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Fri Apr 21 09:36:13 2017 +0000
085ec0af65404dc397aef7967ee2595e9e5cd1a8Jessica Jong — Bug 1318339 - [DateTimeInput] Prevent reset button from getting focus. r?mossop
950b641e2b9c5109ee8df6b2d39f09529d0f3c38Carsten "Tomcat" Book — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
d7a79e8ceb5813c8bcf4d4d5864b8a093a006c9fDan Glastonbury — Bug 1346665 - P2: Import rustified cubeb_pulse.c. r=kinetik,rillian
29e1433cdec59e97d31679229411ff9ad3dcc34aDan Glastonbury — Bug 1346665 - P1: Enable USE_PULSE_RUST in libcubeb. r=kinetik,rillian
3b55ee79bb6892163f723eef325a217fb4b2842aDragana Damjanovic dd mozilla — Bug 1310197 - Fix comment.r=me
7952b06fc0d0735e1ebb360cbf557ef704482ca1Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1356694 - Create a ProfileGatherer in nsProfiler() if the profiler is active. r=mstange.
1105f666b01948b7bac4bf3566402baf2359fdb4Cervantes Yu — Bug 1024669 - Part 2: Test cases for thread name annotation in the crash report. r=gsvelto
fcd98542af390cfb873aee712e43388c779b07e6Cervantes Yu — Bug 1024669 - Part 1: Annotate crash reports with thread names. r=gsvelto
9fd7a385411f928649da4e53446f0c2327d72d9cDavid Anderson — Fix a race condition between VideoBridge and Compositor thread shutdown. (bug 1356365, r=mattwoodrow)
d8fb7831a005fd6dea8d29bad50dfc3de3480993Iris Hsiao — Backed out changeset 16ec1022fb84 (bug 1358230) for test_formSubmission.html time out in windows
3ccf396a61fe9d2c4170d52051a58472486dda6dMatt Woodrow — Bug 1349418 - Require ASRs to match before allow occlusions between layers. r=mstange
435e638babd1275aca3538fa718f27400755d967Markus Stange — Bug 1349418 - Remove checkerboarding code and just use an opaque background color behind root scroll frames. r=kats
618da494f8ec9b4a7f39eeca5754c10bab4d1cb3Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1358335 - Update pdf.js to version 1.8.243. r=bdahl
bdef06c12da66afcb3247863486b7c320c22b3e5Chris Peterson — Bug 1356843 - Enable -Wcomma clang warnings. r=glandium
6deb37b2d3a1390d2bb84e4db2fcd373b8999144Chris Peterson — Bug 1356843 - Fix -Wcomma warnings in js/. r=jorendorff
e064b7cde203e7756c4c8e96c92e54fc3a0ea7fbShu-yu Guo — Bug 1357483 - Stop changing the end position of parenthesized expression ParseNodes. (r=Waldo)
4bc74de54b5b8e54f045af8e3be9fbce78df1f60Blake Kaplan — Bug 1357959 - Put people who forced into e10s into the multi test group. r=Felipe
c132d492e5bad1da0782279cb9f98117103cc4aaMats Palmgren — Bug 1357655 part 2 - [css-ui] Add an explicit 'appearance:auto' to a couple of reftest that needs it.
0f2c055d69b220875b8e8249bd20705ac0143d1fMats Palmgren — Bug 1357655 part 1 - [css-ui] Make 'none' the initial value for 'appearance' for web and UA compatibility. Add 'appearance:auto' to UA sheets for form controls, XUL etc where needed. r=bz
634530ff65a6bc3e249b538e7aba29124dd2293eBlake Kaplan — Bug 1357909 - Tweak the strings explaining to the user what's happening. r=ochameau
7e27cbd5c6990eb363ca5277e01b05c70fe3d705Bob Clary — Bug 1352054 - Support mach awsy-test on Windows, r=erahm, jmaher.
