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Fri Aug 18 01:10:01 2017 +0000
4ced189b4972c8cc9ed43adc80abab04332712cdKarl Tomlinson — bug 1391482 delay conversion of output of decodeAudioData() from int16_t to float until necessary r?padenot
f5ccca146bf132c1df4c4fe39a9b534cb3e758e7Karl Tomlinson — bug 1391482 generalize WebAudioDecodeJob buffer as AudioChunk r?padenot
4bdbfcb36f33af95e7fe5ffc4cbbdf72cd87ba71Karl Tomlinson — bug 1391482 permit AudioChunk channel data initialization when mBuffer is not shared r?padenot
eb09b5df00c863a948e78863a89392fcc5ab93c5Karl Tomlinson — bug 1391482 accept int16_t-sample initialization of AudioBuffer r?padenot
9b091ee23d2c268595e15c85c850fa9100746d4aKarl Tomlinson — bug 1391482 add a method to create an AudioBuffer from AudioChunk data r?padenot
997099d4117048acd94ac5af23a7814b29437beeKarl Tomlinson — bug 1391482 move AudioBuffer parameter checking to constructor r?padenot
690a36d34f342c77f9de124e69f4dd9320cd72d7Karl Tomlinson — bug 1391482 accept int16_t sample buffers in ConvolverNode r?padenot
7598e714dea76c4857073f836185a7bb1372ecfaKarl Tomlinson — bug 1391482 accept int16_t sample buffers in AudioBufferSourceNode r?padenot
faf13d54356fd82d70601f57f9888fb65edf2885Karl Tomlinson — bug 1391482 remove now-unused ThreadSharedFloatArrayBufferList SetBuffer() variant r?padenot
0fa957cf17c4674e4b33b79cf186f87e59c04cffKarl Tomlinson — bug 1391482 use AudioChunk to store and pass PeriodicWave data to engine r?padenot
9d9c4c3405437d7b435268dc276a348e5fcd6d1bKarl Tomlinson — bug 1391482 keep custom oscillator data buffer on graph thread only long enough to initialize the PeriodicWave r?padenot
601727c524675f2e007abec566410c284c6bf61eKarl Tomlinson — bug 1391482 add a fallible SharedBuffer::Create() r?padenot
e42ede828bb6f7f1cadbd0e8f5b6eb15ebc6a5eaKarl Tomlinson — bug 1391482 generalize shared channel data from AudioBuffer as AudioChunk r?padenot
2128750db4677bb595c5df4006b2bca10b80ba63Karl Tomlinson — bug 1391482 add a mechanism to pass an AudioChunk from node to engine r?padenot
442fcfdf9246941fb0e62c5577be45b9322c7062Karl Tomlinson — bug 1391482 use AudioChunk to generalize AudioBuffer shared channel storage r?padenot
5da7e2c2a062ba2110dcab86f24b7a054722d544Karl Tomlinson — bug 1024182 test normalization of convolution buffers via response concatenation r?dminor
3543061c2e4f672ab1f2066bab3f19183443dc5aKarl Tomlinson — bug remove unused MediaStream::ConsumerCount() r?