo search plugin for en-US, r=gavin/mconnor, a=gavin
c8ff4c93ee857a80834b17d57eda68d8dc011c70Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1104306 - Re-whitelist UITour on Fx34. r=dolske a=gavin/dolske