4002d5c4ca3e6f92c3fef5df4dd7a0ec139618c8Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound, a=merge
a2c9cf2db1e41f369fe7e1edf854317a9bb4ed23Shu-yu Guo — Bug 1357506 - Remove assert that constructorBox can only be set once when parsing classes. (r=Yoric)
81de9d1439b0e352729142f6aa2914674073da03Randall Barker — Bug 1335895 - Android GeckoView Dynamic Toolbar Version 3 r=botond,dvander,jchen,kats
030533bed090ea932ca32d6af60ba22bde4345a8Ben Kelly — Bug 1325254 P5 Make nsITimer::Cancel() O(c). r=froydnj
4b6b6aad7688b3e1a506c898e760997877f8802dBen Kelly — Bug 1325254 P4 Dynamically allocate Entry structs stored in TimerThread::mTimers. r=froydnj
a501885ead3537098c84d651f0a0d9662a2c339fBen Kelly — Bug 1325254 P3 Sort TimerThread list as a binary heap. r=froydnj
29679296c946dde0baf4fd280a572a437b24a255Ben Kelly — Bug 1325254 P2 Make TimerThread list store an entry struct and just drop nsTimerImpl ref on cancel. r=froydnj
4d5f549491e709334416a879b2a8db61e3f19559Ben Kelly — Bug 1325254 P1 Make TimerThread::mTimers store RefPtr<nsTimerImpl> objects. r=froydnj
a49b78b9fef5b98cfbeb7a089323012442135725Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1358018. Make the second arg of CSSOM insertRule methods optional. r=heycam
5ba7199ef8388481eff4f519c84ec2f61619bd01Timothy Nikkel — Backed out changeset 2c6ecadd506b (bug 1354933).
16ec1022fb843058d71f8f74710e93ddf78ccaa1Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1358230 - test_formSubmission.html must delete its temporary files and directories, r=qdot
0215b10785da65b35be75f193056b14e4434f259Bob Clary — Bug 1352333 - remove autophone webrtc test manifests, r=dminor.
68842e58a066e3c6832dcd81f4d3048f257c90ccBob Clary — Bug 1352333 - sync autophone webrtc test manifests with normal webrtc manifests, r=jmaher,dminor.
7b43acb948540e6687bab6d508dcf6add5823e03Iris Hsiao — Backed out 9 changesets (bug 1353689) for web platform reftest failures
ca065b2e52d9068d713074a5b0f49920f681c40aMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1217700 part.4 Add automated tests for IMEContentObserver r=m_kato
ab221fb1ba32534ad3df2478051161c37579791eMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1217700 part.3 Expose text change, selection change and position change notifications to nsITextInputProcessorCallback with nsITextInputProcessorNotification r=smaug
0ea1fc4888f06e0b9dde84ad60aa7632fc2ccb1aMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1217700 part.2 IMEContentObserver should observe all possible notifications and check if it should be notified when it occurs r=m_kato
640ff6dddc6cb411d55b9c897670fa1a690865d1Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1217700 part.1 nsIWidget should return reference to IMENotificationRequests r=m_kato
f866afd3d2d2d5aa026bd03227b13def53c50addCameron McCormack — Bug 1257451 - Make |mach run| use --debugger-args instead of --debugparams, like the mochitest/reftest commands do. r=gps
32ae2383a6d4cdfc2998851f5566783e2ef7716bJW Wang — Bug 1348053 - add the UrgentStart flag to the channel when the loading is initiated by a user interaction for quicker network response. r=cpearce
52e6fe988bd5e387e2a2e16df49bc0f1199eeb20Manish Goregaokar — Bug 1358362- stylo: Whitelist ShapeSource outparams in bindings to satisfy heap write analysis; r=bholley
99fe1b020ce287a7165630e4ec06ef75c1660ae9Patrick McManus — Bug 1297481 - add shutdown state to protocolproxyservice r=bagder
e535df594d220cdf32b45a1c068ad779ff3ad578JW Wang — Bug 1357986 - Use helper functions of TimeUnit to make code more readable. r=kaku
e7a44be96de2543b5dd0dd8e797e0502645513bcJW Wang — Bug 1357983 - remove media::Microseconds. r=gerald
8c3b459026284690b502a26f39b79c869eaa3ab7Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1352628 - Skip clipped-animated-transform-1.html. r=boris
