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Thu Sep 21 20:59:05 2017 +0000
8181e14e4c7f1555eb5b9e98646a159916061a43Ted Mielczarek — bug 1402121 - Add a MissingProgram type to represent the result of check_prog when the program is not found. r?glandium
329b66a4897e6afb0577a60b508c53e8fa46b5eeTed Mielczarek — Handle HOST_OS_LIBS properly when the host and target compilers are different types
2ea4d9953e6a2c136c85e32f78d799c0630b6f85Ted Mielczarek — WSL currently mucks up quotes in commandline arguments passed to native Windows
c3e3fa111dae771ca3b23ff3839e34f15cbb8825Ted Mielczarek — Invoke dumpbin.exe to check NSModule ordering in libxul
b78dea90c1bfd9286eb8b28b95b9ab1965404b90Ted Mielczarek — Use lib.exe in js/src as well
69faf565d04a37db3a7a05e7df2cb11f37e9f5d5Ted Mielczarek — Use a relative path for the response file in expandlibs_exec
4bd613e60f2a5d83197b54192a742a37ab37c166Ted Mielczarek — Fixup: remove INCLUDE_CFLAGS from HOST_{C,CXX}FLAGS
baf66d972c0c023f4eb4688872914d2a6e061bd5Ted Mielczarek — Force EXPAND_LIBS_LIST_STYLE=list when building with MSVC
547cca33fbf51333b42a63d13202a06337a76357Ted Mielczarek — Also remove WIN_TOP_SRC subst
ee1b3641c19acc96e6afed78aec0e96e5aae19fcTed Mielczarek — Add a TOPSRCDIR_WIN constant to the context, use it in browser/app/ for paths to branding files
910a059e527c689e364001e701a4c45d112374eeTed Mielczarek — Remove win_srcdir and BUILD_TOOLS from since they're no longer
c94e6b761b837ca461e2bdc48e526d8c2f40df83Ted Mielczarek — Use srcdir_rel for passing manifest paths to mt.exe
2ad3504190023b926fe4544b58b8f5a4c1043746Ted Mielczarek — Remove the d3d10.h header check for MOZ_ENABLE_D3D10_LAYER
87e6a1779d8b3d6fd4186b923009a6457e6e9ee9Ted Mielczarek — Let MOZ_CAIRO_CFLAGS get evaluated by Makefiles so it can use relative paths.
19300d0cb8c9b494fe8d7e7b78368998c8fe6b90Ted Mielczarek — Revert an change that was incorrect
00286d2d945cc4e66cd4b23e7a42d2f21e035204Ted Mielczarek — Force NSDISTMODE=copy in WSL because symlinks don't work right
d390e5f39e34ac8e2c8b02438411f31506af5bc1Ted Mielczarek — Always include CAIRO_CFLAGS in the compile commandline.
07a3bcd9ca9f6dbe90b74e24ebe2aece42f4137fTed Mielczarek — Reorder INCLUDE_CFLAGS in the compile commandline
c08fd8dfa9ca87d7464da500ab110be53469645dTed Mielczarek — redo some moz.configure bits, auto-set BINDGEN_CFLAGS
cecd1dce4eeb2344e5a2777d2801bd4727ed8bb3Ted Mielczarek — Skip doing checks for some very common headers
b97f8df825b55f7464916d42890b900651d18f6eTed Mielczarek — skip more autoconf checks in WSL
2de521fa07b277d35b08a15bbe50f0bc27f87e60Ted Mielczarek — Quote DEFINES more aggressively in WSL
b38dc73ab4624f5e277dbde31543ccf9d93b5302Ted Mielczarek — Move ANGLE D3D compiler names define to a standalone header file
e75cbaad1bcdf7ff48f07219f8de2f2517d16b23Ted Mielczarek — fixup
6f968a6675e3a4493bbf981e9019c79f8144a565Ted Mielczarek — undo cargo/config change
60ae4fd8055f061eab2573dd4e0dcb8619c1dbd4Ted Mielczarek — bug 1399882 - Wrap cargo invocation in a Python script. r?froydnj
