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Fri Nov 18 03:26:11 2016 +0000
7df951b8a0fa1975461cfa00968110dbcd20739eWander Lairson Costa — Bug 1316077 part 3: Add in-tree config support to taskcluster_helper. r=jlund
ece6496af4018d3d07bb28fcf168532580b7730aWander Lairson Costa — Bug 1316077 part 2: remove taskcluster scheduler from mozharness. r=jlund
dfe6e8c6168b4150117edb0fc03808b820b2b650Wander Lairson Costa — Bug 1316077 part 1: Support buildbot-bridge for talos tests. r=dustin
8e476f8bd52d13cc1648e15ea2b72641c2d7bd8aPhil Ringnalda — Merge m-i to m-c, a=merge
1fdb5a1b0d86d274c23f5d4232432c13dc42df79Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1318210 - Remove nsIAppsService; r=baku
1e14d92676fb3d75fe5302b20c3df6a934b4a253Brian Hackett — Bug 1315596 - Don't evict bundles which won't help with allocating the target bundle, r=sunfish.
0371c68cb1299f237de97ea134e926fff0bdf413Trevor Saunders — bug 1270916 - enable the browser tests that were disabled for e10s r=davidb
a60c2cde52bfd37662b28b42b3bfb6978f7c88d4Luke Wagner — Bug 1318252 - Baldr: Serialize Import's DefinitionKind (r=bbouvier)
48e65314c869d8d2fa7cea9ced0f61469dfff962Luke Wagner — Bug 1318039 - Baldr: Make preamble of asm.js cache entries word-size-invariant (r=bbouvier)
234ca79c0f2ec4371cf7b83c4c9549584bb9d029Luke Wagner — Bug 1317967 - Baldr: Fix x86 float32 stack argument passing (r=bbouvier)
32bde324c727a46b0409bc174ec33ca2d77bdc1aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1318209 - Remove mozIApplication; r=baku
aba885aafee0210b1f063a423b1c0b3ce28d15f7Neil Deakin — Bug 1311279, scroll the select popup when click+drag is used, r=mconley
23ec12a251ee2bcfdd0082961497a2b7399b209dNeil Deakin — Bug 1311279, add a chrome-only setCapture method that can ignore the allowed state, r=smaug
7aba2499cb40fc8b0572f5f5c6cc997bcf234bdfNeil Deakin — Bug 1314251, close menulist on alt+up/down, r=ksteuber
98d67bafe40ad311ecb0c6b07358840ae86a2e0cNeil Deakin — Bug 1313131, don't wrap when using cursor navigation in menus onr dropdowns on Mac, or dropdowns on Windows, r=ksteuber
74a7f0bc633a96ccb0b862f5ebb5366d2a134f0cNeil Deakin — Bug 1314647, clear active state of select on mouseup, r=mconley
a925f48bcc829d19b1c9f35d15c5a5f03b23b91cCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset deec8c2ba931 (bug 1314647) for eslint failures
68e56e111cb0661ee18e31bd4606bbc5b699935eCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 4ed7a34ea7ab (bug 1313131)
e6add5df4a48af3473e52152fc961ef7569cd40cCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 9af8f4f33471 (bug 1314251)
04c9c3dfa5ed3e4502df9a59a03091e381e5ba04Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 1ba0d3288318 (bug 1311279)
1e7572a929286154fd57f4555f7a6e0ae272e17fCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 09093d38540e (bug 1311279)
2a4bb548ea792e29b74d346f09509bc418613bdcEthan Lin — Bug 1317403 - Add crashtest. r=mstange
2cafc11ef680aabea4dfa30b6b7a7555890f057fEthan Lin — Bug 1317403 - Check if draw rect is empty beforing creating drawtarget. r=mstange
3f54ab9946badd562d0caa08fbd8f3e97f7161e9Andrew McCreight — Bug 1317258 - Call HoldJSObjects in VRFrameData's ctor. r=smaug
09093d38540e133c7d47061e8ab65b2a9b251758Neil Deakin — Bug 1311279, scroll the select popup when click+drag is used, r=mconley
1ba0d328831864d9302b01da2db11a85713df9a1Neil Deakin — Bug 1311279, add a chrome-only setCapture method that can ignore the allowed state, r=smaug
9af8f4f33471454d4e645f22900f50c64ddf4316Neil Deakin — Bug 1314251, close menulist on alt+up/down, r=ksteuber