80ac3ea1427e41ee22c874eea11fdffe0a2fe0d1bechen — Bug 1353689 - update /processing-model/* status. Disable tests whose result are not consistent. r=alwu
9a5b36fefb2262ee33bdbd993e36f220566d1efbbechen — Bug 1353689 - selectors/cue_function: update testcase status. r=rillian
44c5f4b4cdfc3ca17265071b2cbcded08d96830abechen — Bug 1353689 - selectors/default_styles: update testcase status. r=rillian
7f2790b4c96369c2a3f63da0723138779fac8826bechen — Bug 1353689 - selectors/cue_function/voice_object: update testcase status. r=rillian
8d8d2824a763b07d4994a759aa7633f8bfdaa9ecbechen — Bug 1353689 - selectors/cue_function/underline_object: update testcase status. r=rillian
d3ced57519982b3c48c289fd89758ac477a9545bbechen — Bug 1353689 - selectors/cue_function/class_object: update testcase status. r=rillian
5179ebf1e9828d069773b38d0e6f477df24d5c95bechen — Bug 1353689 - selectors/cue_function/bold_object: update testcase status. r=rillian
ebf24732e9b39fe164e6d5640b38888bd944e91ebechen — Bug 1353689 - selectors/cue_function/italic_object: update testcase status. r=rillian
e81924e4cff35fa808b499ff801ffa9c8c1d3c8fbechen — Bug 1353689 - selectors/cue : Enable testcases under */selector/* . Fix the padding and overflow issue. r=rillian
0cbed2ce192a796646ed92ad4ad91fa3847ea95eJing-wei Wu — Bug 1232439 - Part 4: Adjust bookmark list UI layout. r=ahunt
5a0b0722bb130a9fc1c696ae0f538725eebe3843Jing-wei Wu — Bug 1232439 - Part 3: Implement full-page bookmark edit dialog. r=ahunt,Grisha
59af50c06ae546baa5124dcdf814260acf4ff311Jing-wei Wu — Bug 1232439 - Part 2: Support get/update/remove bookmark record by ID in BrowserDB. r=Grisha
3b8079a1c1356a0d23f7c7e2907f4f12cdf8228cJing-wei Wu — Bug 1232439 - Part 1: Setup A/B experiment for enabling full bookmark management in Nightly. r=Grisha
a5572924d69aee6fa9bedfb956172d33016c42b0Daosheng Mu — Bug 1353523 - Add adjustable threshold value for VR controller trigger inputs; r=kip
afdbbb3548699b07f6c776c061fb5b8b63db76a3Luke Chang — Bug 1355438 - [Form Autofill] Implement an internal-only pseudo-class for highlighting elements with an autofilled value. r=heycam
aee196633a8655daea6099a9327059f47656c745Alex Touchet — servo: Merge #16509 - Add new Servo icon for Windows (from atouchet:win-ico); r=jdm
9faa446314c3ab5888d64922f647019a5da5b748Tom Tung — Bug 1358035: Move the check for persisting an invalid origin to test_bad_origin_directory.js and add skip beta/release flag on it since we don't check invaild origins on beta/release. r=janv
ab3beca99070efa81bde4ee701885e2d911724a2Andrzej Hunt — Bug 1357630 - infer: (NULL_DEREFERENCE) add null-check to getAppEventDispatcher r=nalexander
afe865149e0e7d544831b5b1f924ad3300e113c3Daosheng Mu — Bug 1358010 - Skip vr mochitests when running on release and non-Windows platforms; r=kip
bae82ca67cf8f7d8693bcdb8c3589f94db9ee3c9Blake Kaplan — Bug 1357909 - Tweak the strings explaining to the user what's happening. r=ochameau
801168366d99ce076d2490d41bd20f52e7abd8f9Gerald Squelart — Bug 1358287 - Stagefright-vs-Rust TrackInfo comparison was incorrect - r=alfredo
7c5b2a620711986339daf29cb2da54871b60dd3bWes Kocher — Merge m-c to autoland, a=merge
201c59beaa5d8c0dec5d025f2a01a518d01eebd9Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #16549 - store simple selectors and combinators inline (from bholley:inline_selectors); r=emilio
4012345f04990905ddea7ff0739e26885d2218e8Aaron Klotz — Bug 1357967: Include mozilla-config.h in HandlerData.idl so that we have access to configured preprocessor defines; r=jimm
37a7653a0c5feccc2417b489d6847051be8e7b42Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 1ac0a2d75a61 (bug 1357556) for busting OSX debug build. r=backout
9bfeb03784153b6aa00086f119f539570896a2baMichael Froman — Bug 1351531 - disable test_peerConnection_simulcastAnswer.html. r=drno
