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Wed Nov 16 01:30:27 2016 +0000
a4d12b70f77e7abb554a14c2a15ea4208a2985e6Fred Lin — Bug 1314528 - [webconsole] enable mocha test on windows;r=linclark
1a61823dcbc4738b7ec91b8de85ca5b890741279Fred Lin — Bug 1314528 - [webconsole] rename requireHelper to require-helper;r=linclark
5cd867e3258be1a56c712f6dfa9f8b8532f7a8ffaleth — Bug 1317674 - Use the correct path to the binary for comm builds in the XPCOM glue check + exceptions for Calendar and Instantbird. r=glandium
68d6f69e0837db5a8790c18d6f0040e9de3abe88David Keeler — bug 1301407 - add annotated crashes to find out why PSM initialization is failing r=dragana
7d1f7dd996f7fd220781aa93f1ac82f98971631cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1310845 - Remove support for mozapp iframes; r=fabrice,jryans,baku,mcmanus
fe64a3cfb7f03798a474a2e6882ec50333c08714Ryan Hunt — Bug 1317512 - Prevent overflow when using device reset prefs. r=milan
ba22cd08d1236504e79bc55cccd7a99fa2a7761dJonathan Watt — Bug 1316750, part 3 - Add special case code to handle CAIRO_SURFACE_TYPE_WIN32 in PrintTarget::GetReferenceDrawTarget. r=edwin
8fedd88f64885a8ec64e587f185d557ff718d2ccJonathan Watt — Bug 1316750, part 2 - Add CairoContentToCairoFormat helper to HelpersCairo.h. r=edwin
c313bf4cfde98e8a3b01f209405d795c6e44461bJonathan Watt — Bug 1316750, part 1 - Add special case handling for CAIRO_SURFACE_TYPE_QUARTZ to PrintTarget::GetReferenceDrawTarget. r=edwin
1c43a08d519f145437fa3aaef825fa44a8c54782Daniel Holbert — Backed out changeset b2b359340a84 (bug 1283302) for causing talos regressions.
0912331c9f313eec0989ab123f2c1559cccce2b1Jonathan Watt — Bug 1316299 - Invert broken logic in DrawTargetSkia::CreateSimilarDrawTarget's warning. r=lsalzman
32387613c3056728ab0ed2da07cf4d29265baf06Jonathan Watt — Bug 1317295 - Record PrintTarget::GetReferenceDrawTarget DrawTargets. r=edwin
44a2afb9ddf8ff2243c9d7ee101e12a55a697947Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1317466. Remove legacycaller annotations in web platform tests from interfaces that don't have legacy callers in the spec. r=jgraham
0a7ad34a4a516c5a6b34431a62823c538888f3adBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1317591. Get rid of IsCallerChrome usage in Navigator. r=bkelly
52cfc93236f0dcf6afb4f9ab290b257e4cf08c48Benjamin Smedberg — Build bustage fixup from bug 1314378 and bug 1314955 - remove things from the whitelist which are no longer built, r=lumpy on a CLOSED TREE
fa4c2f76351daff538a681fde73797395fac5514Nathan Froyd — Bug 1317802 - don't stop for SIGSYS in .gdbinit; r=jld
4873321befff7cc0c251b34b29192140070f1702Dave Townsend — Bug 1316882: Turn on space-before-function-paren eslint rule (toolkit). r=jaws
dfa1b55da2b1a0d1ab60f20f0540d1ede684ea0bDave Townsend — Bug 1316882: Turn on space-before-function-paren eslint rule (browser). r=jaws
e1fa4eab9a051a4db542e4c65871e34623171b6aDave Townsend — Bug 1316882: Turn on space-unary-ops eslint rule. r=MattN
519f9207ae90aba24f21e29050be112fbb4b45fbDave Townsend — Bug 1316882: Turn on rest-spread-spacing eslint rule. r=felipe
5e3138495bcf2a63b5ca13d559bd584838fc99bfDave Townsend — Bug 1316882: Turn on func-call-spacing eslint rule. r=bgrins
