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Mon Sep 11 09:59:00 2017 +0000
61cddc8f6390acb03a8db4a04511e607d28473a2Ethan Lin — Bug 1397375 - Part3. Remove the related webrender user data when destroying a frame. r=jrmuizel
fbf34a12545ea0f3724ab2bf9f89c4b5ca7e4b31Ethan Lin — Bug 1397375 - Part2. Add a table in layer manaher to keep webrender user data. r=jrmuizel
2f714ea9c0f9928b8a7b5a74bc7f90fb705fb710Ethan Lin — Bug 1397375 - Part1. Store frame, display item key, and user data table in the webrender user data. r=jrmuizel