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Wed Nov 30 21:04:43 2016 +0000
f1fd5e11dffbd1b355366ce720456786c22a4911Nathan Froyd — Bug 1321379 - set cc_is_clang for CLANG_CL also; r?ted.mielczarek
8c71cfe5cdd6e1885dfa2b72a8c418f1293bbcacNathan Froyd — Bug 1298418 - use clang modules with ffvpx's libavutil and clang-cl; r?mshal
5fa474b334377dae32967f386f39dbe29e2c70d1David Major — Bug 1316090: Give BaseRange::FinalizeMerge a body to work around a bug in trunk clang.
3ae0b138ceafb466933030425f2cf641af842182Nathan Froyd — turn off warnings about missing braces in gmp-clearkey
d57ece373a6b8165debb2389c5b791b70901b78bNathan Froyd — add bmiintrin.h to libavutil's intmath.h
cd50333d9dc87ea02cfde8330733dad8f0660286Nathan Froyd — discard the bogus warning arguments derived during configure