a958562f3d67a8bcb8c0dd98f2e4d54c1365b675Dave Townsend — Bug 1316882: Turn on space-infix-ops eslint rule. r=jaws
e5c8e3d23cf2750d7be106d8dd837d368db326b3Michael Layzell — Bug 1316964 - Make the append and assign methods on the rust nsstring types more generic, r=froydnj
b99edf918b964e1ad5d096c26cc439818d925891Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 1314955 part C - Make the `binary-component` manifest instruction obsolete: it will continue to be parsed and will report a deprecation notice to the browser console. r=froydnj
a99c6ce96b6f25a4935bc41fe32841c9b94f1546Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 1314955 part B - Remove the tests for binary-component which is no longer supported. r=froydnj
c78f97c0b77126fa37c857728192f2e2d0c2d99cBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 1314955 part A - Move the binary xpconnect testing components into libxul so that we can remove support for external binary components. Ideally we'd only compile these into the xul-gtest version, but currently we can't run xpcshell tests against that version, so I'm going to put them into the release xul, r=mrbkap
4585a7b6f3ce8c8dc7b7e043e0fae86f8e5ee392Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 1314378 part B - port TestStartupCache to gtest, r=froydnj
419e1a311337ecdf208f5474f182d1f88102cc9fBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 1314378 part A - remove startupcache telemetry of dubious value. r=froydnj
cb47917f245791b147cc830fbdc016aac7aea19cTrevor Saunders — bug 1316154 - allow testing that an async event comes before or after other events r=yzen
dd21f10a7d6eb49adf92e452cd43e023ff5127faTrevor Saunders — bug 1316789 - UncacheChildren should not go between documents r=davidb
c99f95ab0b907d44feba3047045ae86fe606884dDavid Anderson — Fix canvas crashing when the GPU process aborts. (bug 1314427, r=nical)
e66c6309387c05577e0e698f69c8c70a8d16221dMatthew Gregan — Bug 1314514 - Update libcubeb to 8bab182c. r=padenot
9822e0525b82bcca19078eab6532c8972977a156Vladimir Vukicevic — Bug 1300925 - Change Intl.cpp stubs to an anonymous namespace. r=Waldo
07fa89dfac8390c8529181cbf818b6e5c1a75bf1Kris Maglione — Bug 1315504: Split up test_ext_cookies_permissions.
ea07c491499006c6650fbd75431a393c4f4d124dWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 359999c77a46 (bug 1314514) for build bustage a=backout CLOSED TREE
0cc3a3f1c16a591228b0d6926fdc29ef67ffaeb7Michael Layzell — Bug 1317705 - Pass aRestoreImmediately through to SessionStoreInternal, r=Yoric a=kwierso CLOSED TREE
21c34e0253358ec53a5e689f83dfcf70b3ad4964Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 100920157ed0 (bug 1317705) for bc4 failures a=backout
627c11c223122d1ea7335077bdb833cfb8e1ff82Christian Holler (:decoder) — Bug 1302451 - Import LibFuzzer code. r=froydnj
359999c77a46de239e61e84d1df532bb3239c7d5Matthew Gregan — Bug 1314514 - Update libcubeb to 8bab182c. r=padenot
e00b84844187e03a064d1f1f359fab02cbf841fbMichael Layzell — No bug - Correct previously ignored argument to gBrowser.duplicateTab, a=bustage
2e3043cf0b4dec6fe9fe7c2a97be05a072a57335Mats Palmgren — Bug 1317351 - Reftest.
