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Wed Jul 04 17:42:29 2018 +0000
33f1f6e8dd221754a4a8fb32f954e5d277110917Julian Descottes — Bug 1465873 - part6: Allow selection and breadcrumbs to walk from shadowRoot to host element;r=bgrins
fcdb2d81471e05d8335968ddd81867929798ccd7Julian Descottes — Bug 1465873 - part5: Add mochitest for hovering shadowdom with element-picker;r=bgrins
9dbae35e59b81283337281d7eae47e2d0b8f8800Julian Descottes — Bug 1465873 - part4: Update document-walker::parentNode() to return shadow roots;r=bgrins
892bbcc01923bdbf4819a0155d7f7fb7653557d1Julian Descottes — Bug 1465873 - part3: Move generic node utils from Node actor to layout/utils helper;r=bgrins
6d591fb5c90e81a1aad2c5bef278765e2ca8cae8Julian Descottes — Bug 1465873 - part2: Update walker::children() to avoid updating refMap to detect pseudo elements;r=bgrins
2f5ad39436b98a833997851d98c950a817197f97Julian Descottes — Bug 1465873 - part1: Implement walker::countChildren() to count children without updating refMap;r=bgrins
ea4f65b8dc6737bc1640b329fe1c4f94cb0961b7Julian Descottes — @@@@@ LOCAL ROOT CHANGESET @@@@@
6c0fa9a675c91390ca27664ffb626c56e8afea4dGurzau Raul — Merge inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
a07cf0515fe3ab55353749a088429484d8cb8bb9Gurzau Raul — Merge autoland to mozilla-central. a=merge
b1585f3426c28f984e48179eed30d56297b0c95dMargareta Eliza Balazs — Backed out changeset 27257fdd6c67 (bug 218415) for xpcshell failures in js/xpconnect/tests/unit/test_nuke_sandbox_event_listeners.js on a CLOSED TREE
d53abfceeac28fda1c212383b9b9965f39ba80a9Robert Bartlensky — Bug 1471943: Remove release call to ensure socket is closed. r=valentin
ea8d583affcb29c1ab2ec0e12797a9319c6286f9Henrik Skupin — Bug 1473262 - [wptrunner] Use host Marionette executor to connect to Marionette. r=ato
53c113af05482bed213b4c3e9e4e4660edb90c0bHenrik Skupin — Bug 1473262 - [marionette] Force client to always use IPv4 to connect to Marionette. r=ato
19e3352e9f6793a8cea2a6a1abd7c62886e97d72Dave Townsend — Bug 1473264: Catch failures to get the favicon expiration. r=mak
27257fdd6c6777ca72ac965501da3ef360846bb4Henri Sivonen — Bug 218415 - Add window.event. r=smaug.
9a56101afb954d9374cdbfd3101b45c1f082cc7dHenri Sivonen — Bug 1397807 - Allow rustc to emit NEON instructions when clang does on ARMv7 and use NEON in encoding_rs. r=glandium
346b316a0fe4d127aa059e2ca98d49a0df198d22Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1470901 - Record scene build, scene swap, and render times in telemetry. r=sotaro
87d1695413a06d82eafcb5a7f5f06f89aa82217aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1470901 - Add telemetry probes for measuring WebRender paint phases. r=chutten
1e689eca8d9851b49cc88dedd4832224d94e9183Simon Fraser — Bug 1473276 'which' is non-standard, use 'command -v' in partials r=mtabara
3a55ffabd7478cdceb632213a4aef2c4bab58c75Bogdan Tara — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
6aee046a67d42bfb8fd49ad85f8a80d2e57dac52Dave Townsend — Bug 1473004: Don't attempt to guess a favicon in performance tests. r=jmaher
2291d4737e170f01619bb7d7d0419cbb37d33ac7Mark Banner — Bug 1419704 - Remove nsIGlobalHistory2 and docshell's nsDownloadHistory as they are redundant. r=mak,bzbarsky
d090f23cc74045b3783d67bafb1710eb76044a62Gurzau Raul — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
2705852264244740fffc91f537d29768d2943508Harry Twyford — Bug 1432800 - Mirror -focusring and |*button.primary:focus states. r=dao
b26a5fa5e75f1038d26e57e54dfbd7bfe3a2880evinoth — Bug 1452604 - Meta CSP applied to content privileged about:blocked r=Gijs,ckerschb