4ed7a34ea7ab5e1f9febafca8133c9959e151db5Neil Deakin — Bug 1313131, don't wrap when using cursor navigation in menus onr dropdowns on Mac, or dropdowns on Windows, r=ksteuber
deec8c2ba9314dadb8a4e80581f8cba467de854fNeil Deakin — Bug 1314647, clear active state of select on mouseup, r=mconley
b64acfad92a76d50787a2e60384b492b3fd74976Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 1daa455a877d (bug 1285074) for spidermonkey bustage
fbab4273091a74ab81765cdf3ed39c110e1cae76Stone Shih — Bug 1305458 Part14: Refine assertion in EventTargetChainItem::Create r=smaug
2078069f8c16f49503bd9936219723618f62df3dStone Shih — Bug 1305458 Part13: Refine event target chain creation. r=smaug
a961e6f688310a7351cd5ea2c8518208837f6dcaStone Shih — Bug 1305458 Part12: Refine EventTargetChain flags to reduce overheads. r=smaug
f52950131023879257d28ee404753db810db8779Stone Shih — Bug 1305458 Part11: Let HTMLInputElement delegate event handling to it's parent class. r=smaug
5db030d2903a30f255214171161a2f913f75a1bfStone Shih — Bug 1305458 Part10: Add test case. r=smaug
5fbc6dab40e39e676ce0a33472e3e0ccee1adb7fStone Shih — Bug 1305458 Part9: Move fire events and set value from HTMLInputElement::GetEventTargetParent to PreHandleEvent. r=smaug
1a75a459c545012a96fd540bd8715f67483c95b8Stone Shih — Bug 1305458 Part8: Move dispatch XUL command from nsXULElement::GetEventTargetParent to PreHandleEvent. r=smaug
be4e001288d083d13940bc4bb5f114f890587946Stone Shih — Bug 1305458 Part7: Refine nsXULElement::GetEventTargetParent. r=smaug
5d88da6f4b038f2181af49352d40bcb7ed344740Stone Shih — Bug 1305458 Part6: Move fire change event from HTMLTextAreaElement::GetEventTargetParent to PreHandleEvent. r=smaug
76bc134bda0074477b6af6c80afd162890e47598Stone Shih — Bug 1305458 Part5: Move form control frame focus/blur from nsGenericHTMLFormElement::GetEventTargetParent to PreHandleEvent. r=smaug
fdf729308c4042a06e050da49de50c2ead150ca3Stone Shih — Bug 1305458 Part4: Call EventTargetChainItem::PreHandleEvent even it sets mCanHandle=false. r=smaug
ec4c31d96593226bb42aad94b0d95aa24972ea8aStone Shih — Bug 1305458 Part3: Add EventTargetChainItem::GetFirstEventTarget. r=smaug
d6c53113dd779d7e2a6f66d4503bf5e6e33f8644Stone Shih — Bug 1305458 Part2: Add nsIDOMEventTarget::PreHandleEvent. r=smaug
fa88425550714adf2c999aa37da4b21b921c5d11Stone Shih — Bug 1305458 Part1: Rename nsIDOMEventTarget::PreHandleEvent to nsIDOMEventTarget::GetEventTargetParent. r=smaug
d81df33d18c739d0753fe49d4ddb9ed41465328cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1318207 - Remove Navigator.mozPermissionSettings; r=baku
cf4ecf3ac6b8e29267cb2f147b6bafbc9153d772André Bargull — Bug 1317387: The intrinsic %ThrowTypeError% function should be frozen. r=till
9aebfb76b604d920969730bec1fd48bd0dbe58d1André Bargull — Bug 1317306: Length property of %TypedArray% is zero in ES2016. r=evilpie
103f438fb9b27d864b36c850dcaf82d48a7dee9aGeorg Kilzer — Bug 1316079 - Mark JS::PropertyDescriptor as JS_PUBLIC_API to fix linking. r=luke
8294478fc1bbbc1029c5c95359e0a76fd3875e15Vincent Lequertier — Bug 1312155 - Move border-width constants out of nsPresContext; r=heycam
a7cb56d86cb73a56ffba2b819266dc1fd5a3852cTobias Schneider — Bug 1315837 - Crash in mozilla::dom::Element::UpdateIntersectionObservation. r=mrbkap
2778571f6f34c4c13d1ff5f1e5ebef4875092894Ahmed (Gentz) El Gendy — Bug 1234317 - Update mLastSizeMode when window size mode changes within Windows widget, avoids a window focus problem on Windows 10 with theme changes. r=jimm
25b0168c9cc78b7fca048c1b1240926659f98033Robin Templeton — Bug 1188586 - Fix exponentiation of non-primitive values. r=jandem
