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Wed Apr 25 18:14:35 2018 +0000
7a9a73019d9fa5642907b924ee582d3cd32f155dBrad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 13: Add two new WPT tests of shape-outside: inset with shape-margin, and update manifests.
059093b57737df16cf02faf8af00a83fe5541fc5Brad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 12: Change almost all non-polygon shape-outside web-platform tests to expected pass.
d32dfada78dd41bbd77ac79100b07ff08127a3dcBrad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 11: Update a shape-outside: image test to supply a correct shape-image-threshold.
5beab75354125ea6ec905968675171de4fdcf40eBrad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 10: Update a shape-outside circle test to make it more precise and correct.
d6061ae7c5bf4ee928455cdb0f4678d9cf8480c2Brad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 9: Update shape-outside ellipse tests to correct invalid use of only one radius parameter.
1367373ee4ef67454bd8bd7bc95940c793899c55Brad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 8: Update shape-outside inset tests to explicitly set a line-height of 1, and not rely on a UA-specific value.
52390d12e68722ea260604bdeb4337fb2f6df47bBrad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 7: Implement shape-margin for shape-outside: shape-box.
cd2ea0ddb67a5d4efcbbca0aa83544c82631ed3eBrad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 6b: Implement shape-margin for shape-outside: inset, for general case of shape-margin > 0.
70a84de16cc8a89ffa4256dc6485d24df3f28afeBrad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 6a: Implement shape-margin for shape-outside: inset, for some special cases with shape-margin > 0.
c898ec3dddef1c061a7b5f79714f085f10726e06Brad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 5d: Move EllipseShapeInfo class definition ahead of RoundedBoxShapeInfo so it can be referenced by rounded boxes.
1bae7f3258cfcaa20ad46f814117be746eb22316Brad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 5c: Add some asserts to ensure ellipse distance field index values are in-bounds.
007cf6da59bc29b0209af30d6455207065d7a456Brad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 5b: Complete the implementation of shape-margin for ellipse (handling shape-margin: > 0).
26e6bb2ebd8612506a7052601686cb952c733b81Brad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 5a: Implement shape-margin for shape-outside: circle and ellipse (ellipse only for shape-margin: 0).
1e6b11d7440889cfd5a80a1b1d45e04f634b92a2Brad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 4b: Add some logic and asserts to ensure distance field index values and image index values are in-bounds.
0ab5069aaa05f9c6dc21bcd556ab84a7d3b8b71fBrad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 4a: Complete the implementation of shape-margin for shape-outside: image (handling shape-margin: > 0).
754d0696cc20ba754d2abf632ed3343518e577bdBrad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 3: Stub in shape-margin for shape-outside: image, by implementing only for shape-margin: 0.
c74ab8bdb317ce51e011c10cb6d1f1cd50697e2bBrad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 2b: Refactor interval creation for shape-outside:image.
7a5d88647099dd268174d7f3327c7ff10f4b3424Brad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 2a: Move interval binary search method into ShapeInfo.
f7fa75645645fd8e308f134b3f166e07a15189e6Brad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 1: Add shape-margin to style system (Gecko bindings).
ac09f7403915e73e47fb7e0545fec3aa4e9ba041Brad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 0: Servo changes to add shape-margin.