153eef1bd8318faaa05fdb9e4d8f040bdd712706Ted Mielczarek — Use Windows paths when writing unified sources in WSL
5e65a443675bb47ae98e85af9fd5880b555dffe2Ted Mielczarek — Force --no-symlinks for install manifest processing under WSL
30b47c045a11d0a8ff55734aaaa9bb98d181cf75Ted Mielczarek — Avoid a psutil warning on every mach invocation
c43dc471da4b9b8a61d46edf7e5a683d3aa4f484Ted Mielczarek — Make work under WSL
96949eaa5fbda1d6a4fb53ac922d760f6dcb729fTed Mielczarek — Fix some GENERATED_FILES scripts to use relative paths
64d1de14b18da52e92d83eab9d8fb737cd0d5a3cTed Mielczarek — accessible midl hax
15c81ce4e038c5db7b6eb1682d38144233701531Ted Mielczarek — Add a batch script to wrap certain command invocations under WSL
6b5464233197bc531e3e85304f4ca0c9ddadefecTed Mielczarek — bug 1299959 - use GENERATED_FILES for libffi's preprocessed assembly files. r?chmanchester
ec2543d6a0a712fd5843ecc99e59ae004781a14aTed Mielczarek — bug 1399878 - Use LOCAL_INCLUDES instead of CFLAGS in some media files. r?gps
e55f5733b30b15527f7a40df4ae56fb15062f9cdTed Mielczarek — bug 1399877 - Globally define DLL_PREFIX/DLL_SUFFIX. r?gps
e741faa38717e1f754ce2b03386809f6bfd521f9Ted Mielczarek — bug 1399870 - Make DEFFILE a Path instead of a string. r?gps
bad8da300ca3c63680dc2b763db5b8ea2c90e36aTed Mielczarek — baseconfig hacks
4eaadd7bee436b3242cf10b9d5e2fc5be1d3935dTed Mielczarek — Fix MIDL invocation in WSL
a73af671597cf637c029e942d78a4773f684ffe6Ted Mielczarek — Fix script to use relative paths to source files
7488632e1df0531f8b96d68086c9928eed014cefTed Mielczarek — Make recursivemake backend output a srcdir_rel variable in each Makefile
86382af37f15da2961a6638ec2bc2a217122a3a8Ted Mielczarek — misc WSL fixes
10963a11a95bcad7fa975a0c70702ce6426064d2Ted Mielczarek — bug 1311729 - get a build working in WSL
1be773ccede3ed39c29e2724b9fed010522a393bTed Mielczarek — bug 1397263 - move MIDL_FLAGS to moz.configure. r?glandium
32607f91fc876dcdbd01e12fe4ee5ea5188bdeaeTed Mielczarek — Use a relative path for MIDL
55ff202ace28095cbd90473fc1adc8629cdb2b30Ted Mielczarek — bug 1397263 - Move AS and MIDL checks to moz.configure. r?glandium
9324e5e56038a1e548b0fc4d94d9df445734ff1eTed Mielczarek — bug 1396993 - Look in ~/.cargo/bin for rustc+cargo even they're not in PATH. r?rillian
0f2b1b75b83737378d882a3c3e0d8dfb4efecd1fTed Mielczarek — bug 1384557 - move _DEPEND_CFLAGS+CL_INCLUDES_PREFIX to toolchain.configure, ignore {CC,CXX}_WRAPPER when using sccache r=glandium
5589d6a95fb4ae19e141508336b7045649fa51d1Dan Minor — Bug 1382182 - Build signaling common using; r?ted,jesup
31733fd9e737f765b0c67709d6ec04081ddec363Dan Minor — Bug 1382182 - Build peerconnection using; r?ted,jesup
7a4a3ac3087faadc106377a6077771df1a089b72Dan Minor — Bug 1382182 - Build mediapipeline using; r?ted,jesup
049edf13a6107d664fa40203dcc118ddbfb2b73dDan Minor — Bug 1382182 - Build media-conduit using; r?ted,jesup
78a31315cf29d47a98e589d74cc93476c115e825Dan Minor — Bug 1382182 - Build sdp using; r?ted,jesup
9333c25b957c067d6c5718d83726a977af1567c8Dan Minor — Bug 1382182 - Build jsep using; r?ted,jesup