e4e19a28e8af70b9de83f3d8dbf9f5e062720691Mats Palmgren — Bug 1317351 - Make CloneReflowInputWithReducedContentBox use logical coordinates, which avoids doing math on NS_UNCONSTRAINEDSIZE ComputedWidth() when it's an unconstrained block-size. r=jfkthame
355aec7f1abec8f42fe12c93dda494e70dd7fb1eJoel Maher — Bug 1316606 - fix test_save_restore_radio_groups.html to be run multiple times in the same browser. r=mounir
741ff57b2407d7245354ec4688ce9e12e218ba05Milan Sreckovic — Bug 1313884: Part 2. Additional nullptr test and nightly/aurora crash if bad things happen. r=gw280
55ceefe2f5aa83f8bf08ba43be938ad92c2bee22Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1317606. Get rid of LegacyIsCallerChromeOrNativeCode in barprop code. r=bkelly
1780e17c3c7a287d9cc0ce0d97a394647bb1e88bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1317720. Use NeedsCallerType instead of NeedsSubjectPrincipal for DataTransfer.types. r=mystor
e7eecb6dbcc5ea93786bd514069fd85d01888947Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1317599. Get rid of LegacyIsCallerChromeOrNativeCode use in datatransfer code. r=mystor
b26a22e74be42ef795aaddc925e9791e872e0c3bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1317597. Stop using LegacyIsCallerChromeOrNativeCode use in nsObjectLoadingContent. r=qdot
683874fa09afc9c61f0e754d9ea36043e38f6441Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1317596. Stop using LegacyIsCallerChromeOrNativeCode in geolocation code. r=jdm
948aee86bbf4867d6b67b5c24ce1dcef5437db91Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1317367 part 4. Pass an explicit CallerType to HTMLInputElement::GetValueInternal. r=smaug
85d87f11fc091c3c5afb762050efd2cabb0a0892Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1317367 part 3. Pass an explicit CallerType to HTMLInputElement::SetValue at all callsites. r=smaug
071649612731a4719ccfcdeb935336db61a7079dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1317367 part 2. Make HTMLInputElement::GetValue infallible again; just return empty string on OOM. To a first approximation no one checks the return value anyway. r=smaug
600c55ee185b6a2a4e988c093f58e606949a64a6Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1317367 part 1. Get rid of the XPCOM MozGet/SetFileNameArray methods on HTMLInputElement. r=smaug
7d6c3fc9d6e41ce030ff6714ab06f519c5f188f0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1316661 part 6. Get rid of nsIObjectLoadingContent.hasRunningPlugin, since it's unused. r=smaug
6bf41608a192873d72639a0e58450f3f14036f46Kris Maglione — Bug 1308416: Un-request longer timeout for browser_ext_windows_create, since the last failure was before it was split up.
c02bd40b1f686ef0054190e07f5e4ec9bfa1cc15Ms2ger — Bug 1316636 - Remove Web Storage tests from imptests; r=jgraham
63120fccd9a26e9118c6a9d1c99777f6f39fa0a8Kris Maglione — Bug 1315769, 1308416: Request longer timeouts for tests that can't be split up.
123e6164b536b9c4c873792dc1c5ed53a5951219Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1317551. Make the main image drawing path ask for async notifications. r=aosmond
3ee3be133a5e9552eb9e4ba1baec86de0015330fAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1317688 - Get rid of old code in IPC Blob, r=qdot
cd8a02710115a0d9fa973a451384798f36b44fa0Kris Maglione — Bug 1312492: Fix intermittent. r=me
100920157ed03214e9f110eabaadfb44b16dd25dMichael Layzell — Bug 1317705 - Pass aRestoreImmediately through to SessionStoreInternal, r=Yoric
b1a768d3a1ea834a4898e3c6703f295089b67f3bAndrew McCreight — Backed out changeset 63cafb0c2f0f (bug 1315837) for causing bug 1317415.
fef1eecca5bf6e3afa3b379974c4fe14c0342289Gabriel Luong — Bug 1308260 - Part 1: Emit an event with the new grid layout actors on page navigations from the LayoutActor. r=pbro
5c79c47c39795fbe4c530813d47663dea8813079Jan de Mooij — Bug 1317402 - Clear the isBigEnoughForAShapeTable cache when removing dictionary shapes. r=jonco
8d6553075ae1ce62d1032b13906892e508e9e1f7Jan de Mooij — Bug 1315262 - Don't purge shape tables in the self-hosting zone. r=jonco
3656a6f2cd7e5c93f32c820d73ed73ad1a170daeJan de Mooij — Bug 1310125 part 2 - Port Baseline scripted getter IC stub to CacheIR. r=h4writer
a9c898900950efe519e898507414e6e4f10240b4Jan de Mooij — Bug 1310125 part 1 - Don't use |holder| for own property getters/setters in IonBuilder. r=h4writer