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Wed May 04 07:51:34 2016 +0000
85decf745dff79e2e35327272744d3b31ad9f45dJan Beich — Bug 1259537 - Unbreak libc++ build after bug 1245076. r?glandium
54e84fa84d6defa32626421af67e634203256122Phil Ringnalda — Back out 23bf1e82cc34 (bug 1265237) for reftest failures
5a8498e9069201f3d4f79da44f86484f2c62c19dPhil Ringnalda — Back out cdec576dad5e (bug 1019425) for massive Android test failure
23bf1e82cc3425e7e1d1224dd1723916a084507eMatt Woodrow — Bug 1265237 - Clear clipping for out-of-flow frames that we are descending into but haven't stored explicit clip data for. r=mstange
51a3298d499ed6f77247919715784b991f6054ceMatt Woodrow — Bug 1269184 - Make sure we create an nsDisplayWrapList around nsDisplayPerspective items so that the z-index of the perspective frame gets taken into account. r=mstange
aef562eaad80d8c5bc4b1ba97c653e71593c6b79Andreas Farre — Bug 1268851 - Add SRILogHelper to hold GetSriLog r=baku
4c899c66ce31912548cb3f4ccaa763c6ed503fe7Michael Kohler — Bug 1217031 - createPattern should not throw NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE if image usability check returns bad r=bz
454eb0d09444b724f64cfeecb0214278995f8c7cDragana Damjanovic — Bug 1269055 - If a connection is reused, retry requests even if the request method is not safe (revert to old(ff45) behavior).r=mcmanus
5f70b758154b90874cc5a4995ef87534a57cff9dNick Fitzgerald — Bug 1260712 - The JS shell's principals should be structured cloneable; r=sfink
1738cb0de145f7cb689bb819900ff0de06bbf9daKit Cambridge — Bug 1185716 - Unregistering a service worker should drop its push subscription. r=bkelly
ff82b00b481ed96257bd93ce3e28e882a2f292b6David Anderson — Remove unused null widget checks. (bug 1269037 part 2, r=mchang)
a5086ab888367112761074071ce56ce95ca7a113David Anderson — Use CompositorWidgetProxy for dispatching vsync to the compositor. (bug 1269037 part 1, r=mchang)
2872b9050cab51f33bc0d95b72461a990b80dd34David Anderson — Restrict SetDispAcquireFence's nsIWidget access to Gonk. (bug 1269653 part 2, r=kats)
3a4e68d0112b13c94e47e0f11b73aafdeebd844aDavid Anderson — Don't use nsIWidget to check APZ in LayerManagerComposite. (bug 1269653 part 1, r=kats)
8a037cb33a3d93a6a2c7aeec3b725eb796713b43Jeff Walden — Bug 1269928 - Rename ScriptedDirectProxyHandler to ScriptedProxyHandler now that DPH is gone (and SDPH hasn't even inherited from DPH in ages). r=efaust
1d72d5a56b144d8ddfefa99ad299f63cb521f546Jeff Walden — Bug 1269928 - Fold DirectProxyHandler into Wrapper, which is now its only (non-test) consumer. r=efaust