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Tue Aug 09 22:06:19 2016 +0000
300b3f5e1cdc6ae43e0abd539fc5c529a2c0828aMiko Mynttinen — Fix Windows compiler error
cd22f3c92fb30c27c6a006494fbb3b46c6483cf1Miko Mynttinen — Use move semantics in BSPTree
70c06030d2b50c36f9fd4de96043c86db669b925Miko Mynttinen — Refactor CalculateDotProduct
d4fcc75db54bfd50735c15494dc978df89a4742dMiko Mynttinen — Rename signum to sign
b16ce9c90a1d7c4ee2d7f4ec754c8a38ddac176aMiko Mynttinen — Use move constructor for points
62ab853cd9b7bfa0b6bef25cc5c86a3e4f7201d1Miko Mynttinen — Add missing explicit keyword
e961c1074a20d9e9601d1cc5a428a52a4121fc99Miko Mynttinen — Make CalculateNormal() more robust
20d9bbd7b73f3ced6bb8cee9e5b22142e2d743a7Miko Mynttinen — Use implicit copy constructor, move constructor, and move assignment operator.
43c9715476c789daf6b6df4c9c7a7394bcb1d5c0Miko Mynttinen — Bug 1292390 - Add BSP tree implementation
362714d0b5d53fa7e3ff40e5fabebc38863dfd57Miko Mynttinen — Add Polygon data structure.