4417d91fd6b2fd025fb157174d5925410969dc81Michael Froman — Bug 1351590 - disable test_peerConnection_simulcastOffer.html. r=drno
09634f2e93430c05c2c6171f03e9ff4e931941c0Manish Goregaokar — Bug 1356276: stylo: Assert that Gecko_CSSFontFaceRule_GetCssText is on the main thread to satisfy heap write analysis; r=bholley
9a8c26fc01203888d8c7420c3ba030708d67c944Dão Gottwald — Bug 1356911 - Remove unnecessary onWidgetInstanceRemoved listener. r=jaws
1ac0a2d75a615ae66647966511d08d12529a20ceNathan Froyd — Bug 1357556 - define a gecko_debug feature for gkrust*; r=emilio
c8c1952346f3861dfed9b834db359f5a6a83e475Sam Foster — Bug 1334642 - Cache luminance values for each toolbar in ToolbarIconColor. r=dao,mconley
6acd711190fced8731a2aa1a1e699cae2b3331aeJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1341102 - Update Stylo expectations. r=me
2735e3c4eeb937d1c246e1e026e974939baa5ce3Nathan Froyd — servo: Merge #16545 - add the gecko_debug feature (from froydnj:moz-debug-feature); r=emilio
bc65b6aff3616a4229e7efb53a04e35dfd1f0883Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset e1c9c6e89f50 (bug 1348097) for asan failures in test_SubsessionChaining.js a=backout
5cc1ea46d8112a94b106c9816e95a2f407e13e27Nick Alexander — Bug 1254355 - Post: Make android-* jobs depend on more of the build. r=gps
6a0e9a3f26735b442f289c65c231986e1f829f9eNick Alexander — Bug 1254355 - Part 2: Generate AndroidManifest.xml using GENERATED_FILES. r=gps
41d155de1019c0c6c693e2bf46bd1dd7b91d244aNick Alexander — Bug 1254355 - Pre: Use #ifdef, not #if, for MOZ_CRASHREPORTER. r=gps
1e269a211fe79ce17e7fcf4041d7f726d23c1e28Manish Goregaokar — Bug 1356305 - stylo: Initialize system metrics before traversing; r=bholley
732dd62950212183eb8c3351be00b17980547468Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset d20f6afea6f0 (bug 1348409) for android failures in test_no_find_showDialog.html a=backout
06ab368e6c0223e7a37c806e0786939620cb3f52J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1341102 - Update Stylo expectations. r=me
e9b061189ad1c4b7a30cc53337ec831cdf34a58bWes Kocher — Bug 1357867 - Lint fixes a=bustage
c631c917016bc2f283305f8df08336fc9bee1445David Keeler — bug 1357226 - work around a library inefficiency with EC keys when verifying ECDSA signatures r=fkiefer,jcj
feb371151541d2a14a138926f2f277f80bff781fJustin Wood — Bug 1357867 - Add balrog and beetmover support to cross compiled OSX, allow dependencies on repackage jobs. r=dustin
598dd73ca7f3c58fc957607c10089709af3bbdf4Justin Wood — Bug 1357867 - Add repackage tasks suited for generating a .dmg from a signed tarball of OSX binaries. r=dustin
83c08163f3111504a6d6c4cfeffdfe082dbbfbbfJustin Wood — Bug 1357867 - Add support for signing OSX cross compile, output is a tarball. r=dustin
e873713a2a8167a7cc248379d2c0a85684beb1c5Justin Wood — Bug 1357867 - Run l10n tasks to completion for OSX cross compile. And report on correct treeherder line. r=dustin
cc380e839a309164bf9e1b28cf5400dd2ee7082cJustin Wood — Bug 1357867 - add support for 'ignore-locales' in tc l10n jobs. r=dustin
4fb4020b8c8ba8f81a1c4c71f24494be526fd2b5Justin Wood — Bug 1357867 - add support for OSX Nightly (cross compile) Builds. r=dustin
e9c6a251a807999609f2d693d1ae9485d14df4cbJustin Wood — Bug 1357867 - Land in progress OSX cross compile nightly support. r=dustin
fc434c277bf9866622811a46ea6a55c2c1a44cc2Jim Porter — Bug 1358197 - Fix the animation pref migration r=jaws
d8ac8edd5843acb6d968b8468bea7773001d26f8Dan Banner — bug 1351657 - Stop shipping as it is unused. r=florian
e1c9c6e89f5009d17ed4fdedc94d1f351b363da4Mark Banner — Bug 1348097 - Fix intermittent failures caused by Experiments.jsm by ensuring the preference monitoring is in sync. r=gfritzsche