1daa455a877d0afbc622cf0050596d1d08fc367aSean Stangl — Bug 1285074 - Make ICacheMap manipulation signal-safe. r=luke
63a584c9d1f87ac5a4ab5b96447771a32d1cc63dTaahir Ahmed — Bug 1294042 - Implement constant folding for MPow r=h4writer
9c8cc3af1870bb33831923b0b3fa3ab4373d6f72Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1315905 - Cleanup Necko http security check - part 2 - tests, r=valentin
aa99928b7bb8e9c60ab1ae341d2ae4fea4a5254eAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1315905 - Cleanup Necko http security check - part 1, r=valentin
0f59393d3669fb192fb9178651fdf301983ab4deCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
951fc49fe05e7d3c1e077b92c15367277d8eba43Lars T Hansen — Bug 1317678 - don't unconditionally unroll stack probe loop. r=luke
45f214b73596d7d1b194822e7e5a85ee606c372dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1318206 - Remove some unused code for clearing app data; r=baku,mcmanus
5e51ba71c958fbec2b6774c2d39e22d9e3f9c5fbEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1315146 - Avoid using the Web-facing Range methods in nsTextControlFrame::SetSelectionInternal(); r=baku
eb0e39566b63239abd2b71cba08c5775e48ac1fdBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 1317319: Tweak AstDecodeFunctionBody; r=luke
954af429f89cf4e21398fdb30f3062c393baa84cBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 1317319: Move sections decoding around to follow their order in the binary; r=luke
04f447c49c4695eaed0da6e65c1fc22e6386353dBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 1317319: Factor out Elem section decoding; r=luke
bcaa68d34a94c6b7b2614e2e0eaaeb8cfa04d4a4Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1317319: Factor out Start section decoding; r=luke
5d3cab095f63084a4b86082bf2bbe55ce7283749Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1317319: Factor out Export section decoding; r=luke
5b9544a7f1d8598f37cbe9f8b7302b84f775c82dBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 1317319: Factor out Global section decoding; r=luke
75b417fb952fb20d3dec91949e653d015600015eBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 1317319: Factor out Table section decoding; r=luke
49305a317143402c791b71d667c0b1ca9c512e0bAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1313420 - Implement Performance.timeOrigin - part 4 - tests, r=me
68b33d652efc4e502fc2f270026434cee7dc86a9Jan de Mooij — Bug 1310125 part 3 - Fix IsCacheableGetPropCallScripted perf regression. r=h4writer
c5f032bd4cf861c3058f244140399f7fb2fea663aleth — Bug 1317674 - Use the correct path to the binary for comm builds in the XPCOM glue check + exceptions for Calendar and Instantbird. r=glandium
a72de75573c855e675328d3ceba32ebd84fab983Edwin Flores — Bug 1301381 - Clean up VaryingPacking::packVarying - r=jrmuizel
0f869d4c93ef11e91cb2190e5fed03404d21fdf4Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1313420 - Implement Performance.timeOrigin - part 3 - tests, r=me
51357859be9ef65ddc3f33f088e77e5aae0fa153Kestrel — Bug 1235822 - Focus window for beforeunload dialog so it is seen when shutting down. r=dao
89236ec592e1cb7eee96c4757d4cf6e61faabce5Dão Gottwald — Bug 1318104 - History panel should expose keyboard shortcuts for restoring the last closed tab / window. r=jaws
3a6b9978359679fe2efdaabee69cba7fc968443eJan de Mooij — Bug 1289610 - Don't discard Baseline code in ~AutoClearTypeInferenceStateOnOOM. r=bhackett
c22f17e0db9d41cd15cd22fd4fb38730f4927d8aAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1313420 - Implement Performance.timeOrigin - part 2 - tests, r=bz