af93628a6d33be7d1c601d5546a674e82589814cDão Gottwald — Bug 1473073 - Remove PlacesCommandHook.bookmarkPage's browser argument. r=mak
3928fa2e88ee1ed812cfe7a1f14d01e7e4b81201Julian Descottes — Bug 1449959 - Listen to shadowrootattached events to update markup view;r=bgrins,ochameau
2fafbc23c259ba61732ed064492271ec95248771Daniel Stenberg — bug 1470215 let Telemetry::DNS_NATIVE_QUEUING measure queue times r=mcmanus
cc6ec2789c9d50a686f4df5a70bf0f1173d1d32eBrian Birtles — Bug 1461522 - Switch meatball menu to a doorhanger; r=jdescottes
d6badfe124333064087ea2e878728faed94f8969Brian Birtles — Bug 1461522 - Update comments in ToolboxToolbar.js; r=jdescottes
1c4c3998796c9dd2b1d969102c9c774e11611a4dBrian Birtles — Bug 1461522 - Update browser_toolbox_zoom_popup.js to handle doorhanger menus too; r=jdescottes
6670a1258320d262dc26d77501ba11acdfd747e3Brian Birtles — Bug 1461522 - Persist active styles for a button with an expanded menu; r=jdescottes
31e35c02f84b34e06a3afc46d4af2c901c53cdfaBrian Birtles — Bug 1461522 - Add Menu components; r=jdescottes
0dead7ce127ba75859381b48ab80d2484ae4451cBrian Birtles — Bug 1461522 - Add a mechanism to allow updating an HTMLTooltip's size and position; r=jdescottes
7ff43e3acaf73745c2b3003d69771f00981efddfBrian Birtles — Bug 1461522 - Honor ui.popup.disable_autohide setting in HTMLTooltip; r=jdescottes
28e68f45879e0c9b4ad061d043d4b4f241572d60Brian Birtles — Bug 1461522 - Add ID and class properties to HTMLTooltip; r=jdescottes
c4f83d8e4596b759c26072ee7959d90650b3ee50Brian Birtles — Bug 1461522 - Add focus() and focusEnd() methods to HTMLTooltip; r=jdescottes
dd9b63632e1982b37fcd4eff8cee95df9e064001Brian Birtles — Bug 1461522 - Factor out a focusableSelector utility; r=jdescottes
42d6ff34217176d4b38a4dfe6a1d1f3da0c545bbBrian Birtles — Bug 1461522 - Add doorhanger type to HTMLTooltip; r=jdescottes
95fe4a4625fe6d10e43200ceef5df7df0d521dbbBrian Birtles — Bug 1461522 - Allow { height: "auto" } in HTMLTooltip setContent and make it the default; r=jdescottes
924dcb50f6da454045b6ca91ab20bd913396bec2Brian Birtles — Bug 1461522 - Fix some comments in HTMLTooltip.js; r=jdescottes
52628cf763c9dcc0907b8bb54ee6ce82e92038a4Brian Birtles — Bug 1461522 - Use the currentZoom as opposed to the pref value; r=jdescottes
f995e3ff5de49405ece552c954514e568897d23cBrian Birtles — Bug 1461522 - Make HTMLTooltip position the arrow correctly in RTL mode; r=jdescottes
ea72ff9a6e23abf3aa52aaaf06a9ba8b18ca39c7Henrik Skupin — Bug 1470530 - [wdspec] Refactor "session" fixture for clean-up steps. r=ato
bbccc02967d3eabdc30b32f4b33370c2a2a5d936Henrik Skupin — Bug 1470530 - [wdspec] Move "add_browser_capabilities" fixture under "new_session". r=ato
2732ac33aac97da3f8f6b7d2fd7f8c748edc72fbHenrik Skupin — Bug 1470530 - [wdspec] Always use the "create_dialog" and "create_window" fixtures. r=ato
1ec59d0783a52165b9d7b8e8c9b57e6ff9fde42bHenrik Skupin — Bug 1470530 - [wdspec] Allow parametrization of "session" fixture and remove global "new_session" fixture. r=ato
e4190bcbd4ef1b4dc8bb21c265c667cd007326d1Henrik Skupin — Bug 1470530 - [wptrunner] Correct the warning to error option for pytest. r=ato
7efe662a874d20c9b7747c55f15900dc5da8545eMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1467794 - Split TextEditor::DeleteSelectionAsAction() to itself and TextEditor::DeleteSelectionAsSubAction() r=m_kato
b66f3991034ce4c9e4ea907a64a961bd72f01d7eNathan Froyd — Bug 1473331 - fix environment issues when checking node version; r=me, a=bustage