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Wed Mar 16 22:40:30 2016 +0000
73427a49930a1654288cf0e738c1b4032c2f12eaDustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1231320: supply actions to mozharness from the task definition; r?jlund
69944817bb3ea581aa3311c5153ed20dca201c10Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1231320: support min_scm_level and default secret specs; r=mshal r=garndt r=pmoore
0ebfbdcb7fcd91da9aaea9d3b422a7117bb2fb2bDustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1231320: pull from secrets API in TaskCluster r=mshal r=pmoore r=garndt
fd6c1f7f3e4eef20b5f08106b8ac73599bdc8c88L. David Baron — Bug 1256745 - Cancel the DidPaint timer in SetShell(nullptr). r=mattwoodrow
f7597cb7ff9b38678b666dc24e381a91aecde493Eitan Isaacson — Bug 1254738 - Normalize speech rate for speech dispatcher. r=smaug
75e29a228b8063345d8a6f171fcd5798d476adcdKyle Huey — Bug 1257042: Remove the worker descriptor for PushEvent and PushMessageData. r=bz
5cb9d1e18724a6edea730b395dd14e147a40ea4aEitan Isaacson — Bug 1256521 - Normalize speech rate in Windows. r=smaug
26242740f9805048f2c17cc801f256ce843ad155Jakob Stoklund Olesen — Bug 1256945 - Coerce SIMD lane indexes with ToNumber(). r=bbouvier
5659ed97095ea8ccf168fcc72b7e3980318aec95Felipe Gomes — Bug 1257251 - Annotate e10s cohort in crash report. r=Mossop
5b23762829adab66d7e98305efe08b243f61e72dFelipe Gomes — Bug 1255013 - Tag disqualified cohorts in e10s staged rollout. r=Mossop
1de5e65c1fff0fd518436c71dd7693fd65b1fc7aFelipe Gomes — Bug 1257242 - Improve RTL checks to actually check for RTL instead of using a hardcoded list. r=jimm
0278f6e0475cd422ca816b1c913bd40a4786fd09Felipe Gomes — Bug 1257242 - Split the ::BrowserTabsRemoteAutostart() function into two parts, to allow for the blocking policies to be checked independently from the prefs checks. r=jimm
2837103f30fb2cb9c9c8ad114fba941c1b1a7c53Gregory Szorc — Bug 1257036 - Disable C4302 to unblock compilation on VS2015; r=bobowen
f3d0a675497675ea4907f49f423fd803dd655923Gregory Szorc — Bug 1257040 - Disable C4577 to unblock compilation on VS2015; r=jorendorff
1d1a5a63f89b40f3f9ada4fd1e903438cdc98a56Kim Brown — Bug 1130979 - Added ANON constant to By class and changed hard-coded values in test file; r=maja_zf
31c47d3ac2bb7c199abadbbfa09f786411fd3faaKim Brown — Bug 1130979 - Changed hard-coded values to constants from By; r=maja_zf
6ee273d5e8683f95947e865ff1d882beb149416fBlake Kaplan — Bug 1254856 - Add a mochitest to ensure that we send the proper cookies. r=ckerschb
e59a9fc7b1550a9378618bb45cc30a6730114538Gregory Szorc — Bug 1253707 - Script to generate visual studio toolchain archive; r=ted
6d67d7bd2c78edc5c697e265920b2b1b8d047b9fSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 06101225c145 (bug 1257042) for bustage. r=backout on a CLOSED TREE