cf0f72f0b0be8817389893a625c12c4bbc04922bAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1313420 - Implement Performance.timeOrigin - part 1, r=bz
741cfaed340dc6d2c3bba29e98ece74f6e281326Phil Ringnalda — Merge autoland to m-c, a=merge
c8d1de55c6bfb14f68001a45a7f33a460ca221edSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 50f830bdb2c8 (bug 1315121) for failing reftest-sanity/page-width-4.1in.html on OS X 10.10 debug. r=backout on a CLOSED TREE
099dfc7c8f94fca23a079ee00299d5223ea20ebbSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 4984c5478d52 (bug 1151899) for build bustage. r=backout on a CLOSED TREE
7b53b23cea1670245f05c2ecc9d43a549babd3b6Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset f87f327d7ef2 (bug 1151899)
e53848c09086409b9c4728d38c289b2e36f64fabSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 2b97d2ef1895 (bug 1151899)
752fa0d6f6ed2f27e5345bc2657de4d7dfc9b496Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset c778f23ccaf9 (bug 1151899)
c1ff69d38065f9205fdf04289dc60eab36ebd7e2Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 910b4b74261d (bug 1151899)
910b4b74261d8b974cf023fa6eb981fa9dfce66dValentin Gosu — Bug 1151899 - Add code to run both URL parsers at the same time; r=bagder,ted,valentin
c778f23ccaf9be59d501c514bdcd9dacf84cf6dbValentin Gosu — Bug 1151899 - Add test for RustURL; r=bagder
2b97d2ef1895c46273c5fb03f8a073c6fc6d7367Valentin Gosu — Bug 1151899 - Add RustURL to netmodules; r=bagder
f87f327d7ef202c238ea6c5392150e416012c0efValentin Gosu — Bug 1151899 - Add RustURL which implements nsIURI,nsIURL,nsIStandardURL,etc; r=bagder
4984c5478d526d76239d7ee7e7448bd16f40297dValentin Gosu — Bug 1151899 - rust-url-capi error code changes; r=manishearth
f47ea54bdcf60a54361aa865f3846a5fb292d0d8Mike Shal — Bug 1183613 - Cross compile universal OSX builds in Taskcluster; r=froydnj,ted
662953491bfd4590c33df5e0b54eb44315e212d2Jonathan Chan — Bug 1293743 - Part 4: Implement ParseVariant for VARIANT_INTEGER | VARIANT_CALC (i.e. pure-integer calc()s). r=dbaron,dholbert
daff8c0b5e0698c51b63a131db1e889fc506ef02Jonathan Chan — Bug 1293743 - Part 3: Add ReduceIntegerCalcOps, analogous to ReduceNumberCalcOps but for pure-integer calc()s. r=dholbert
03ac7f0dca2d47de73883176a7f93aa003c5cbb8Jonathan Chan — Bug 1293743 - Part 2: Rename references to 'number' in CSSCalc and related code to coefficient. Introduce coefficient typedef. r=dholbert
15ce360d2ae93597d9084b6fb3b95b74bb23495bJonathan Chan — Bug 1293743 - Part 1: Move nsCSSParser's ReduceNumberCalcOps to CSSCalc.h as mozilla::css::ReduceNumberCalcOps. r=dholbert
2fded03e0b2dcaf9cd0b8659898d2177671ac930Haik Aftandilian — Bug 1317801 - Enable Mac remote printing in 52; r=bobowen
f0f2dbc18d183a5a024a70e5cdcee126edbe91feSwaroop Rao — Bug 1316013 - Fixed by removing variables and building them as part of the Log statement (which never gets called because DEBUG is set to FALSE). r=sebastian
3560e9d6576b55c26bdbbd4c9aa1ae3f0cc0ecc0Dan Minor — Bug 1317009 - Port jsep_session_unittest and jsep_track_unittest to xul gtest; r=bwc
811084dd7ec0b2d0049e570d7b6eac66a840ab99Andrew McCreight — Bug 1316527 - Return 0 when GetSerialNumber fails to find an existing serial number. r=froydnj
5c0e1535fc906ba614f7092a2a735c33670331a0Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset a71cde237471 (bug 1302470) for failing mochitests browser_Finder.js and test_browserElement_inproc_Find.html and various test failures in mochitest c3 on Linux x64 asan and debug (at least). r=backout
