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Thu Aug 17 09:53:13 2017 +0000
5fa847ee8a5981b5b1cbf45157452fdd687bcb8dEthan Lin — Bug 1387325 - Part3. Add annotations for reftests after adding WR support for XUL image. r=mattwoodrow
dbe9f22f7fdccbab206c16f74e6ef33946c3074fEthan Lin — Bug 1387325 - Part2. Add WR support for nsDisplayXULImage. r=mattwoodrow
761a860b4a2d9bd1d6b36ea8260ccf4fbf69ebdcEthan Lin — Bug 1387325 - Part1. Refactor nsImageBoxFrame::PaintImage to make it easier to add WR support. r=mattwoodrow