e8dd85621a7daeceba293bb7b6c1ccb76bce8e3eSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 8243da10a171 (bug 1302470)
cb78abd0c2a7e65034ae32418f9922e7fc036fa2Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 3d34b2ac22a3 (bug 1302470)
c010db9d4302df3bb5002b9da43aeaea30e907adSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 811c1368e51b (bug 1302470)
ce21333d6f8f9f681c9fa36845424b8b841eff32Julian Descottes — Bug 1253822 - Rewrite browser_rules_authored_color.js to avoid timeouts;r=gl
92e6d3b367bf544e31cdac4131c652eeaf6367e2Mike Conley — Bug 1308677 - If PluginContent hears an appropriate Decoder Doctor notification, have it show the hidden plugin notification bar. r=blassey
f8d71750f3650a34e31254514f10ea527678a254Henrik Skupin — Bug 1316987 - Improve handling of preferences for default branch and complex values. r=automatedtester
eb8dce998e7ea7f5033ca432d8a0990164a2ad0bHenrik Skupin — Bug 1316707 - Remove B2G related code from Marionette client. r=ato
41868dc546bbcc43b6068b70477474a3e130590bHenrik Skupin — Bug 1316707 - Remove B2G related code from Marionette harness. r=ato,automatedtester
211fbef6d74bca48b3bbcd911a4c4ac78bda3482Henrik Skupin — Bug 1316707 - Remove B2G mach command for Marionette. r=ato
2a9598c33085453bbda4e5cd3161c97b93495e3cHenrik Skupin — Bug 1316707 - Remove Marionette B2G update tests. r=rstrong
0eef3457ead7ffe00524ebfac7e875af4c70ba15Henrik Skupin — Bug 1316707 - Remove Marionette unit tests for B2G. r=ato,maja_zf
811c1368e51ba421f27ec765c58b4e2151d26f30Brad Werth — Bug 1302470 Part 4: Augment the IsRangeVisible function to test for opaque overdraw. r=mstange
3d34b2ac22a31c6bf5264af698af916860e07d50Mike de Boer — Bug 1302470 Part 3: Call the new isRangeVisible function to determine whether or not to draw a highlight rect. r=mikedeboer
8243da10a171815e328527ade84cf278e62e470dMike de Boer — Bug 1302470 Part 2: Use a hit-test method to determine if the rect of a range is visible on the page or not to the eye, for use in find-in-page. r=mstange,smaug
a71cde2374715864e0f66879a3f2af5b954a5bd7Brad Werth — Bug 1302470 Part 1: Remove trailing whitespace. r=mstange
f0f06d912b18a0a74361918466421668569a58b6Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 1318132 - Fix CamerasChild helper to return by value instead of out-of-scope reference (Coverity) r=jesup
09e10ac70397927f3d77a637611ff64fc282137eRicky Chien — Bug 1317438 - Remove unnecessary whitespaces in about:privatebrowsing r=flod,Tomcat
4a380f84548df2d742311ea0622947eaf2cc4928Timothy Guan-tin Chien — Bug 1303993 - Display "Save Media" for long tapping unloaded video, r=sebastian
10ce0ce0261fc7576698e4ff0fc360c37801e61dLuca Greco — Bug 1318006 - Clone originAttributes on cached console message events. r=baku
ed8ed6ca5c919e4bbdcfc9279f1e23b82d100908Luca Greco — Bug 1318006 - Prevent "TypeError: can't access dead object" exception on webconsole getCachedMessages. r=ochameau
f08eebc6cbf6be7e53bbb39907d6b59afcfb179bJan Beich — Bug 1317764 - Unbreak --disable-tests build after bug 1316886. r=dminor
d7f47206d3673701631a9abe73131984ce38b009Jan Beich — Bug 1317757 - Explicitly include header for SprintfLiteral(). r=milan
637eeed7d0d2621e6c8d6426cafd836cc1f8d59aJames Cheng — Bug 1317660 - Fix CID 1394336: Resource leaks in TestAudioPacketizer.cpp r=padenot
c6026ad16288d4bb8514c8747474e592d468f91dJames Cheng — Bug 1317638 - Fix build fail in TestBlockingProcess.cpp if enabling warnings as errors. r=erahm
fc1cb5366882e142eb6b5f455e07f5d3dd435883Swaroop Rao — Bug 1316004 - Fixed by putting the offending statement in an else block; r=sebastian
d444cb9e676df82f6a793e1e05f2dcec66f679e9Swaroop Rao — Bug 1316002: Fixed '==' comparison of strings; r=sebastian
d5a2a49e72d87c2ecb8b2fad64ca30b9e81b8996Stone Shih — Bug 1315862 Part2: Add a test case to ensure pointer events aren't dispatched in the system group. r=masayuki
038de5add834684bcb9cfe709df3a5868f7e54b7Stone Shih — Bug 1315862 Part1: Stop dispatching pointer events in the system group. r=masayuki,smaug
7535abf9e298beec1d0de5c40f02377f2504f3d2Rob Thijssen — Bug 1311966 - symlink rather than copy artifacts; r=pmoore
01409299e7b5c5a0dc782f4124039f8432256a8fJulian_Chu — Bug 1308886 - change color for searchbox's placeholder r=sebastian
9509c2c0ad47df83cfced2431eb8d1f09fe6e621Luca Greco — Bug 1309906 - part2: provide existent APIs to the devtools contexts. r=kmag
3b789e76e68a7de9a999a41c5048f8647954fca2Luca Greco — Bug 1309906 - part1: adapt webext-oop internals for devtools contexts and APIs. r=kmag
381c0d6fd9b9d19fb8e55bf57e897fa5130502cdLuca Greco — Bug 1308912 - Add support for addon tools registered to a specific DevTools toolbox. r=ochameau
df6ef63c73e302aac8d126b844d6bcdaf33be0daLuca Greco — Bug 1308912 - Simplify tool-unregistered by only accepting a string toolId. r=ochameau
3478d56c55a26cf90445b5c0c077a4b20d617141Ricky Chien — Bug 1308507 - Remove all usages of nsIURL and NetworkHelper r=jsnajdr
45be5abea7c0cc86e24dcc83716c7aeed998a989Kilik Kuo — Bug 1307818-[P3] Notify correct batched-keystatuses-changed information in API V23+. r=jchen
f563a0c89ac1a7e0982e0884976c45bc6de509bfKilik Kuo — Bug 1307818-[P2] Setup MediaCrypto for both in-process and out-of-process decode. r=cpearce,jchen
45230682e9c8aafb529078629941c8afac0ae0ccKilik Kuo — Bug 1307818-[P1] Provide drmStubId for CDMProxy and instantiate {Local,Remote}MediaDrmBridge. r=cpearce,jchen
50f830bdb2c836b149bf36b8f9f8b6b6e634c130Haik Aftandilian — Bug 1315121 - OS X Remote printing (print_via_parent) scaled prints don't fill page; r=mconley
afa4e843b8e99d7b64cc23a0d42b95638147fc2bStone Shih — Bug 1303704 Part3: [Pointer Event] Add test case to ensure preventDefault on pointerdown doesn't impact firing click event. r=masayuki
7a61dcea0be348056a5e8103b4f27bc41220d4bfStone Shih — Bug 1303704 Part2: [Pointer Event] Enable prevent default on pointerdown related test cases. r=masayuki
e998dc13aa5a37793aae9f96d36e7cceb1c65038Stone Shih — Bug 1303704 Part1: [Pointer Event] Implement prevent default behavior of pointerdown. r=masayuki
de7b36a7e3368a30f0ec845624453e18a1c8e959Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to autoland
b54fc5d9f63587c33976569efd34013fcc89969fJan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 1318163 - Remove unimplemented and non-spec getStreamById from RTCPeerConnection. r=smaug
b63a68fbfd2eafeef6c68e974f5382fe73681b6aDan Minor — Bug 1308433 - In automation methods, when startTime is < AudioContext.currentTime, clamp to AudioContext.currentTime; r=padenot
ba20391edbec448b56725ef01158176614706b4fcku — Bug 1313898 - Part 5. SVG-mask/clip-path invalidation reftest. r=mstange
cf2844a4d93c35475f42291141f52fed27e87dffcku — Bug 1313898 - Part 4. Invalidation test for image-mask boxing model. r=mstange
9ee1fec609d28850c913f4635f641291f39dff16cku — Bug 1313898 - Part 3. Enable svg-image on mask layer. r=mstange
5001a4e7f907da9b1a2cd9c4e2e2d1aa3fe7a789cku — Bug 1313898 - Part 2. Paint non-trivial clip-path onto mask layer. r=mstange
0e237db8f61e61c5ac979918b31950f4500767f5cku — Bug 1313898 - Part 1. Re-implement CSSMaskLayerUserData invalidation detection. r=mstange